Grover...I mean Grovette

So this little guy was seriously one disaster after another.  From cracking clay to melting in half in the oven, he was doomed.  So I made Grover....a girl.  I just couldn't stand the suffering anymore.  hahaha....That and I was trying to cover up his decapitated neck scar.  The only thing laying around my studio to cover this scar was ribbon. Oh, and right before he got the bow, he fell face forward and the nose fell off.  I might have said a potty word at that point.
Grovette is the perfect example of why it's so important to have practiced the projects before camp time.  This year camps are only 10-3.  No over night's for drying.  Kinda stressful.  I've already altered the houses to be wood sculptures.  Our long-legged animals are going to be more wood now too.  It was still fun to craft these up.  And I learned a lot about sculpture and what to and not to do with my Tweens and Little Masters this summer!  Who's joining me?


Happiness Here

So after my little blog temper tantrum, I felt better.  Sometimes you just gotta get stuff off your chest ya know?  I used this frustration to get my body into the studio and finish up samples for art camp this summer.  Funny things happen when motivated to teach absolutely amazing projects to kids in the summer.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again....I love art camps.  I love planning, buying the supplies and making the samples.  I like to out-do myself each year.  It's my thing.  So this need to create came at a perfect time in my little artsy life.  Whew. I never liked kool-aid anyways. 

So more to come on camp dates.  Tiffin is whipping up some fantastic postcards to blast out to the world.  I also need to get into my website and update everything there.  In the meantime I intend to tease you with all the samples. 
 I mean seriously?  This house?  I know you want one!!!
Anyhoo....as soon as everything is ready you'll be the first to know here!!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend.  We have nothing on the docket.  So seeing Divergent is on the to-do list and maybe our first bonfire of the spring!


Orange Water: aka the Kool-Aid

I've been have some seriously nutty dreams lately.  I actually bought a dream book awhile back because I tend to dream so vividly.  I need to keep a journal of them.  I'd love to see the patterns of my dreams and how they apply to my real life.  2 nights ago was creeeeeeeepy.  Kinda embarrassed at what it turned out to mean.  If you are so inclined, look up worms in dreams.  Yeah.  I've got some issues obviously.  HA!

Last night was all about the Peachtree Road Race.  It was crazy because there kept being obstacles to my starting the race.  From trying to find a bathroom to what I was wearing, I couldn't seem to get to the start line.  Oh, and the best part was I showed up in JEANS!  It was hilarious because I said to myself what are you thinking Jenni?  It's hotter than hell and you show up to run the largest 10K in jeans?
So what is the point to this post?  And why the orange water?  Well, it was the closet photo I had to kool-aid.  Have you ever heard the expression, "don't drink the kool-aid"?  Basically it means don't be a follower, especially a follower down a negative path.  With the key being knowingly headed down the path.  Lately my dreams have intensified. I think what the universe is trying to tell me through LOTS of visual images and symbols is to trust my own instincts and be true to my own path. 

I've been really down on my art lately.  Avoiding it at all costs.  Kinda grossed out by it honestly.  Tired of trying to keep up with everyone and what they are doing.  The other day I sent Tiffin a photo and said, "What the hell does this say"?  It's this very popular, well selling print by someone that honestly I DO NOT get.  I mean how in the world does some art get so much attention so quickly, while others not?  It's a vicious cycle.  In my media stalking I find that the most popular people are ones that aren't necessarily making anything new and inventive either.  It's just their being in the right place at the right time.  Now don't get me wrong, most of the people I follow are So kind, SO sweet and SO hard working.  And I admire them for their tenacity and passion for their craft.  But it still can get under my skin that something I made 4 years ago and sold now I can't touch with a 10 foot pole because if I do will be labeled a copy cat.  Urgh. I've seen it happen on instagram.  Someone making adorable items only to be lamblasted by another. It's horrible how mean people can be.  Guys, hate to break it to ya, but most likely whatever you are making....it's already been done.  Yeah.  The universe is like that.  But if you don't "drink the kool-aid" and stay true to your own path, things will happen.  Today my devotional even pointed to this very fact.  Trusting in His love for me and my gifts is how I will get past this funk and off the "kool-aid".


Rested and Renewed

This weekend we had amazing weather in Georgia.  And I soaked every bit of it I could before coming to school this morning.  Friday night we attended Artwalk in downtown Newnan, Saturday we watching William play ball, I ran 3 miles, worked in the yard countless hours (every muscle in my body aches right now because of that), and of course quiet time on the porch under quilts.  I love this time of year.  It makes me feel most alive and spirited.  We also spent a crazy amount of time together as a family.  Artwalk, shopping, movie, dinners, church, grocery shopping and baseball....we spent almost every waking moment together as a family.  I know you are thinking, "so?"  When you have teenagers you tend to juggle their "schedules" and "social time".  Somehow though, we managed to squeeze more than normal time in together.  I think that's why today I feel so relaxed and full filled.  There wasn't as much running around and entertaining.  It's not lost on Billy and I that in 4 years our son will be off on his own.  And perhaps that is why we are more focused on time together. All I know is this morning I woke with a very renewed spirit ready to tackle this week with a smile.  Welcome kiddos...we are traveling to Japan!


Paint Something ART CAMPS!!

So I've been a busy bee making samples for PSW art camps!!  Woohoooo...I love camp.  Really.  It's my favorite thing to plan for.  Seriously...I scheme and plan for months what spectacular projects I'm going to share each summer.  And this summer as an extra treat all camps are being held in my personal studio space.  I told some kiddos that this week and their eyeballs about popped outta their heads.  I know.  It is a pretty cool space to play in.
So letting the cat outta the bag a little before my promotional pieces are ready, there will be 2 themes this summer:  long legged animals and whimsical houses.  I'm working on 3D ideas that can be done in one day.  Kind of a difficult task since real clay is out and air dry clay is beginning to prove out as well.  We'll see.  I gotta work on heating it again in the oven without melting anybody.  eh-hem..Gomez.

For now here is Gomez and the Radiant Orchid House.  I totally bought the Pantone color of the year at Lowe's.  It is a spectacular color.  And I don't even like purple.

I'll be sure to share again once they are finished.  Lots to add.  Have I mentioned I love my job lately?


My #12

Do you ever have a hankering to just make something?  Yeah.  Well that's been me lately.  And yet I can't seem to find focus enough to paint.  Mojo and paint are not in sync right now.  So I've been piddling with other ideas.  The first idea was to clean the studio.  The cycle of making art, make messy art, make piles in art studio of crap from other parts of the house because I don't know where else to stash them, avoid studio because of said crap, avoid studio some more, OK...I'll clean it up now has become the routine.  It's a routine.  No judging alright?

My boy William plays baseball.  And he's always #12.  Not sure when that happened.  But it did.  In fact he told me for Northgate jerseys they ran prior to picking numbers.  And numbers were picked based on the order they finished the running.  Let's just say he ran extra fast that day.  For #12.
I'm sure you've seen the jewelry and flip flops on Pinterest made outta baseball skins.  I'd not really seen any lately, but it was in the back of my head from somewhere along my life path.  Last night around 9PM I texted my husband, "Where's the bucket of baseballs?"  Mind you I was already in bed, but quite bored.  When they got home I was skillfully removing the leather from the ball core in my fancy PJ's and slippers.  Which people, is not easy(especially in slippers and PJ's)!  Now if I'd had the right leather removing material it would have helped.  William was freaked that surely I was going to slice my hand open using the tools and technique I was using. I now know what the inside of a baseball looks like.  It's kinda grody.

Anyhoo....having all the hole punching and metal stamping tools is fun to have laying around.  Because then you can make cool arm candy like above.  Oh, and many have asked if I'll be making these to sell.  The answer is, "Nope."  Unless you skin your own leather that is.  hahahaha...


Getting the Summer Schedule Ready

Hey art friends!!  Tiffin is helping me get all my summer flyers ready to go this week!!  Get ready to sign up for some amazing workshops starting for ages 5 and up!  Yep...lots happening in the studio this summer.  I can't wait to share all the deets with you.  So keep watching and get your summer calendars ready.  Everyone wants to spend their summer Painting Something.  Right?

There will be 4 days for Tween girls to choose from.  2 days for elementary age.  One adult workshop weekend in Nashville, TN.  And at least one adult PSW in July.  Woohooo!!!


A Painting for Helen

Back before I really knew what I was doing as an artist.  When I just painted for fun, wasn't trying to make a living at it that is....I made lots of paintings for new babies.  I think all my best girlfriends kids have a piece of art I've made with their names.  If I've left one yours out (Aimee did I ever do Emmie?) Let me know and I'll whip one up!  Some were in colored pencil, some paint.  I wish I had photos of some of them.  Anyhoo, Suzan is one of my BFF's from grade school.  Her little brother just had baby #2.    Evidently I painted one for baby #1.  So she asked me to paint one for baby Helen.  They have the most adorable bedding from Pottery Barn.  It's called Animal Alphabet.  You can see it here.  So stinkin' cute!  This is not the best photo since it was on my kitchen floor this am, but you get the idea.  I think baby Helen will love it.  And it'll be a very sweet keepsake for her.  

PS....if you'd like a personalized painting I sure would be happy to paint one for you! Just shoot me an email ok?  jennihorne@ymail.com


42 Year Old Self

This is me.  At 42. My face is changing. My health is changing. My heart is changing. A lot happened this year I really want to forget. While so much amazing happened too.  I'm trying very hard to find a peaceful balance with this life I've been given. I struggle too much over silly matters.  So this year I hope to focus more on simple. Simple foods to nourish my body. Simple tasks in the home. Simple living. 42 is going to be awesome.  I just know it!


How to Grow Love

This is an oldie...but a goodie for sure.  We had one of those crazy busy weekends where by the time last night rolled around I realized that the only thing I'd wanted to do all weekend I didn't get to.  Which was spend some quiet time in the studio.  I'm not going to make this a whiney post but I do think my husband and I need to make some real tough love choices with our children like NOW.  I'm kinda angry with them right now and their selfishness and Billy and I for allowing it.  Tonight we are having a family dinner meeting.  Where phone limits are going to be set.  Chores are going to be implemented.  They are going to fuss.  There will be eye rolling by Mailey.   I'm going to want to yell at everyone.  Because I'm tired lately.  So wish me luck.  They are such good kids.  But as parents, Billy and I have allowed a little too much freedom which in turn is not making them good family citizens.  Having a strong family unit is so important to both Billy and I.  Before this little life gets any crazier I want to get us working together better.  So here goes....let's see if we can grow love a little taller.


Teaching, Inspiring and Encouraging

Ok so good news.  My yucky head cold is dissipating.   In fact, I made it through this entire day without one Kleenex or sneeze!!  And just one cup of throat comfort (which guys is the nastiest tasting hot beverage ever.  And I like just about anything.)  With this clearing I've also had a little of the fog lifted from my creative side and have been in total recon mode.  You might have witnessed me acting like a jumping jelly bean today.  Scheming and planning summer classes for both adults and kiddos.  Daydreaming about an online course.  Emailing folks about an online course.  Yeah.  I needed the swift in the back side honestly.  The pity party had to end.

This week I had to put my big girl panties on and make a big decision.  As you know, I've been teaching at Art and Soul for several years now in several locations.  I LOVE it.  The traveling, meeting new friends, connecting with teacher friends...all of it rolled up into one tootsie roll package.  It's creative awesomeness.  But unfortunately I had to cancel my 2 classes coming up in Portland.  Why?  Well.....because not enough had signed up.  Gasp.  I know.  I am SO embarrassed I can hardly speak about it.  In fact 2 nights ago I laid in bed and told my husband, "Can we talk?"  And then proceeded to lay it all out about how maybe I'm doing the wrong thing with my life.  How my gallery checks have plummeted.  My classes in Portland had to be canceled.  I can't seem to find focus.  I can't find energy to even be in my studio.  I have nothing to paint anymore. He just listened.  And let me have my pity party.

Then today it happened.  I received an email.  From someone asking to meet me.  To have coffee and discuss teaching.  She said,
"I love how you clearly have such excitement for your work, and that your zest for life is evident in everything you do, both in your personal work as well as the work you do with your students. Your site demonstrated to me qualities in teaching and just in my love for art that I want to strive to emulate."

Good grief Jenni.  Of course there were a few tears because I'm crazy teary lately. And then it hit me.  I am very good at what I do.  Teaching, inspiring and encouraging others.  Thus why after her email I got on the stick and started thinking about the future.  Maybe teaching in Portland wasn't the right place for me right now.  But somewhere else might be perfect!  

So, I've drafted Tiffin to help me make some media stuff for summer workshops.  LOTS of summer workshops.  AND.....tomorrow I start the research for how to create an online course.  I get emails weekly asking for it.  Duh Jenni.  It's time.   

So Christine thank you.  For the lovely email.  And yes....coffee sounds great! 


Sneakers, Symptoms and Being Me

Just popping in to say "hi".  And show off my new sneakers.  Did I need a pair of $14.99 floral sneakers from Target?  Why no.  But boy do they put a skip in my step!  I just love them.  Challenging week ahead as my symptoms which I thought were under control have spiraled quickly out of control.  At least this time I know the warning signs.  The Candida diet is back on and my autoimmune specialist is anxious to get a hold of my blood.  I can't wait to see what they find lurking in it too.  I'm in let's "get this shit outta me now mode" so I can move on with life.  I wondered why I was so dang emotional this weekend and beyond exhausted.  I cried over and over about baseball photos (joyful tears) and have been feeling generally poopy.   Just what you wanted to hear about on this bone chilling Tuesday afternoon right?  Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.  But I gotta let it go.  And fight to find me in all this. 
And get back to making more of these above.  I realize now that one of the biggest symptoms with the Candida overgrowth is that it takes my love of anything away from me and leaves a shell of a Jenni.  It's insane that food can alter my life in such humongous ways.  But it does.  I told my husband I just feel like I'm in a fog all the time.  It sucks.  So thanks for letting me vent here. And say potty words.  Pretty sure within a week I'll be feeling better. Yeah.  Positive thinking.  I think I can I think I can (go without sugar, caffeine, chocolate, wine, fruit, gluten...want to hear more?). 

Well...off to watch my boy play baseball.  I will say one thing about being sick is it's making me appreciate every teensy second I have being a Momma.  See you guys later...hopefully with some happy news!
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