What I Heart Right Now

It's November.  November.  What?  When and how did the time get to this particular place?  November.  I am actually a fan of the cooler weather.  My Billy knew this, so in the Spring of 1995 he placed a little diamond on my finger to keep me in the south.  I don't mind.  At least we get a little winter.

Anyhoo...some things I'm loving right now:
-afternoon runs where it's cool and the leaves crunch beneath my tennis shoes
-watching the dogs run and like little wild things through the leaves that have gathered on our lawn
-sitting on the screened in porch watching Auburn football
-starting the morning off with coffee in my dressing room reading quietly a devotional
-re-arranging and re-purposing my art studio space
-making Thanksgiving plans for 14 people at our dinner table
-preparing for an art show in a new city, new state
-my art classes in general are making me very happy.  the lessons, the attitudes, the calmness of knowing I am where I am supposed to be right now is creating a gentle peace in my heart
-acupuncture sessions (which might be contributing to the above statement of calmness)
-new blog reads and instagram friends

The list could go on and on.  Of course, I heart that you are here with me on this journey.  I feel like the past year has been a bit rough.  Between the mysterious illnesses and the marathon training I've been a bit off.  But seriously, the morning quiet devotionals and my new found love of acupuncture I foresee some changes coming.  And hopefully you'll be able to see it here.  And in my art.  Because I am about to bust to create.  I've not felt this way in a super long time.   So I welcome the cold weather and the warm ideas!


Nesting Instincts

This is the time of year I start getting restless to nest.  To make changes in the home.  To clean out.  I suppose it's in preparation for the holidays and making room for decorating seasonally.  For some reason though this year my nesting is more about purging than re-arranging.  I actually am very pleased with our current house lay-out and furniture arranging.  Wall colors are finally finished.  The kids rooms are a constant battle, but that's more about again, purging than redecorating.  Today I HAVE to get into the basement and start to clean up the studio.  I've got two workshops coming up.  This Sunday is for adults 12-4 and Tweens on Monday 9:30-1:30.  The Tween class is sold out, but I have a few spots available for the adult class Sunday.  Email me if you are interested in coming.  We'll be making a pendant similar to the one above and painting on a wood canvas.

Speaking of studios, this year we had an unreasonable amount of rain.  Unfinished basement plus unreasonable rain equals smellier than usual basement.  I hated being down there actually.  Nothing was getting visibly moldy really, just a few items that were wood.  But the smell.  I could only stand to be down there an hour before the sneezing and headaches started.   Honestly it's one of the big reasons I've been NOT motivated to create.  And have let the pretty studio become a dumping ground instead.  So I researched moldy basements and found this system here.  The Wave Home Solutions system is unbelievable.  I mean unbelievable.  I go to the basement now and it has no smell at all.  Like freako no smell at all.  Plus it's making the entire house smell better.  I still need to clean out anything that has visible mold and do a deep cleaning of the basement just to eliminate any unwanted cooties.  But the guy was right.  It was worth every penny.  In case you are wondering, it cost $900 plus installation.  Which depends on the type of installing they have to do.  Ours was very simple since we have exterior walls available.  So if you are spending time and money on a dehumidifier, stop. And look into the Wave.  It rocks! 


Artsyorange on Etsy

I just wanted to give you a heads up that I was able to get some goodies listed in Etsy over the past few days.  Artsy bracelets and the hand painted pendants are now available for purchase.  Here's the link:  artsyorange
Any of these artsy treats would be a pleasant surprise to receive as a gift.  All hand-made and made in America.  I personally craft each piece with love and with a joyful spirit.  Surely this transfers in some fashion, right?
 So head on over.  The pendants are each one of a kind.  So no two are alike.  You know you want one for yourself and a friend!


Widdle Owl

I wasn't going to go there....the owl trend that is.  But then he came to the party and well, I let him stay.  And now I'm making him some friends. 


The Race

So you know I posted about the race that might not happen here.  Seriously it was like one hurdle after another.  The leg pain was intense....it was.  Billy broke his ankle running and couldn't go with me.  Which meant the kids couldn't go either.  Mom was sick.  Dad is expecting another grandchild any day and couldn't go last minute either.  There were lots of road blocks and reasons to say, forget it.  One friend said why not ask a girlfriend to go with you?  Guys honestly, a race weekend is not really a "girl's weekend" unless all the girls are running.  Early to bed Friday night without much dinner and a 4:15 wake-up call can easily place a wedge in a friendship!  The crazy bus shuttles...the waiting for me to finish the run.....the can't find the shuttle back to hotel issue.....the seriously I'm the last shuttle stop? issue.  Yeah.  It's a weekend that was better to just take alone.  And being quite independent and determined to run the race that I'd registered for in APRIL...I was going.  I really enjoyed being by myself honestly.  I mean how many times in your recent adulthood have you had a weekend...by....yourself?  Dang. That was nice.

So why did I run when the doctor said not to?  Well, on Wednesday prior to the race I took matters into my own hands and visited an acupuncturist.  Holy cheese cracker with a side of squeeze cheese!  It was amazing.  No really.  She alleviated the calf pain enough that I was able to run the half marathon with ease.  Yeah, I did listen to my body and took the 13.1 mile turn off.  I hated it.  I cried.  Crying and running do not mix either.  In fact the combo of those two can make you pass out.  Not that I did, but I did have to stop and gather myself and set the eyes straight ahead to the finish line.

The race itself was super fun.  Band stages were set up the entire course.  Rock n' Roll the whole way.  The finish line had a huge stage with bands playing all day.  And of course, on our race bib were tickets for beer.  Can this get any better you ask?  The weather was perfect for running.  I didn't even sweat.  In fact, I told Billy I just kinda glided over the finish line not even winded.  I suppose when you train for a marathon and then run a half your body is used to the distance.  In the past 10 weeks I've run over 14 miles every Saturday until the last 2 weeks.  The most I ran during the training was 18.

So today I feel pretty good.  I ate like I was never going to get to eat again ever yesterday.  Funny.  The leg pain is very annoyingly persistent though.  I just want to run.  And not hurt.  So I'll take it easy and hopefully build back up to the distances again.  And yes, I am already looking ahead for the next race. 


Doggie Cuteness

I know....this has nothing to do with art or my marathon.  It's just about cuteness running wild in our house.  He is so darn cute we can't stand it.  Above was a hilarious moment that is most difficult to capture in a still photo.  He was trying to get Ellie's attention.  Kept batting his tiny arms down at her and making his whimper noises that kill me they are so cute.  She ignores his existence at all costs.  He is going to work on her until she embraces him like everyone else in the house.
And this photo is of a car ride.  Now Lily on a car ride is fun.  She loves it.  Always has to be with the driver.  And since he's following her lead, he feels he has to be with the driver as well.  Making it very difficult to drive.  So we don't do this often.  Dang look at that face and that hair!

Ok...that's it.  Back to your regular program now.  Unless you want to stare a little longer at the cuteness, or make it your screen saver or something like that. 


Clementine the Bunny

It's almost done folks.  My first illustrated children's book.  It's been a crazy process and now I've got to just let it go and hope that in the end it all comes together!!  I can't wait to see the final copy.  And share it with you!  Rest assured there will be copies for sale on Etsy as soon as they are off the press!


An Opportunity for Goodness

Every morning I wake, get my coffee and sit in a little room off our bedroom for quiet time.  I've got this awesome vintage green velvet wing chair I sit in (everyone in the family hates the chair, but I love it).  Usually Lily or Lawrence is with me.  It's important that I start my day off this way.  I find on days I don't get this reflection time I am quite irritable later in the day.  I was reading a Brene Brown book.  Now that I've finished that, I've moved on to a daily devotional type book I've had for a long time but never quite knew how to start.  Today's lesson was actually yesterday's because yesterday I slept like 15 hours straight and really could stand to be back in bed.  Yep...on top of all the calf issues now I have a blazing head cold.  So the painful truth is there is no way I can run the marathon this weekend.   And this message was exactly what I needed to hear. 

It's okay.  It's okay.....and perhaps there is joy in the middle of all this that is making my head spin.  Guys, I registered for this marathon in April.  That's how long I've waited and trained.  So wrapping my head around not doing it is just not possible right now.  I'm not mad or sad or anything yet.  Just a tad numb.  On top of everything...get this....my husband fell running Friday morning in the dark and from the looks of what is supposed to be his foot and ankle I'd say it's broken.  Another snafu in helping me get to and from my marathon.  I tell you....lots of roadblocks right now.  Leading me to believe a greater force is telling us to stay home.  Although there is a nudge in my heart to go down and run the half instead.  And maybe that is the joy that is supposed to come from all this.  Go down, run the half and kill my time from last year.  Take all this bad and turn it into something awesome.  Make this an opportunity for good. 


The Run that Might Not Happen

Yep.  Sigh.  I'm at that denial this is not happening to me stage right now.  These are the words that were sent to me earlier this week by my sweet doctor:

.....Also, the labwork that you did for me was all normal, including the muscle enzyme test. Once you get the ultrasound and x-rays, I'll give you a call.

My last recommendation is the following - if you are having pain in that leg, I would avoid strenuous exercise/activity as it might make it worse. This would include your planned marathon.

Can I cry now?  No really.  So here's what happened.  If you follow me on instagram you know that I rocked this run:
I ran 18 miles in like 3 hours.  Something nuts like that.  My mile pace was insane that day.  I was on a high.  Life was good.  Then that following week during a short run of 8 miles something in my right calf went nutso.  I knew immediately that this was not a good pain.  The next day I tried to run and absolutely couldn't.  So I rested and tried again on Saturday.  Of the 19 miles I was able to push through to 8.  I took more time off.  The next Saturday again, 8 of 12.  The next Saturday 15 of 20.  And then I hit the wall.  The pain is beyond intense. 

I took this photo above during a walk because I couldn't run, but walking was okay.  Now, walking, sitting, laying down, standing on my head, and everything else associated with being awake hurts from my knee down.  The pain has traveled to include the entire dang bottom half of my right leg.  I have a very high threshold for pain.  After unexpected natural childbirth with Mailey my body now is able to handle pain that normal people can't.  Plus, I'm pretty freaking determined to get those miles in and run the marathon.  In 8 days.  And I don't like paying co-pays.  That's $30 towards something much more fun.  So my going to the doctor took a giant slice of humble pie.

So I am still waiting for results on all the xrays they took and tonight at 7PM....yes, 7PM I am having an ultrasound to be sure there's no blood clot in there hiding.  I've been given these awesome pain pills that I can only take at night because they make me feel like I am Alice in Wonderland heading to meet the Mad Hatter for a widdle tea party. 

Oh...and of all things my husband was running this morning in the dark and twisted his ankle on a pine cone.  It's about the size of a melon now, and yet he went on to work.  We are crazy people in our house right?

So keep us ALL in your prayers for healing.  We are all sorts of off these days.  I'll keep ya posted on final tests.  Honestly I think mine is just one bad sprain that I  just didn't let heal.  Billy is the one that looks broken!  Hope you ahve a lovely Fall Friday.  XO Jenni

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