The Creative Type

Are you the creative type? I am. And I do believe this gene has been passed along to my dear children. As a child, I had a Barbie house, it was a white 5 story bookcase. My sister Molly however, had the real Barbie penthouse. I liked mine better though because I could put the furniture where I wanted, there were no pre-painted walls telling me where to place the toilet or bed. I made furniture out of boxes and Legos and clothing from materials around the house. This year, my 7 year old wanted the newest Barbie penthouse. And boy, it has more bells and whistles (and toilet flushing sounds) than Molly's ever had. It is a site to see........see........Mailey received more Barbies than one could really play with. A pink golf cart, blue punch buggy, Nurse Barbie, retro bathing suit Barbie, and oh so much more in of course all shades of pink. Why, oh why aren't there more orange Barbie accessories?? But guess what folks. This little creative soul was on Christmas Day asking the following. "Mom, where is the candy bowl and the tape? I am going to make Barbie a dress out of candy!" (her eyes were like wildly happy with this idea) "Mailey, a candy dress?" She must have seen my look of complete tiredness because she then said, "Well, what could I make a dress out of other than fabric?" "How about some paper?" "I'll go see." "Okay. " And she comes back with tape, my vintage green velvet ribbon and the Barbie. Within minutes, Barbie was wearing this fashion forward green swirly number:
Mailey was quite proud of her little creation. Billy and I just lay in bed shaking our heads. "She thinks of the most imaginative stuff " he said. Yes. She does. The next day every Barbie and Troy in the box received a new swirly ribbon dress, Troy ribbon shorts. And they are hanging out in the penthouse having a New Year's party as we speak.

My creative brain is working on micro paintings for Naked Art Gallery.

Flower power frames for my booth at The Vintage-Flea.

And of course, a new batch of feathered friends. My goal is to have something finished before the 2010 bell rings tonight! I hope you have a wonderful evening!


A Little Bit of Little News

So this past week has been all about new. New Year on the way, new Christmas traditions getting started, new paint in the hallway, new paint in the bedroom, new carpet, new baby. Whoa....new baby? Yes indeed! But not mine, my little sister and her husband have their first son. Born last Thursday. His name is Fielding McCoy. Such a cutey patootee. They say he looks like my William. Can't wait to see for myself!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!


Another Place for Chalkboard Paint

I have this mini wall that separates the family room from the kitchen. It's like a giant box that holds my washer and dryer. In retrospect when building the house I wish we'd had the builder create a garage laundry room and made our home one big open space. But 14 years ago, I was too busy getting a wedding planned, new job under my belt and building this little house. And seriously who places a phone jack in the middle of a wall these days? Maybe in the 50's, but 1996? It's a real pain trying to cover the jack which for some reason sticks off the wall about 3/4". So I painted the wall the color of the kitchen (Another dilemma....paint it the den or the kitchen color?). When taking some old pictures down from the wall last week I obviously did not find the right color to patch the walls. And I have no idea what color it is. Huh. Artist brain in work......paint the entire kitchen? No way says sane Mommy brain. I decided to go with chalkboard paint. Yep. Love the stuff. This wall is where I tend to hang my kid's artwork in frames I find at thrift stores (forgot to take before pics, sorry). But it's beginning to be a real issue finding cool frames that fit the work. And I'd like to be able to change the work more often. They do take my art classes, and are always painting when I do. So we needed a gallery wall space. Here it is all nice and painted black. Which honestly rocks with the black kitchen cabinets forward and the new black leather sofa in the family room.
Before I could get the artwork on the walls, the kiddos had a better idea. Start drawing...on the WALLS. I mean how cool is that? So the gallery is a little unproportioned. That's okay though. When Christmas is over I can erase the Santa drawings and finish the wall of with more creations.
William hard at work on Old St. Nick. Can you see the tree in the background? It's an amazing flocked, pre-lit tree I found at the mart a few years back. Love the flocking. And our super sweet black couch. Lot's of eyes rolled when I said I had gotten it. And then when they saw it they were like, yeah Jenni you can pull this off.

I decided to doodle some frames around the paintings. Yep. I think it's great idea too. Pat pat.

So here's a little glimpse into the personal side of me. I really LOVE my home. It's cozy, and decorated on every square inch. My style that is. No Kirklands or Pottery Barn allowed and I am not to keen on "drapery". It's been collected piece by piece. Complete with rock collections lovingly displayed on the mantle. I promise to show more soon!


I am thinking this might work....

So I am thinking about getting out all of our goggles, scuba masks and snorkels for the next few days. The rain is unbelievable with umbrellas impossible to keep right side out. And shoes? Well lets just say there is no such thing as weather proof in my closet! My clothes are soaked, my hair a puffy mess, and I really should have considered my water proof mascara this morning. So maybe I should do as William has here: But with a shirt on of course. I don't want coal in my stocking! Have a super soaky Monday! Tomorrow I intend to stay home and cuddle the doggie, clean out the art room and finish some details on the garden painting.


Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow? Well right now, we've got nothing but winter weeds in our yard. But this much rain is sure to aide my spring and summer growth! It may just take that long for the earth to absorb all the rain we've had. Last night while watching TV the awful beep came across the TV that we are under a flood watch until Wednesday. That's 4 days of watching! Yikes. For now I intend to immerse myself in happy spring paintings like below. This is for little Rowan's room. Can't wait to get it all finished up for her!


Oh Frosty the Snowman....

I just love that Christmas special. Old Frosty the Snowman. Here in Newnan we are lucky if we get enough snow to make a snow baby, so a snowman is way out of the question! But in my art classes this holiday I really went all out with special seasonal items, including a Frosty the Snowman. We made super, super cute banners see: The one above really loved hers....see all the hot pink hearts on it's tummy?
Each one was so different and had so much personality. The parents were very happy to see this come home!

Here are two of my cute 3rd grade artists holding their banners. I think they inspired each other a bit. We also made Santa pillows below. All they need is a little stuffing and a comfy place on the couch! So that's it for me this year for children's art classes. I am looking forward to the next few weeks off from teaching and recharging my lesson plans. These children are enthusiastic and very talented. It's a joy to have them! So I really want to challenge their talents in the coming months.


Living in a Hallmark Movie

My family and I live in a smallish community just south of Atlanta. When Billy and I first married and moved to Newnan I had some doubts about being outside of the city and commuting to work. Driving to the grocery store meant passing horses and cows munching on grass. This was something I did not grow up seeing and never thought I'd be a "country girl". 14 years later we are raising our children in this community....and it is such a blessing. As we rode in the Senoia annual Christmas parade Saturday night, all bundled up and waiving to the smiling crowds, I was reminded that this little community has become my extended family. There's not a day that passes that I don't run into someone I know (even when I am praying not to!). And as my Mother said on that very cold Saturday night, "This feels just like a Hallmark movie." And at that point and time, it did. Sunday afternoon was the annual Newnan Christmas parade. We participate in many parades with my husband throughout the year. This Christmas, Mailey and I had a new family to walk with. Our little Brownie Troup 10322. Aren't they a cute bundle of girls? And yes, I made the banner. And no, I will not be making any more. That's Mailey on the far left in the white fuzzy coat, and I am in the back middle with the silly elf hat on. I did not start out as a co-leader.....but my personality and inability to say no led me to be just that. (sigh with a smile) We walked and handed out lots and lots of candy from stockings. All 12 girls were there. It was such fun. Now my husband and son William walked with another crowd. And this float I have to say was just about the cutest idea ever! Who doesn't love an elephant?

Wishing you a Hallmark Christmas! Because here in Newnan, Georgia we are having just that.


Having Strength.....A Gentle Reminder

Everyone needs gentle reminders. For example, "You look really nice today" or, "Have you lost weight?" Gotta love those. It's a part of human nature to need compliments. Even the silliest of compliments can bring a rather ho-hum day into rather yippee day. We also need reminders to watch our words when we have crossed a line of friendship or have caused pain to one another. Of course those reminders are as hard to give as to receive. Today I was reminded of several things, and they did not come from spoken words. I was telling a friend that I feel a little underwhelmed with creating right now. Getting ready for shows is exciting then during the shows you are constantly getting your compliment tank filled....and now it's sorta quiet around the house and there is no one there to say, "Now, what are these painted on? I really like the texture....etc" But as I sat in the studio today piddling, I turned to see this hanging on the wall. A gentle reminder that I do make good art, from one of my biggest fans. Now is a time of recharging and refocusing. Something I have a hard time doing. So many directions.....so many ideas......

Another gentle reminder came today as I was cleaning my icky van. I'd forgotten I even owned it until I found it nestled under a pile of CDs. A little ring with the word STRENGTH etched into it. Yep. Strength. It was something I found in a boutique and had to have. You ever encounter this...you are drawn to an object for personal reasons? Finding the ring was another gentle reminder that I really needed. Webster says many things about this word, but my favorite is this: the quality or state of being strong: power to resist force. This time of year is the hardest for my little sister and I. It's personal, but let's just say that strength is definitely a driving force for the next 18 days as we await Christmas. As I am reminded to remain strong during this season of such joy and hope, I am ever thankful for gentle reminders. I am a strong woman. And am thankful for the strength that is within my heart to see this.


Rainy Days Don't Get Me Down.....Well Actually...

It's been raining here again. I pass a small horse farm everyday and once again the poor horses were desperately seeking high ground because their small pond was more of a lake in their pasture. And now that the weather is cooling, the rain is even more unpleasant to get out and about in. And most uninspiring I have to say. I finally have a clean desk, clean house, Christmas decorations up and presents wrapped. And guess what I did today? Got back in my comfy clothes after the gym hour and did nothing. Yep. Me, Jenni Horne actually vegged in the BED with the old lady cat and dog. Boy were they tickled to have Mommy around. BTW there is nothing on TV worth watching during the day.
So I am sending you out tonight with an up close view of a newer umbrella painting. An umbrella.....have you noticed how cool they are now? They come from very tiny to large enough for a small army, have amazing patterns or solid beautiful colors, and are very swift to open with one little finger. But all accomplish the same thing. They shelter us from the rain. And those of us with a little more punch to our personality you can tell, because we have the patterned umbrellas, and maybe even some super cool zebra print rain boots. Look at your umbrella and think about it, does it tell anything about you? Then look around the next time it rains and try and guess a personality based on a stranger's umbrella (or are they the stubborn ones without an umbrealla?). I betcha it'll tell you tons. And it'll give you something to giggle about if you run into them in the Target isles later on.
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