Forget Your Troubles Come on Get Happy.....

"Forget your troubles come on get happy......we're gonna chase all your blues away....." And so it goes, a song I got stuck in my head this morning for some reason. It was a song we performed for a show choir competition back in the good old days (yes, I was a Glee person!) and today it came back to me and stayed. I could probably remember some of the jazz hands moves if I stood up a moment and tried. That'd be a fun U-tube now wouldn't it?

Now why so giddy Jenni you ask? Well, the Horne house got some good news today! Remember this post here about the Amy Butler Midwest Modern Fabric Contest? Welllllll..... drum roll please.......I WON! Yipee.....skippeeee......There were a ton of entries, so my little "Amy and David" must have made quite the impression. I can't wait to see the other winners. I'll post the link when I find out. For now I am singing away, and secretly trying out the jazz hand moves. hehehehe....

Handmade Wedding Cake Toppers

I started making little wedding cake toppers this summer when my best friend from childhood opened Wedding 101 in Nashville. She'd asked me to make a few for them to sell in the retail portion of their store. Of course, I had to make one extra just see how it did in my own little etsy shop. And so far I've had 3 ordered! Yipee! This one is for the lovely Laura. She messaged me last week asking if I could change a few things on the one in the shop and have it to her for her wedding this weekend. Better yet, I made a whole new one, just for her! And of all things, she lives here in Atlanta, so on Friday I get to hand deliver it to the blushing bride.

So if you are in need of a special cake topper, even for a birthday, let me know! I'd love to make it for you!
PS....I am feeling a little better on the personal end, my frames are ready. Yeah!


Just When I Wanted to Cry....

So today, I had one of those moments when I just wanted to throw up my hands and say *@#&^ this! Yep. The glass half full girl has had enough. Want to know the short list? Well, even if you don't here it is. Just gotta get it out of my system:
1. started to feel the left ear twinge on Saturday...huh....surely not an ear infection this week
2. car wouldn't start on Sunday....it was the battery
3. ear is in full ragin', hurtin', stick an ice pick in it form by Sunday PM
3. on Monday 2 tires on car won't stay inflated...not fixable, need new ones
4. mean time ear is still most painful and the whole head is beginning to spin
5. got a shot in the arm and a q-tipish thing shoved into my ear to make it all "better"
6. my framer called this afternoon and says, "When again do you need those frames? Is Friday too LATE?" why yes, it will be.....I'll already be at the SHOW.
7. head spinning again and can not hear out of left ear, period. maybe it's a good thing at this point. fever comes and goes in time for me to teach 20 little cuties how to make clay nests with Mommy birds in them (that was the saving grace part of the day for me. I had 3 kids say how much they loved my hair! Awwww...)

Okay, that's it and should I remind you that it is only Tuesday at 5PM. I suppose now that it is in writing, and I've read the short list, it's not that bad. But you know when you are sick, everything is worse than it really is. And just when I thought about throwing in the towel and going to bed so tomorrow could come that much sooner and that much better (ever the optimist!), I started looking through old pictures and found these:

Oh my goodness she was/is cute. I just have to say that because look at her.... Polka dot bikini was a favorite, always a doll in hand, undies, the umbrella and rain boots...on a sunny day....now that's something to laugh about. And when I really just want to cry, I just can't while looking at this. It simply makes me smile.
One day she will kill me for these. But today, she reminds me to find joy at the end of every storm. sigh.....sniff....sniff.....
Thanks for letting me vent. I'll be back later with a new cake topper for my lovely Laura I finished up this morning. I love weddings......


New Work to Show Off!

I've been working for several days now on some new smaller pieces. I've been combining texture, acrylic and collage all on one piece. And although it is a process of cutting, pasting, drying, waiting, painting, drying again, filling lines, etc....It produces a look I am very pleased with! (Although not so easy to photograph!) This is called Morning Walk. I love the vertical layers on the very bottom. All 5 of the bottom layers are supposed to represent the layers of the earth.

And this one is Walking Towards My Heart. I really love the play on all the textures and colors. I've got one more on the table that needs finishing up. I will probably be cleaning the art desk up for the rest of the week at this point once it's done. I've got to get labels made, jewelry on cards, tiles in frames, etc. All building up to this weekend. I like to be super organized because there is no night before setting up. It's an early Saturday morning for Valerie and I! Have a great week!


Flower Power

Okay, the post title is a bit cheesy, I'll admit, but it's Saturday am and I am trying to gear myself up for a morning at the baseball and football fields. I'm packing the flower power up with me to work on during the approximately four hours of sports spectatorship. I don't sit still very well, and since Norcross Arts Fest is now 7 DAYS AWAY! Yipeeee! Every hour counts. Here are my flowers for this season: You can wear them on your blouse, in your hair, on your raincoat, on your purse, anywhere you want to brighten your outfit up a bit! They are made out of this amazing wool, most of which is hand dyed. I made my own little pattern up for this season's flower. Just love them!! And at $15 each, they are sure to be a great seller.
We look a bit washed out, don't you think? Well, it was raining this day...remember? This is my mother, Nancy. Official worker bee during the rain. Well, hoping you all have a creative weekend!


A Little Pincushion Happiness

I know I've talked about my Mailey Grace before. She's a little different, the way her mind works that is. There's something magical going on in her little head at all times I've decided. And the following projects are just another example of what I am talking about!

So here's the story.......Sunday during Sunday School I was teaching her class an art lesson (yes, we have art at church. super cool!). We'd finished our lions and I had asked them all to draw their version of Daniel in the Lion's den with the angel. Kids dove right in and were just a drawing the CUTEST lion's ever. Something about children's drawings before they hit the age of "I can't", or "It doesn't look right" almost makes me want to cry it's so cute! But Mailey, she was over in my bin getting out the Styrofoam bowls and working away on the floor. "Mailey, what are you doing, please follow the rules with the class I am thinking in my head." But instead I observe and simply ask, "Whatcha making?" "A pin cushion for Gammy. She loves pincushions." Alrighty then. Did not know that about Gammy. Make away. And here it is:Then later that night after I was pooped from the two-day art show and trying to get everything unpacked and unloaded, I find Mailey dragging out my enormous felted wool bin. "Mailey, whatcha doing?" "I'm going to make Gammy another pincushion. Gammy loves pincushions." Alrighty then, make away. And this time, with a little help from Mommy, she made this:
Yep, you can say it. It's beyond sweet and cute and adorable. And Gammy will love it. Except that she may not get it because I want to keep it for myself.

So a little pincushion happiness around these parts on Sunday. Like I said, something magical is going on in her head at all times. Have a great Wednesday! Oh, and for those of you who watch the news, I do live in an area that is being greatly affected by the rain. The flooding is something I have never seen before. Our home is on very high ground, but others in our community were not so fortunate. So please say a prayer for these so close to our little home.


Okay, So Maybe the Rain was Meant to Be

So I didn't have to sit in my car too long on Sunday to realize that I was going to have to put my girl panties on, unload, set-up and get ready for customers. Because for some reason, God decided to let the rain cease on our little patch of Peachtree City for our little craft fair on Sunday. As soon as I finished painting Lions with 1st and 2nd graders in Sunday School I hopped in the van, raced over to my spot and found my buddy Phillip and his Wife Susan, and then Ellie and her girls to help me unload and set up. I guess my whoo-hooooo blog got some sympathy ratings and they came out like little army ants! Yeah for friends! I wanted to show off some of the new offerings here at Mattie's Social Circle. Adorable bottle cap earrings.
Porcelain pendants .......

And whittle charms perfect for the charm bracelet......
So sales wise it was a low day, but I met some great people. And perhaps doing this particular show was really more about meeting those around me than making money. So I count my blessings for the weekend instead of dollars. And they are bountiful! I spent quality time with my dear Mother, Nancy, and met these amazing crafters; Tiffin of Linwood Avenue, Jessica of Peachtree Photography, and Joy of Joya Jewelry.
"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives." -Dan Zadra -So I thank you girls. And all who came out to say "Hi!".... you are the best!


I Love the Rain....

I just love it when it rains. The sound of it hitting the roof, the trickle down the spouts, the little drops of water left behind on my bushes, the glisten it makes on the landscapes, the smell. Yep.... I like the rain when I can curl up on the couch and leave the front door open to hear the sounds, nature becomes so quiet outside when it's raining I've noticed. I DO NOT like the rain however when I am participating in an Art Show that I have prepared weeks for and haven't slept good in nights because I am so excited about it! Oh, poor Jenni you say, it rained. Let me tell you something blog readers. IT RAINED ALL DAY....seriously it rained for like 10 hours straight. I got up at 6:30am, left the house around 7am, drove through the rain to find it raining where the show was, unloaded in the rain, set up in the rain, sat in the rain during the show, and then guess what, at 6PM, like clockwork, it stopped. Yes-sir-eee-bob. At the end of the whole thing. Laugh if you want.......I was. Well, not really. See here, rain (okay maybe not so much....but it was there I promise you!) However, there is always an upside with me. Mom, Ellie and I set up the tent, new grids and table Friday when it was not raining. So this morning I just had to unload inventory and set it all into place for the droves of buyers I was expecting . I was able to drive right up to my tent and unload. And since I have a mack daddy awesome tent, I was able to set up dry as Barbie on her sunning deck. I was a happy camper....at this point in the day.

It looked great. I love the whole look. I have to pat myself on the back for the booth magic, it is there to be had for sure! I know where I need to add inventory though for Norcross Arts Fest in two weeks, and that's mainly paintings. Where are they all I thought? So I'll be painting the next week since nothing else sold....man bummer.
Doesn't look like it was monsooning does it? Well it was. If you'd thrown me a bar of soap I could have lathered up real nice. At one point my trusty helper Mom and I looked down and our feet were under water.
Oh these little treats were so ready to go home with happy owners today.

Well, tomorrow is another day. And according to the weather man it will be much like today. Well sugar. I packed all my inventory up into my car for fear of it totally wilting and warping. I've made an executive decision that if it is raining in the am I will go and sit in my car behind the tent for one hour. And then call it quits if I can't get out of the car without getting wet to the bones. Hey, I just can not risk loosing the hundreds of dollars in art, frames, jewelry, etc.......especially with two weeks until Norcross. So, lessons learned, and I'll be fine. Just very disappointed right now. sigh......
I have to give a big shout out to my Mom who hung out with me all day and ate foot long corn dogs, iced cookies and drank lots of Starbucks with me. It was nice to do nothing.....since I rarely EVER do that. So I guess not all was lost. And I met some really cool girls beside me. And since we were all little wet doggies set out in the rain together it made it fun. Oh and kudos to Ashley the director of the show for keeping her little head on without pinching someone else's off in the meantime. She was wet to the very core of her being, running here and there. Trying to help those who had rivers running through their tents, and practically blaming her for the rain. Yeah, like she wanted it to be like that. Ha. She was such a trouper I tell ya!! Well, I'm off to dreamland now. I am sure visions of water will be prominent in my dreams tonight!
PS I think I am no longer going to paint umbrellas. I think they brought some of the bad luck today.


I Love Show Weekends!!

So this now marks my first full year of road shows. And I love them. Really. The planning, preparing, setting up. Seriously, I love it. It's hard work I tell you, and I really have to depend on great friends and sweet family, but it is worth it! Here's a picture from the last show I participated in the spring: Yep. I am all about the "Whole look". And man have I gone bonkers with my "new look". So the unveiling will be.........
THIS WEEKEND!!! I hope you can find an hour or two to come by and say howdy. Because I want to see all those familiar faces. Here are the details:
WHAT: Shakerag Festival
WHERE: Peachtree City, GA
WHEN: Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-5
Can't wait. I won't sleep a wink. Oh, and tonight I'll be hanging with Valerie at The Vintage-Flea for Artwalk. So come there too!!


Fall Artwalk 2009 This Weekend

Come on down to The Vintage-Flea in downtown Newnan THIS FRIDAY for a wonderful evening of art! The Fall Artwalk is always such a fun evening for friends and family to stroll the streets of Main Street Newnan after normal store hours (6-8PM). Valerie always has a yummy spread of food and beverages fit for any adult. All Main Street members will have artists as well in their shops. Stop by and say hello! Valerie and I are the featured artists in the "Flea". "Fall Ride" mixed media....16x20...framed


Fortune Cookie Blogs

Swirls....girls...and lots of twirls in these adorable Bold Mary skirts at the Horne house! Mailey and I found Bold Mary at an art show last year, and then again at Virginia Highlands this summer. We bought a matching skirts for she and her BFF Gracie. Aren't they the cutest here below? Oh to be this happy and carefree. Don't you wish you could put on an orange and yellow dotted hoop skirt and dance around like this? So free, so independent, so innocent, so happy, so silly? Are we still allowed to be just plain old silly? I say yes! Sometimes I put on my favorite music and dance away in the den with Lily before creating. Really gets my juices flowing.....I say you try it. Seriously try IT! You'll feel silly at first, but then you will feel liberated.
It has been brought to my attention that lately my blogs have been a little heavy. Okay......then today I heard a fabulous line on Hannah Montana, "Oh I hate it when Dad goes all fortune cookie on me." Seriously....that so describes me lately! Many of my posts have been serious and "fortune cookie" like. Wow. So I artsy promise to add a sprinkling of fun to the fortune cookie posts. You do know that a blog is like the ultimate online personal diary though, right? So you are bound to get the occasional deep thought or two. But I do have funny Mommy antidotes and wife of a politician antidotes too. Just need to mix it up more I suppose!! So here are the swirling, free, adorable girls that I want to be again.....more art tomorrow. And my art is definitely silly these days!


Amy Butler Midwest Modern Contest

I know I said I'd be on an island this next week....but an island is much more fun with friends, don't you think?? And besides I HAD to share my contest entry's for Amy Butler's Midwest Modern fabrics. Only one rule, use the Modern line of her fabulous fabrics. Any pattern, any design. So I made these: This is "Amy". I love her little crossed legs. They just really wanted to be that way, so I let them.
Here are Amy and David. And yes, I am going for some brownie points because Amy's husband is David. I just had to. had to........The contest ends on Tuesday. I can't wait to hear if they've won. I'll be sure to let you know!


Where Have you Been this Week?

I just realized that my last blog posting was Monday. Tisk..tisk. I love to blog alot usually. SO... where have I been this week? OH YEAH, Art Walk is next Friday night, September 18th, in Downtown Newnan. I'll be one of the artists on display at the fabulous Vintage-Flea. So I've been painting a lot. But there's more, I temporarily lost my sanity and decided to do a two day show September 19th and 20th in Peactree City. It's called Shakerag Festival. A super fun little show. I'll give location to that next week. For now, I am trying to doggy paddle my way through the new paintings, and get all my printed products ready. So why are you rambling about all this you say? Well, it's just my way of saying I may be absent a bit from blogging......I just may be on an island for the next week. I am not a last minute or under pressure person. So off to rework the SMART goals. They will need to be less SMART and more get it done goals. Here's a sneaky peaky at my new look for you. I am working on more collage and acrylic on canvas. I also tried one today with collage, acrylic and texture. Ooooo...I am liking it. Hope you've all had a great week!


Etsy Shop Updated!!

This morning I decided to go ahead and put into my Etsy shop some of the newest members of my felted bird family. So go here now to check it out! Also, PapernStitch, a curated online shop I participate in, has a TOTALLY new amazing look. You've just got to check out the talent here. I hope you've had an amazing three day weekend. We went to visit my sister, Grandmother, aunt and uncle in South Alabama. It was nice to get away for the weekend, but now I have got to get back to the grind. I did however make what I am now calling the "car art studio" and get lots of beautiful new felted flowers made with a new pattern. I'll be showing those off as soon as the pin backs get attached (I forgot those for the studio!) See you soon!


Listen To Your Heart

My daughter Mailey is in 2nd grade this year. Each week she brings home her rather heavy reading book that contains many short stories. One is read each week. This week's story is a Frog and Toad one. Have you ever read any of those? Well, this story really hit home to me for some reason last night. I'll tell you why. Or better yet, I'll give you a summary of the little story and then say why. Toad and Frog are best friends you see. One morning Toad goes to Frog's house to find a note on the door that says, "Dear Toad, I am not home. I went out. I want to be alone. Frog" What? Toad does not understand, and of course jumps to the conclusion that Frog is mad at him, or doesn't want to be his friend anymore. But once he finds Frog, after a series of events, he finds out that Frog woke up super happy that day and wanted to be alone to reflect on his good fortune of having a friend like Toad, and having a wonderful little life. So why bring Frog and Toad into this post you ask me? Well, in the past week I have had friends from all my walks of life say almost the same thing to me, "Jenni, how have you been? I haven't seen or heard from you in awhile." Or something similar to that. You see, I've always been one for alone time. And quite honestly sometimes I don't even realize that I have isolated myself until someone brings it up. But I can't apologize for this behavior because it is a part of who I am, a part of my growth. And honestly, Frog says it quite well when he said he woke up so happy he wanted time to think about how FINE everything really is. Because everything is fine. I wake up every morning so very thankful to have this life. It has taken several years of trying out different jobs, but man have I hit the nail on the head with this one. And my family, well we are all growing in such an amazing direction that I can't help but smile when I think of them. Now, it's not a perfect family, nor a perfect life. But challenges and growing pains are what make us stronger and make life full filling. Lastly my dear friends, well I am very fortunate to have each of you in my life. I know that you were placed in my path for a specific reason....each of you makes me more complete.

So this new little orange bird says on it, "Listen to you Heart." I don't know what led me to place those words with this bird on this stand. But it has all my favorites....my favorite color is orange, my favorite flowers are daisies, and my heart....well it hasn't failed me yet. And if you listen to your heart a little more often than your head, it will lead you places you hadn't imagined. So I challenge you to take a day and be quiet, still and thankful for all that you have. I think if you do you'll realize how abundantly you are blessed.


Felted Flying Friends

Remember when I stitched all those birds on the way to and from my beach trips this summer? Well, they finally have either a bird cage to rest, mold to stand, nest to lay or Eiffel tower to perch! All 29 of them are done. Whew. Seriously whew. Now to get them all posted into my flickr site here. Here's a sneak peek at a few new favorites: This one is called "Dream Big". At the top I have stamped the words "Dream Big" onto vintage paper. We all need a little reminder to do just that, don't you think?

This is "Mrs. Creamberry". She is a very robust bird, so she really needed to be a Mrs. I love all the embellishments on her nest.

And last, a "Maddie". I found this amazing blue felted wool at Hobby Lobby. I was just tickled because blue sweaters were slim pickings at the thrift store. Well, please head over to the flickr and check them ALL out. I've had a wonderful time creating them, but now I am very ready to move onto painting. I've got the Naked Art Gallery needing more wall pieces and a show in less than 4 weeks!! Oh my!
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