Kirkwood Spring Fling

This post is going to be pretty photo heavy...sorry! I haven't done a show in so long I'd forgotten a few things. The Kirkwood Spring Fling was an amazing show to ease back into the show life. But here are a few things I'd forgotten: 5:30 am driving stinks. I get up that early to run long runs, but for shows I'd forgotten how crazy early that really is. Setting up a tent solo is impossible. Peeing in a porta potty all day is gross. Plain and simple. I forgot my pen. I forgot my hand sanitizer. 10-8Pm is a very long show day. And then to take it all down on top of that. And peeing in a porta potty all day. I may have had more than one Sangria due to all the above. But what I'd also forgotten is: How much I enjoy meeting other show gypsies. And how you immediately feel like best friends forever after one show. I miss interacting with people and talking about my work. I love that my friends come to see me in my "element" (shout outs: Donna, Heather, Rachel, Dallas and your peeps you brought along). I love to sell my art. I love seeing the joy it is going to bring to their home. I am blessed to have been given these talents. I know this....and think this is why my shows tend to be successful. My joy literally spills outta my tent. 
Here's my tent this time. If you see anything you'd like to purchase simply email me and I'll let you know if it's still available.

I hope you are having a lovely week. We are in the countdown to the end of school. Crazy!! I am getting super excited about putting the final touches on Paint Something: an e-course. If you avhen't checked out my website you should!  Here's the link:  www.paintsomething.guru  

See you guys later this week!! Have a blessed one.


Clementine Reads...It's Here!

Saturday during the Kirkwood show Dallas popped by with my copies of THE BOOK. Clementine Reads. The book. THE BOOK!!!  Can you tell how excited I am??? AND...I sold 2 copies within 30 minutes of them being in the booth. People are drawn to Clementine. Love her.
Dallas worked so hard getting her voice into print. I can not thank her enough for all her effort it getting it completely official. Clementine even has her own ISBN number. Now no one can steal her. Whew. Or Mr. Leonard, or Penelope!

The pages in the book are on a yummy paper weight. Being a printing major I am all about good paper. The book itself is soft bound with a shiny bright cover. 

Can't be more proud of us both. Well, of all of us actually...Clementine and Penelope are the true hero's of the story. Their sweet innocence inspired Dallas to give them voices. It's amazing the magic that can happen when you put the brush to the canvas and allow your ideas to come to life. I am glad I gave life to my sketches fearlessly. And that she didn't hesitate to ask if she could bring these silly characters to life through words. The book is a true dream come true for both Dallas Nevins and myself. Clementine Reads is a heart-warming story you'll treasure for years to come. I hope you'll consider buying a copy. A portion of the proceeds go to the Atlanta Speech School. The Paypal button in the right sidebar will take you directly to payment options. If you live locally you can avoid the shipping charge by emailing me directly for buying options at jennihorne@ymail.com.

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend!


Notecards and Art Shows

I am constantly seeking out new product to sell at art shows. Affordable ways to reproduce my work in unique packaged up ways. These cards were one such idea that seriously I never got around to putting together. So at lunch yesterday I stacked, sorted, and tied up with twine these sets. It's 12 cards with 12 brown paper bag looking envelopes (they are super awesome looking with the cards). I totally forgot to take a photo of them packaged up. Duh. But you get the idea right?
 Again, these will be at the Kirkwood Spring Fling all day tomorrow. 10-8PM....I hope you'll come by and say HI!!! (and maybe watch my booth and let me make a potty run if you don't mind.....hehehe)


Kirkwood Spring Fling this Weekend

I am so excited to be participating for the first time in the Kirkwood Spring Fling.  It's a sweet community right in the heart of Atlanta. The show is THIS Saturday from 10-8PM. It's going to be a perfect show weekend weather-wise. Perfect.
I've boxed up lots of goodies, including a box of felted bird sculptures I found hiding in a vintage suitcase. Lawd...there is no telling what else I've been missing!
In addition, I've collected quite an assortment of art work and am offering deep discounts on some of my favorites. So if you've been wanting an original painting THIS weekend is the place to visit. I hope you'll come out, enjoy the live stage, the artisans and share the gorgeous spring weekend with me!  Woohooo art shows!


PAINT SOMETHING: an e-course

So this is how I roll. I think about things for a long time. On my runs I day dream about these ideas. I talk about the ideas. I write about the ideas in my "DREAM BIG" notebook. And then something happens and as the saying goes, "the straw that broke the camel's back" happens. This time another email broke the back as it asked ...."Do you offer any online classes? I live too far to come to your PSW workshops in the studio".  Yep.  I cracked....worked full steam ahead...tunnel vision...got the idea into real time.

Honest to goodness the only reason it's taken me this long is fear. Yeah....good old fashioned fear of not being able to get the computer and my artsy brain to cooperate. But you know, I fixed up a purdy website in the fall. It wasn't so bad. Surely I could do this, right?

So I did. Actually it didn't take as long to get the main platform ready as I had anticipated. Now the content blog part I can't wait to tackle!! I've already had to buy a new notebook for the ideas filing my head as to how to teach you guys online. ONLINE! That means peeps in Croatia can take the class.  Ekkkkkkk!!!! I can't wait to get myself on video. I crack myself up a pretty good bit, so warning ya (I also cry when talking about why I paint.). I think in my next life I shall be a stand-up-comedian.

So how do you sign up?.....Well folks head on over the the fresh clean website. All the amazing details are there for the July 7th-August 2nd workshop. I hope to see you ALL there!!!


5 Things on Thursday

5 things.....

1. started working out at the gym again. it makes me feel sexy doing that. yep.
2. decided now or never on e-course. it's launching this weekend.  really.
3. the photo above was taken after school, yes....it's a selfie. speaking of school i've decided i really love my job. funny when you think you need to be somewhere else God has a bigger plan. so the word i am looking for i guess is contentment. i've not had much of that in my life. i kinda like the feeling.
4. i am sleeping like a sleeping big hibernating bear which i think is why #3 is better
5. my sweet Clementine is finally going to press. i may have cried when they told me. talk about dreams come true and bucket list stuff and all!

So....what are your 5 things?  I've decided to start this weekly series as a reminder that good stuff keeps happening when I put my faith and trust in God.  When I let go of fear and face the giants with love and kindness. I'm telling you my morning ritual with the devotional has truly changed my life. Mostly because it keeps telling me to trust, love and let go (simply put). Have a lovely Thursday. 



A Finished Piece

I've got to admit.  This feels SO GOOD.  Like why in the world have I stopped painting?  Seriously.  I've not painted anything (except camp samples) in months. Months.  What is wrong with me?
The basket is my favorite part of the entire painting.  I just kept layering my favorite colors on it and ta-da it was done!
This is a big one.  I love painting big but rarely do unless it's a custom painting because in tent shows it's difficult to display big paintings. The client wanted a bike with birds on it.  I've painted lots of bikes, and lots of birds, and just a few bikes with birds.  I think bikes and birds needs to be my new "thang".  What do you think? 
Hello Mattie bird.  You are super cute.
I met Phillip at Serenbe May Day and handed it off to be framed.  I can't wait to get it back and shipped to where it needs to go.  So.....How was your weekend?


Painting A Bike

Yesterday I was quite under the weather.  Today...well let's just say I am dressed like an Eskimo, drinking water and praying for strength.  This is not the time of year to be trying to get a sub.  Let's just leave it at that.(yesterday she showed up 45 minutes or so late!  WHAT?) This was the scene pretty much all day at the Horne house.  I hate being sick.....

I did however get bored a couple of times so I wandered down to my studio, turned up the Christina Perri, and dove into painting this rather large bad boy!

I am hoping to finish this up by the weekend so Phillip the framer can get it framed.  And then....we ship!  I know. Crazy how big it is and shipping.  It gets to ride on an airplane in the freight section.  Lucky painting. 

It felt so good to paint again.  Sometimes it takes just making myself get into the studio to get the mojo going again.  It's so easy to make excuses these days....gotta clean the house....gotta get kids here or there...gotta go running....gotta.... If I am ever going to get past this plateau I am firmly grounded on I have to make a conscious effort to get into the studio and make.  No one ever got to the top by standing still.  I for one am not too good at standing still.

Have a lovely weekend!  We are playing baseball for a 15U team as a fill-in in Lagrange.  Kinda excited for William to play outside of his comfort zone.  Mailey has big plans with a girlfriend and something about sewing a kangaroo pouch on their sweatshirts.  She's been talking about it for 2 weeks straight.  Lawd where she gets these ideas!  HAHA....Sounds like I will have a fun evening with my sewing machine. 

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