It Started with Orange Paint

So it started with a new container of ORANGE paint. I was getting wood cut at Lowe's for after-school and had wandered over to check out the newest samples at Lowe's. And there it was. 

The most perfect shade of orange. If you've taken either an in person or online course from me then you know I am not brand particular on paint. I buy based on yumminess of the color. Plain and simple. One of my favorite types of paint to buy are these tiny samples at Lowe's because they are a tad thinner than my regular heavy body acrylics making them perfect for painting backgrounds. Also...if you've taken a class from me you know that the background is ALWAYS painted first. I love to capture the negative spaces in a composition first. It makes the rest fall into place beautifully. See:
I just love the way the black gessoed panel and the negative space play on the canvas. Just makes my heart go pitter patter.  And then this happens:
This was the first in the series I've started. The 1st is always the best in a series for me. The spontaneity of it. The freshness of it. The freedom of it....I have a hard time capturing this magic again sometimes. But so far I think because there is no pressure to create or deadlines to make I'm doing pretty well.  See:
Saturday I was in complete creative mode. From leather cuff making to crayon ornaments, I was a busy bee in the studio. I often find that once I make the effort to get into the studio, I don't want to leave and the ideas just keep flowing. I'm also a creature of complete the task. The summer was dedicated to the e-course. Lawd that was super time consuming, but super worth it. My brain was so fixated on making it magical that there was no room for creating just to create. And then I had to finish the 24 bikes for the licensing contract. Not sure I'll be painting any more bikes for a spell. HAHA!
So now I've committed to a painting a day(but not worried if I don't paint everyday). On instagram it's #artsyorangepaintingaday. I can't wait to make a flipagram of the experience!! I read recently about an artist that did a painting a day and by the end truly found her artistic voice. Not that I don't have a little inkling as to my voice already....but no matter how versed you are as an artist you continue to struggle and search. Any artist that says they don't struggle is probably lying. So I'll continue to explore this route for a spell. See ya back later with more orangey art!


A Productive Weekend

This weekend I knew we as a family had nothing on the calendar. No baseball tournaments, no groceries to buy, no clothing to shop for, nothing (well I did have a GNO Saturday but that doesn't count hehehe).  So Saturday morning I attempted to rise early for my first long run in my marathon training. Let's just say I can tell a huge difference in my motivation from the 1st one to now my 3rd. Last year I was up and at 'em by 5:30, out the door and running before daylight. Yeah. I guess I'm a tad too confident in my running now so an 8am run was sweltering. Note to self: get up earlier next Saturday!

Anyhoo....my goal since I knew the kids were chiling and hubby was in charge of the yard was to get into my STUDIO. I mean seriously folks. I have a beautiful work space in the basement that is stocked with supplies. But for some reason I always find an excuse not to enter. I'm too tired, kids are bored, Billy needs this, dinner needs to be made. You know the list. You have the same list I bet. But I have lingering deadlines, so I had to enter the threshold or the stuff wasn't going to get done.
I started with leather cuffs. Once a year I buy a stash of buttery smooth leather cuffs from a guy at the Atlanta Mart. And after stamping and attaching all the wordy goodness I ship them off to Vero at Naked Art Gallery. She's been selling my cuffs for about 4 years now. There are a lot of people making cuffs these days and offering them on Etsy...in particular my friend Becky at FarmGirl Paints makes a an extraordinary amount of cuffs and sells them on etsy. So quite honestly, I don't want to compete there or feel weird about something I love to make and have been making for years. So Vero happily takes them. And she is very excited about my spirit cuffs!
In the meantime I'd primed a couple of canvases thinking I might get a hold of one today. And I did. I've had this idea of a new genre for a spell now. I've been smitten with the work of Lullie Wallace for a few months now. I can totally stare at her work for hours. It's a bit Matisse like, who happens to be one of my favorite master painters ever. You can see her work here. My feed in instagram has been chopped full of zinnia's lately too. They must grow well for people up north. Mine just wilted. So I pulled up one of the many photos of zinnias, sat down at the easel with my audience of animals and came up with this composition:
I can see me in this entire thing.  So far loving the process.
He just couldn't stand it and had to come sit in my lap. He is such a lovey dovey.
This is how it ended last night before I had to head off for GNO. My entire family at this point was going in 4 different directions...so I felt no guilt headed out the door for dinner and a movie. Although today I am demanding family time. It's funny how easily we get lost in going and doing and doing nothing as a family unit.  Everyone was perfectly happy all weekend going and doing, but never as a 4some. So today this painting might not get done. We are headed to church, lunch and hopefully the pool. And then tomorrow....well tomorrow it starts all over again. My goal is to get into the studio at least 2 times a week right after school before the kiddos get home. I'll let you know how that goes. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend. :)


Beach BIke

Just another in the series for the licensing contract. I love the way this one turned out. Although the tiny gingham was not an easy thing to paint! Now that this job is complete I have to figure out what to do with myself. I am thinking the pile of leather cuffs is in order for Naked Art Gallery Christmas inventory. Yeah!!


Another Bike?

That'd be YES. Another bike painting. I know. And they just keep getting better. (Of course that's just my personal biased opinion.)


Bikes and More Bikes

I have a rather large project up my sleeve. On Friday I'll share exactly what....just know that me and last minutes don't get along. Totally my fault for waiting so long to start. Not my shiney best moment. hehehehe.... Let's just say my art studio saw more of me than my family did this weekend. And this little guy didn't like it. He kept coming down and getting in my lap and giving me the Mommy stop working eyeballs. Geesh he's got Billy and I wrapped around his furry finger!
So today I teach, and tonight I paint some more! Stay tuned....


Paint Something E-course..Round 2!

Let me ask you this...have you ever wondered where my inspirations come from? Or how I get the brush on the canvas to do this stroke or that stroke? This summer I launched my first ever e-course called Paint Something. It was a giant leap of faith that once out there people would sign up. Friends did sign up. And they flourished in the class! It was an amazing experience. So, I've decided to run it again. In October.  All the details on the course are on the website here.

For 4 weeks we'll gather 5 days a week together. From how to set up your creative space, to painting on wood panels I take you through my creative process. And the last week I even throw in how to apply to art shows, galleries, business card ideas and more. It's not just a "How to Paint" series. It's how to be an artist.dreamer.doer. Deep inside you, there is definitely more than you dare think there is. Let me help you find it.

Join me October 6th-31st with access the entire month of November.  Cost is $99. Again, check out the website here for all the great details!


On the Art Desk

Well...my first e-course ended last week. I can not believe it! The 4 weeks we spent working online together flew by. Really. It was super awesome guys. Seriously....not trying to be "all that and a bag of chips"....but it truly was a wonderful experience. I want to do it again. So be on the look out for the 2nd launch dates. I'm thinking October. Whatcha think about that? I do hope you'll consider joining me.

In other news, we started school today. To say I have mixed emotions about it would be an understatement. I enjoyed the summer, don't get me wrong. And it always seems too short. But I also really enjoy the routine of working. My school already has a very positive vibe running through it. We are in our 2nd year with a new principal (who rocks) and just got a new assistant principal over the summer (who will equally rock). I personally like changes like this. Keeps teachers on their toes. My son started High School today. I am so excited for him I can hardly stand it! I had to drop him off a little early today because of my work schedule. I think he was a tad nervous. He just kept saying, Mom I don't know where to go. I'm going to get lost! So cute. He'll be fine. And then there's Mailey Grace. Who for 2 days has been making me huts about what to wear today. She has a closet full of cute things, but darn the dress code is strict. I see a shopping spree coming on.
I've been painting again. Finding a little time to finish a big project. Once it's done I'll tell you all about it. Let's just say I've been painting a lot of bikes lately. You know, there are only so many ways to paint a bike so I've gotten adventurous with the backgrounds. I am liking the giant flowers!

Well....off to teach. Yeah! I'll let you know how the day ends on instagram....(artsyorange)
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