Sneaky Peeky into My Studio Time

So I promised a sneak peek at what was on my art table and here it is!  (feel free to drum roll if you like....)

This is Dad's old Jeep Truck...we are such a Jeep family.  I think we always had a Jeep something growing up.  My 2nd car was a Jeep CJ7, then in college I had a Jeep Wangler.  Never should have gotten rid of either of them!  This truck does run.  And it has the prettiest creamy white new paint job!

And this is my Dad's newest boat.  It's a Feathercraft vintage one (gotta get the year and name).  It seriously looks like a cruiser from the 50's.  It's got those raised fender thingies in the back and the seats, well you really should see them in person.  They are positioned like a car.  You know, 2 bench seats, one in front of the other. So you ride facing front instead of around the perimeter of the boat.  It's great.  Oh, and the best part, the steering wheel is red!  I love red and turquoise together, turns out that's a color combo that Feathercraft likes too!

I am tickled that most of the images I paint are owned by people I know.  The Chevy truck I paint is my buddy Laura's old truck.  My Dad has the camper, boat and Jeep truck.  I have a garage full of bike inspirations of my own.  And the In-Laws, well I plan to get a photo of their golf cart this week!   Also in my head are some buildings.  And when I get this way, well it stirs me so that I usually give in and start painting.  So we will see where this new idea leads me very soon.  For now I've got a few paintings already drawn out and waiting a paint job.  Be back later in the week!


A Peek at the Weekend

So this weekend I did some painting.  I mean, it was amazing what I was able to complete.  And I am THRILLED with the new compositions.  I've got 3 Mommy/Bird/Nests, a vintage boat, two Jeep trucks and a camper all ready to go.   Like I said, thrilled.   I'll show glimpses of them tomorrow.  But today I just had to show off what the rest of our family weekend entailed.

So the pictures are of William catching, hitting and hanging out in the dugout watching patiently as his teammates hit.  The pitcher is his buddy Jack.  Man I LOVE that 1974 button on the camera bag app.  So it was a busy weekend at the ball field.  Unfortunately our little boys didn't fair so well at the state level.  We've never made it this far, so that in itself was a treat.  And we'll take this time off from the bat and ball to catch up on family weekend time.....and come fall we'll be ready for the smell of leather gloves and baseballs once again.


On Being Brave

Winnie the Pooh said the quote above embedded into my necklace,"you are braver than you think."   Have you ever thought about that?  That inside you, maybe buried somewhere, you are brave?   I think of army men when I think of brave.  But honestly, each of us has snipits of bravery in us that we exhibit everyday.  Maybe not the going off to war type of bravery, but battles right in our own little heads.   Are you brave enough to show your most authentic self with someone other than yourself?  Are you ready to try that new hobby or job?  Are you ready to introduce yourself to someone new?  Are you brave enough to let go of the past and enter the future without the baggage?  Are you brave enough to leave a comment on someone's blog you admire?  Think about how you can be brave ......write it on a sticky note as a gentle reminder that you are braver than you think.  Then watch as your heart opens up to new possibilities.  And that little youcan'tdothat talk in the back of your mind disappears. 


Something Yummy in the Kitchen

For William's 8th Birthday we put in a huge zip line across our backyard.  It's great fun, seriously you should come over and try it sometime!  As we were installing it however, some clearing out had to be done along the wooded line of our backyard.  There was a crazy briar patch you flew over and if not careful, a thorn could getcha!  I'm telling you it's like poor rabbit and the briar patch.  So I whacked away in February having no idea what the thorny patch was.  Come hot June however, those pesky thorns were back and this time we figured out what they were.  None other than yummy wild blackberry bushes!

Now every June we look forward to watching as the berries ripen on their thorny vines and squeal with glee when the green turns to rich purple.

Last night we filled a bowl or two and the kids were like, "Mom you are going to make pie now, right?"  Of course!  We have an old family recipe for creamy blueberry pie.  Two years ago when we discovered the ripe berries in our own backyard I decided to try the blueberry pie recipe on the blackberries.  And it is beyond yummy.  Not too sweet, not too tart.  Add some homemade vanilla ice cream, and you have the perfect summer treat.   Email me if you want the recipe!


All Of My Journeys

Yesterday after the free movie, yummy lunch and some bookstore browsing, the kiddos headed to their "spots" in the house and I to mine.  I was able to finish up this piece and start three more!

I've always loved willow trees.  We lived in a couple different houses(understatement there) and cities growing up, so I do not know exactly where it was, but there was a willow tree in my childhood.  And I remember thinking it was quite magical.  All those willowy branches like little arms reaching in the wind. 
My willow tree is a combination of layers of paint and thin strips of scrapbooking paper.  I think the end effect is magical in itself....and the red truck if a real keeper.  The quote is from a greeting card I bought a few years back from Curly Girl Designs.  I just love it.  And it really sums up what life is for me.  Because no matter where I go and what I do, my journey always comes back to right here, right now.....this little crazy life and place I call home.


Trust and Patience

OK.  So the silver lining came.  And here's how the conversation went.  Let me set the situation up first:  I am in my bathroom doing a clean out of the linen closet and my junk jewelry (I told you my cleaning was not normal and was like therapy!), and William was on my bed.  Actually come to think of it, William never left my bed ALL day.  Like I said, he was tired.  So I decide to broach the subject and say, "William, may I ask why you said this morning that Mommy doesn't work?"  "What Mom?"  "Why when on my computer this morning did you say that I don't work?" "Well, you know......you don't have an OFFICE like Daddy does.  And you don't get in your car to go to work real early like Daddy does."  "But William I do work, really hard in my studio painting, making jewelry and other stuff. And what about my teaching art classes, is that not work to you?"  "Well yeah, but Mom, that's FUN work.  Dad's isn't fun."  "OH....."  So I kind of dropped the subject at that point and smiled to myself.  Turns out, Daddy's work is boring and my work is fun.  And by my not having an office, I don't really "work".  And I suppose on some level I agree with him.  I can not even imagine getting up and going to a 9 to 5 job.  Of course if I did, I am sure it would be something I'd trained for and enjoyed, like Billy does.  He really likes his work, and it makes enough money that I get to have my "FUN" job.

So my "How to Grow Love" painting above was one of my favorites.  I took a close-up of this part because honestly trust and patience are on top of the list right now for me.  Yesterday was a true test to both of those.  I don't even think it needs any explaining.  Yep.  We are all good here in this little nest today.  I'm about to meet my trainer for a muscle beating, then come home to a super clean house only to land myself right here to work on a few new paintings.  I can't wait to show you my newest truck under a willow tree.  Oh man.....!  See you later, and hope you have a great day!


Feeling Caged In

Ok folks.  This is not a happy Jenni post.  Seriously.  I am feeling a little caged in today.  My creative bones are aching to work and yet I feel like I am in slow motion.  The house feels upside down and the kids are acting like caged monkeys.  How do I balance it all?  I know one missing link, my exercise routine is zero, which is a big part of who I am now.  Taking that away, or rather not finding the time to, is not in my best interest.  And then this morning William said something so hurtful to me......that I am having a hard time wrapping my heart around it.  sigh....perhaps that's when the whole word felt like a giant cage.  He was in selfish mode....wanting to "do something today"and I asked him for 5 uninterrupted minutes to work.  And he said, "you don't work Mom."  Yep.  Biggest dagger you can fly at an artsy Mom. 

So for now I am in a major cleaning mode.  You see that's what I do when feeling stressed like this.  BTW, since saying those words, he's also pouted about no food in the house, being bored, and other little 10 year old boy issues.  In other words, he's tired.  And we've got a long day to go.  8PM baseball tournament game tonight.  I'm going to keep listening to what my heart tells me though and mush on (and bite my tongue).  Maybe, just maybe, there will be a silver lining to this day.  Maybe.


Counting Blessings

This morning I really should be painting or working on jewelry or plastering puffy hearts.  But alas no, I am staring at pictures of these two and counting my many blessings:

Summer can on occasion be a struggle for Moms. Especially those that work from home, like me. To my kids, the work I do is fun and they want to be under foot the entire time. Which I don't mind when I'm doing some projects. They help out for a bit and then get tired and move on. I engage them in activities during the day that they want as well so we all are equally stimulated. Billy wakes me as he leaves which as a general rule gives me about 2 hours before the kiddos stir (they are late sleepers, yeah!).  But other parts of the day when I am about to BURST with creative energy sometimes gets put aside.  sigh....  This morning though as I was flipping through pictures I just couldn't help but think of this quote:

"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives."  -Dan Zaldra

So count your blessings today, and take time to thank those that make your day complete.  My kiddos, well although they are totally clueless that they do this,  make the biggest difference in my creative life and continue to mold me into the woman I am.


Coming Home

 The kids and I are back from our little R & R.  It was great to be away from the studio for a few days and really begin to think about my upcoming show.  I have many thoughts running through my head right now for paintings, products and more.  I had to select a theme for the show and I decided since most of my vehicles and birds appeared to be headed home, it is going to be entitled, "Coming Home".  My  ideas on how to incorporate all my subjects with this theme are boundless.  And excitement is tingling in my fingers (even the one with a hole in it!)  So here is a glimpse of what I'll be working on this month:I'm adding boats to the mix and more jewelry incorporating truck charms....and hopefully camper and boat charm!  So be sure to check back over the next few weeks as I journal about my process.


Time to Relax

I just wanted to pop in and say that the kiddos and I are headed to Alabama for a little R&R.  My Dad and his sweet wife have recently purchased an AMAZING fish camp that we are really looking forward to kicking back in.  And Mailey says she's ready to try skiing!!  In the ski boat above she's sure to have some luck!

On a totally separate note, I had planned on taking my computer to keep up and say "HI!", however, last night while working on my copper blanks I uh....had a little slip with the drill.  And now I have a nice hole through my nail and finger.  Yep.  Ouch.  And cringe if you want.  I am literally having to peck out the words because middle finger can not touch anything!  I am debating the tetanus...I can not believe I did this!!!urgh.


Inbox Happiness

Yesterday was a typical Saturday in Georgia in June, by that I mean it was beyond sweltering hot. In fact while at the ball field I was seriously thinking had I had an egg I'd have fried it up on my leg for lunch!  Yep.  After the game we baseball Mom's decided sitting poolside was in order for the afternoon, while baseball Dad's decided the golfing green was calling their name.  I love being poolside.  The dynamics between the kids in the pool is just hilarious.  I remember playing sharks and minnows as a child as well, and although they still play that, a new favorite is "star".  Not sure the rules on that.  Anyhoo, I am rambling.  Inbox happiness is what I'm here to tell you about this afternoon.  So while poolside adding freckles to my face, something tugged at me to check my email.  I know, kind of rude, but nonetheless I did.  And guess what?  Three email happies!!
Here they are.  I share because they do relate to my business and since you are here in my blog right now you obviously want to know what's going on in my little creative life. 

1st email opened:  ETSY notification of item SOLD!  Yipee.  It's the painting above that I had only listed that morning.  Super excited.  And it's my first painting sold on Etsy.  (BTW I squealed "I sold a painting" so loudly that several people looked like I was insane. 

2nd email opened:  Was from a blog reader who had been experiencing some of the same issues with her 8 year old daughter I had mentioned in a previous post with our Mailey.  She thanked me for speaking with her briefly on the phone...in a very personal way which made my heart very full.  :)

3rd email:  A new store wants to know if I wholesale my jewelry.  Now, I have to clarify something.  I love everywhere I sell my work....2 galleries and 2 stores.  But they are all on consignment basis.  Which means they display and sell it for me, but I only get paid once the item sells.  Which I am VERY fortunate to have these opportunities.  By offering to wholesale however, I get money upfront and they sell it for what they want.  And that's a really big step for me.  And one I've been toying with.  And I am leaping into the door with joy!

So, have you had any inbox happiness lately?  Please share!


What You Are..Thought For the Day

 Last night I was so pumped up from the end of camp that I just couldn't stand the thought of getting in bed.   And my mind was just too tired for working on anything.  So what's a chick to do?  Well we have HBO now, which I always forget about, and showing at 11PM was The Women with Meg Ryan, Jada Smith, Annette Benning and the Debra Messinger (OK, may not have spelled any of those names right, but you know who I'm talking about, right?).  I'd not seen this move in a really long time and had forgotten how much I enjoy it!  What a great lesson inside of the story as well about friendships.  Meg and Annette's characters have a falling out in the middle of the movie and Meg says that what Annette did hurt more than the husband cheating.  Yikes.  What is it about friendships that can be so very painful?  And blindsiding so most of the time.  It just creeps up and WHAM...it hits ya like a brick wall. As a general rule, women are nurturing characters. So why is it that we can throw one another outta the nest before the wings are ready? 

Then this morning I was uploading more originals into my ETSY site and this one gave me a good punch in the tummy.  "What you are will show up in what you do."  sigh.   Signs are adding up and I'm noticing them for sure.  Something is unbalanced right now.  And I am ready to face it.  Because character can only be nurtured when you are willing to accept the good, bad and ugly.  When you have a willingness to look beyond the surface and embrace the differences within your relationships.  And find that happy ground.  Life is just too dang short to be embracing relationships that do not nurture my whole heart, flaws and all 100%.   Yep.   So here's my last thought, "I live for those who love me, for those who know me true."  -G. Banks

So, how well do you know those you love?  And what have you done to nurture them lately?  I am thinking I've been slacking in this area, otherwise these signs wouldn't be neoning in my head right now. 


Art Camp Was Fabulous!

The past three days I've been teaching my first art camp of the summer.  This year I was able to hold camp at a local craft store and do three days/2.5 hours each day.  One group came before lunch, one after.  I absolutely love hosting summer camps...the kids are so excited to be there, and their imaginations are always on overload (mine too!).  So this camp was all about silly birds.  We painted a 12" x 12" canvas of birds: 

Made these crazy cute collage birds:
And last, but definitely not least, we made the whimsical bird sculptures I learned how to make in Las Vegs at Art and Soul. And yes....it's okay to squeal at their cuteness.  I sure did!!  The first class we were running like mad to finish, I even had to enroll Moms to help in the end.  So I didn't get any pictures of that groups completed birds.  The second group had 3 fewer kids, so some how we were able to add, add and add the whimsy and have a photo shoot.  So go ahead and take a  peek and enjoy my wonderful student's creations:

Next camp will be held  in July....By the way I had Mom's from almost an hour away bring their kids this time around, so if you are thinking it's too far, think again!  We have lots to see and do in Newnan while your child enjoys a little creative time with me. 

Etsy Shop Updated

I've had an Etsy shop now for several years,and quite honestly I've not sold too much there.  I love doing art shows and interacting with people.  I sell well in that platform.  But in order to really build my creative business, especially on-line, I've GOT to get better about Etsy and other online selling venues.  So this morning I started the daunting process of updating the shop.  And for the first time I am offering ORIGINALS!  Woohoo...at least I think so anyways.

So if you are interested in an original painting, click on over here and shop away!  My goal is to do updates once a week this summer with all sorts of goodies I've literally got piling up needing good homes.  Right now though, I've got to get myself onto art camp!  I can't wait to share our projects this week with you!


Big Puffy Hearts

I on occasion say in my blog that I "big puffy heart" things.  It's a silly term that means I really like something.  I think it gets the point across better than just plain old liking something...for instance, today I am BIG puffy hearting these treats:
What are those delectable treats you ask?  I found them in the bakery section last night while seeking the red wine aisle.  They are called peanut butter no-bakes.  Yep.  The brown stuff is peanut butter and the white stuff is, well honestly I don't know what it is except totally yummy.  Sometimes you just shouldn't read the labels.   I am also literally big puffy hearting this new sculpture installation I hung last night (except for mister Naples yellow on the right who wants to hang crooked!)
About a month or so ago Debbie called and said she'd seen my bird head sculptures, and although she liked those, she wondered if I'd be willing to make 9 hearts for her office.  You see she is a counselor, and these now hang in her amazing office in Carrolton.  I am thinking that these will give her clients a very warm sense about her.  As you walk by her office they totally catch your eye!  I love the way they all turned out and can't wait to get started on some more.  Actually, she's already ordered 2 more as gifts for friends!

So what are you big puffy heart about right now??


Sometimes I Like the Two Legged Kind

I just love the support I receive from my four legged fans, really I do.  But sometimes I like to have the support and comradeship of the two legged type. 
I met Jessica, Tiffin and Joyann at an art show last fall.....the one where it rained so hard it flooded Six Flags.  Any of you see that footage of Atlanta?  Well, let's just say that I am a firm believer that people are placed in your life for a reason, and that weekend these three ladies crossed my path for reasons much bigger than any little craft show could ever imagine.  We are a photographer, a jewelry artist, a vintage home goods creator (she's also the expert in graphic design), and a painter/jewelry maker.  On our own, we are three extremely confident women entrepreneurs with visions for our future.  Actually they are pretty lofty visions, and I love that!  We started meeting....not as regularly as we should we are also mothers, wives, and all work from home, but when we do meet it is always refreshing and informative.  The many angles we approach each subject give unique perspectives, with honest answers hitting the table well received.  

So I suggest if you are out there, feeling a little isolated, to reach out to some artists around you.  The next art show you participate, or even attend, ask where they are from.  Or do an etsy search by location and convo some of them.  And if it works out, set a once a month regularar meeting.  Tiffin is great about setting up the dates, times, and subjects for us.  That way we come to the meeting with all our questions for those topics and don't get too far off track.  I think if we put our heads together enough, we could write an AMAZING book on creative living.  We definitely cross the board on some many creative levels.  And aesthetically we are all very similar.  So girls....whatcha think about that idea?? 

Anyhoo.....I imagine we are all blogging tonight about today, so if you click on over to their sites you'll see we all are very excited about our little venture together.  Today we left with all trying to wrap our heads around participating in the Country Living Fair that's coming to Atlanta in October.  We all recognize it as an amazing opportunity for exposure, but the cost is more than a little intimidating!  We'll continue this discussion on at our next play date!  And maybe see you there........


Giving Abundantly

This morning I can't seem to shake this word off my brain:

I looked it up in the dictionary to be sure I had the meaning right, and it says this about abundance....
1:  ample or overflowing quantity  2:  affluence or wealth  3:  relative degree of plentifullness.

Have you ever thought about what you have an abundance of?  I can tell you on the surface I have an abundance of clothing, nick-nacs, art supplies, patterned papers, and junk jewelry...just to name a few.  I am not so sure I have an abundance of monetary wealth.....actually I know I don't.  But we are working on that!  The 3rd definition, on being plentiful, I think this has to do with being fruitful.  And to me that translates into giving.  And that is where my abundance lies.  You see, my entire life I've enjoyed the act of giving.  Giving of gifts, giving of time, and giving of my talents.  Sometimes joyfully these things are given, sometimes out of obligation, but nonetheless, they are the fruits that I can give in abundance.

I know that's why I like to talk here in this blog to you about my life as an artist.  It's one of those gifts I've been given, the gift of gab some may say, and one that I fruitfully give.  Just in case you are wondering, it's definitely not out of obligation that I share but rather in joy that I openly discuss my creative self.  You see, when you have an overflowing abundance of something, you can not help but share it.  I know you have something like that inside of you, something that bubbles inside and just about bursts out.  Something that brings joy to your very core of being.  One does not have to have wealth in terms of money to live abundantly, just a willingness to seek what lies abundantly within you.  Being open to share this abundance is what will make you stronger, and less vulnerable to those sneaky insecurities that also lie within you.  So start digging folks and find the abundance within......I can guarantee it's not hanging on hangers in your closet.


Living In My Creative Life

I've been thinking about creativity a lot lately.  I think it's because I started reading Scoutie Girl's Blog.  And she's a big thinker.....I like that she's a big thinker.  Because she asks big questions and answers big questions that make me think.  Not that I have any problemo asking questions or thinking for that matter.  If you've ever been around me in person I can ask and talk with the best of them.  Asking questions about creativity gets my juices flowing and my passions rising though.  And I don't always have an audience for this platform of question asking.  For instance, while waiting for the Redbox video to release my chosen flick for the night, it's not uncommon for me to speak to the husband behind me who's obviously on a "Honey will you pick up a ....." run at the grocery and decided to get a movie as well, is not the person to ask, "so are you left or right brained?"  Yep.  Sometimes you gotta harness this topic for other venues.  And blogging has been just that platform.

I think too this whole e-course I'm knee deep into has got me thinking as well.  You know, about being the creative type.  Have I ever told you that in High School my Who's Who was "Most Creative".  Funny at the time because I was a musician.  But I always had the grand plan for the homecoming float, decoration themes for the dances, etc.  I was the outside of the box big creative thinker of the group.  I like that they believed this of me....because it planted a seed that has continued to grow inside my little heart for 20 years.  (Yes, that 20 reunion is around the corner for me.)  A few friends came over recently and I just flat out apologized for all the stuff.  I said you know, I try to simplify, edit and take away.  But I simply can't.  All the stuff on the walls, on the shelves, on the floor.....it stimulates my creativity.  It's who we are as a family.  They giggled and said they love coming to my house because there is so much to see.  That there is!  I think by layering my life so densely with friends, family, things and art I am building this amazing creative life.  And honestly I can't imagine it any other way. 

The painting above, it's an oldie....literally.  It's called "Mattie and Her Social Circle".  And it was the start of my finally acknowledging that being a creative type was OK.  It was one of my first true paintings.  Of course I'd painted this and that, but never put real price tags on anything.  It's sitting in the windowsill of my studio as a reminder that being on this path I will always find a circle of friends to embrace and enjoy the journey with me.  And as long as I'm not afraid to keep asking questions, the path will continue to widen and allow room for more creativity to ride along side.


Keep Looking Up

I am a regular reader of Kelly Rae Robert's Blog.  Have you ever been on her site?  A few years back when I decided to take this leap of faith into the world of being an artist I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a bunch of creative books.  One being hers, Taking Flight.  And now she is offering an e-course.  And I am totally, totally excited.  This morning I read the first few postings and now just have to share some thoughts. 

Have you ever really thought about taking on a creative career?  Well, I know first hand that making that decision to leap into being a creative entrepreneur full-time is not an easy decision.  I think back on that time in my life I realize how full of fear I was.  Fear of disappointing so many people on so many levels.    I had a successful business with a partner at the time, two small children to raise, a very busy husband,  family and friends who counted on me.  Who was I to think that anyone would embrace my life changing decision toward my dream?  Well most did.  My husband, sweet Billy, he gets me.  Which is of course important to a marriage, but he also gets that creativity is what motivates my every being.  And being the husband of someone who needs this creative outlet to remain sane is not always easy.  And although most of my family and friends were like "good for you, that sounds fun". I know there were rumblings about what in the world was I doing.  Comments like, She'snevergoingtomakeit.  Were always in the back of my head.

That was the first obstacle to overcome in order to realize this dream.....the acknowledging that this was what I wanted to do with my life and then the telling.  I knew in my heart that I was an artist.  And honestly I am quite confident in my skills and in my work.  Yep.   And yet confidence can also become a fear.   I am human and can easily allow my vulnerability to creep in and take over.  Especially when I start peeking into other artists lives via blogging.   Why must I compare myself  to others?  There is plenty of room for everyone out there in the creative circle.  Really there is.  In fact I go through periods where I just don't read blogs because I know that the fear is looming over me.  And honestly that is a time I need to be practicing courage and embracing my own art.  Of course some fear is quite healthy, it helps us grow, it means we are invested in what we are doing and don't want it taken away.  And truly in the end it opens doors when we are ready.

I am an optimist, a glass is half full kind of gal.  It's a nice trait to have.  And I really love the quote in the painting above, "keep looking up.  You are already becoming the person you want to be".  I am on that path and am really looking forward to the questions and opportunities this e-course will bring.  So readers, are you becoming who you want to be?


Going Where I Never Thought I Would

2 years ago when I started this journey as a full-time artist and you asked me, "so when is your next show?"  Never in a MILLION years would  I have thought that this time the response would be....."Well, I have a Solo Show Opening in August."  Yep.  That's right.....all by myself.  Solo.  Hanging on the walls, just me.  Wow.  I am a little more than excited right now that it's finally close on the horizon.  She asked me exactly one year ago this weekend.  So I've had time to process, but now it's HERE!

So here's the nitty on the show.  It's being held at the Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama.  It is meaningful in more ways than one having it here because Vero was the first gallery to believe in me.  And boy, we've come along way since my first mailing.

Here's what the show will look like:  40 paintings at least and 30 functional pieces.  I can get the paintings done right away.  The ideas are kind of swimmy right now.  But the functional pieces, well that is Vero's thing.  And kind of what the gallery is known for....functional art.  I can send jewelry, but it counts as 1 item because it will all be in a case together.  So 29 other items.....yikes.  I have some frames I can paint up, and my new jewelry can count as another because I plan to make stands for those.  So I have some thinking to do right now.  All the pieces are due August 1st.  That gives me about 8.5 weeks.  I can do it.  This summer is devoted to it really.  And I am so ready to get started.  And you know me, I've made a timeline of projects and what has to get done.  I've got two large custom orders to finish first.....and then I am hoping the ideas will explode!  I'll be sharing the journey of course.....so get ready.  And I almost forgot, the opening reception is Friday, August 20th 6-9PM and Saturday, August, 21st 1-6PM.  Hope I can see you then!
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