So things are going quite well for Mattie and Her Social Circle. I set up a booth at the Beackonsville neighborhoood Wine and Cheese Bazar last Thursday and made quite a few sales. I also have my wares for sale in the store (The Vintage-Flea) and now at the Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama. I imagine this time of year is going to be the busy season for sales, Christmas gifts for this person and that person. Not that I mind or am complaining..buy..buy.. buy! It tickles me to death to think of my little birds around any one's neck from your favorite Grandmother to your son's teacher. The tiles are going over well too, as long as they are framed. I've got to come up with a better way to show the tiles and what to do with them. Everything comes with time I suppose!

Some upcoming events where you can see the items in person: White Oak Elementary School's crafting with Santa on December 1st from 10-4pm and then Sunday, December 2nd at Serenbe community from 12-5. If you happen to be around either of those areas, I'd love to have you stop by and see me. If you've not been out to the Serenbe community, I'd definitely put this one on your calendar of December must do's! There are about 20 artists setting up behind the Blue Eyed Daisy (A totally yummy restaurant) to sell their handmade goodies. Valerie and I are setting up together for this event. This community is beautifully designed for those wanting to escape the "city" life they endure during the week. For directions google Serenbe and I am sure they have them on the website.

So, this week is a holiday for the children in our town. I'm hosting art camp both Monday and Tuesday. I love doing camps, so I am in total teacher focused mode right now and not really concentrating on anything new for my personal art. Maybe after the break I can dive into some new paintings. I've got several new ideas jotted in my handy dandy sketchbook! Look for those to appear soon on the website!


Meeting Eric Carle

Living about 1/2 hour from Atlanta has many advantages. One of the best is the High Museum of Art! Last Sunday the museum offered a Family Fun day complete with booksigning by Eric Carle! He is one of my artists/authors. So my sister Molly, Mom, Mailey and I headed up around 11am. If ever you have this opportunity I will say to arrive early, the line was quite long. But very worth the wait. We got 5 books signed, most for teacher gifts, but one Very Hungry Catepillar now has a special place in our home.
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