A Few More Collages

Just wanted to show off a few more of my new collage series. I had so much fun making the first couple that I ended up with I think 15! This is definitely something I intend to experiment with more. "Red Bird Nurturing Her Young"
"Summer Fun"

"Little Songbird"
Last, the new Paper N Stitch table is up! I placed several of the new collage pieces there available as prints. Please visit and give me a heart!


Senoia Wrap-Up

I always like to share after an event. It helps me to step back and look at the show, ponder the next and how to improve on my appearance. I love the city of Senoia and what they have done to revitalize the community. Kudos to Anne Busey for all her efforts with the event as well! She is super kind and so encouraging about my work. But, the event was not very well attended, and my sales definitely reflected this. But, with every step back, there is a silver lining. I got to spend a whole day with BFF Valerie, which really made the day fly by. Also, I now have everything ready for the Wesleyan School 3 day event coming up this Thursday and Serenbe May Day this Sunday. This feeling of relief that all is packed away in my storage unit ready to go Thursday morning is awesome! I can go to bed at a decent hour and take time to get a pedicure with Jill this week! My toes are happy about this one too. I used some old suitcases from the attic for a different look on the table instead of the white bookcase. I also added a fun stripey cloth and aprons to the mannequins.
My art work is taking on such a different appearance....much bolder and brighter colors. The whole set-up had a brighter feel. I am all about details. The yellow scalloped hand stamped signage was a great finshing touch.

I only brought small pieces to this show. I've got about 15 larger pieces to show at Wesleyan.
And more in my head to go! I'm off to post all my new work in flickr if you'd like to check it out!
Ooo...also Paper n Stitch opens a new table tomorrow! Be sure to stop by this week and see the new talented artist on the list!


Collage Therapy

I have decided that doing collage work is serious therapy for a painter in need of change. Man, I am having so much fun putting my new SEI paper and other vintage paper goodies into these compositions. I made these four birds to fit the lovely blue frames Phillip made. I just may not be able to release them for sale. You know, sometimes as an artist you just fall in love with a piece and can't part with it. I have walls of my own work to prove that. Maybe one day... I always say. I do have four more on the desk awaiting frames. They will all be priced under $100. All will be available (I think) this weekend in Senoia. Come on out and see me!! "Morning Whistle"
"Three Sisters", "Morning Whistle", "Renewed", "Lady Diane in the Mums"


Going Green?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am participating in the Art of Green show in Senoia this Saturday. When asked to do the show originally I thought really? Me? Paint is not exactly an eco-friendly medium, and I am a painter. What on earth would I sell? I was politely reminded that the frames around all my paintings and tiles are made from recycled barnwood. And my little felty friends are quite the green art. Hmmm.......okay. So here's a sampling of what you'll see this weekend: Felted bird sculptures on stands made from vintage jello molds. I found some recycled cages too- old industrial mixing beaters and a light bulb cage.

I finished up about 50 new framed tiles yesterday. This is my favorite of the printed products.

The one item missing from my booth however was jewelry. The little porcelain pendants are a great seller, but not exactly eco-friendly. While in Alabama over break I found the glass curtain rings pictured above. I immediately thought of jewelry when I saw them. I've always loved the Smart Glass line of jewelry. So I scooped the set up and here's what I've made with them:

I had some brass hand-patinae chain left over from my nest jewelry line as well as some hand patinae vintage charms. Overall I am super excited about revealing these recycled products to shoppers on Saturday. I'll show off my sculptures from recycled parts tomorrow. I've got some antennas to attach before they can be revealed! Have a creative Tuesday!


Being Creative

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun."
Mary Lou Cook

I've always considered myself creative. An artist, well that came quite a bit later in life. In fact, I still get a bit giddy when I say what I do for a living to those who ask, "what do you do outside the home?" I love the reactions. In some situations it's like deer in headlights, others it's disbelief that you can make a living making art, and others it's really? An artist? Hummm... I bring this up because yesterday during my quiet time at Barnes and Noble reading my favorite magazines and having coffee, I read about an artist that basically told my story in her article. I guess we are kindred spirits. It was great. It was inspiring. I really feel like right now I am on the verge of something.....you ever have that feeling? Like something really good is about to happen. My creativity is on overload right now. I can't get the paintings done quick enough before I want to make another. My studio time is just fun. Doors are opening and I am jumping in.
I found the quote above in one of my inspiration magazines, La Vie Claire. If you've never picked it up before, do. The photography alone will take you to new dreamy places. I just love finding quotes that say how I am feeling, and this one hit the nail on the head for the moment. I've certainly made mistakes, and taking risks in art is necessary. And as far as the fun goes, well I think you can tell in my paintings that this comes quite naturally for me.
At this moment I have 15 new paintings all started around me, the one on my art desk is another bike. This time it's going to be blue and it's on the beach. I'm going to add some collage in the composition too. I am really liking the paper and paint combination. Lily, the silly dog is in my lap and Ellie, the robust cat is sleeping on my sketchbook in front of me. It is going to be a great day. It just is.


What I'm Up to Right Now

Well, for starters I've got a bin full of freshly made birdies! I can't resist a car trip project. So to and from Tennessee I made these little darlings, which Mailey laid all out last night and named. I just hope I can remember which name goes with which bird (she had me write them all down). Upcoming events are drawing near. So here's the low down on when and where you can find these birds, new paintings, framed tiles and a few surprise goodies!

Celebrate Earth Day: The Art of Green
Saturday, April 25th from 10-6PM
Historic Senioa, GA

Wesleyan School Joie de Vivre

Thursday, April 30th-May 2nd

Norcross, GA

Serenbe May Day Celebration

Sunday, May 3rd


Serenbe Community

I hope to see some of you at these events! Have a great week.


Easter Love

I wanted to pop in and say Happy Easter to all my readers. And I just had to show off a few of my favorite pics. Below is an all time fave of the kiddos. Mailey in those white gloves...and notice each basket has a blanket nestled in it or rather a "bannie" as William called it, and "Kitty" as Mailey calls hers. I think this is the year they both cried the entire egg hunt. Thus, why the baskets are empty. Fast forward to ages 7 and 9 (they where 1 and 3 above) and this is my new favorite. The prima ballerina and the Joe Cool pose? There was no cheesy grin in this photo session, rather all ham.
Well, maybe one cheesy grin. And as always, Mailey has a lovely black tatoo on her face and William's hair is well, another story. But I have definitely captured who they are below. And I love that I can look back and remember their Easter this way.

Speaking of Easter and being a bit sentimental, this is the day that as a Christian I feel SO loved. Seriously, stop and think about what Christ did for us and tell me you don't get tears in your eyes, and feel so very humbled. I sure do.


Speaking of the Devil...I Mean Angel

Seriously, who came up with that expression, "speaking of the devil". Well, in my case it is definately not a devil. After I posted a few hours ago about taking Sara Anthony's workshop she dropped off my head shot CD. Oh man am I excited about this one. I had a vision for a new website and needed some super great photos of me painting and of my studio. So I called up Sara and voila! Here is a glimpse of the great shots I intend to use in the updated website.
It will probably be a month or so before I get the website up and running. But now all the components are gathered and I am excited!

I Love My CAMERA!!

So I bought a mack daddy camera about this time last year. It's the Canon Rebel Xsi with I think 12megapix. I had no idea how to even turn it on, but I HAD to have it. You see, I've been taking pictures since I was a teenager. I have about 20 scrapbooks just from childhood to college. I've about that many of just my kids. I want you to imagine my bins stacked full of photos anxiously awaiting placement in their albums. I also have about 1000 pics on this computer. So pictures are my hobby for sure. Even with this fancy camera though, I was still not getting the quality photo I desired. So here's what I did. I took a workshop with this FABULOUS photographer. And now look at what I can do now.... Yeah me!
Mailey, my "I want to be a fashion model when I grow up" just let me shoot away yesterday.

And then these daisy's let me shoot them awhile too.....

Oh, the places my camera and I will now go. It's amazing what a little knowledge can do. Next I am taking a photoshop class to learn how to take those above and take them even farther. Right now they are all natural. Well, it's such a pretty day here in Newnan and I'm itching to take some more photos...now where's William?.....


Works in Progress

Just wanted to share some works in progress. It's Spring Break this week so I am off to here and there. Unfortunately the paint brushes will not be getting too wet this week. I have until April 25th for Celebrate Earth Day, The Art of Green Show in Senoia and then on April 30th I head to the annual Wesleyan Show. This is the show that started it all for me. I am SO excited to get back and see all my artsy friends I met last year and hopefully meet new buyers! I am going back to canvas for a bit. This time around I am really playing with the simple compositions of birds, branches and a bit of collage with the leaves and border.
This is a ginormous canvas I decided to tackle using the same technique. Also new, all the canvases are being framed out by Phillip. I am amazed at how much more finished off the canvases look with the salvage wood around the edges. Anyhoo.....off to get a few more tasks completed before art camp tomorrow and heading to my Father's in Alabama to meet up with the kiddos. I hope you all have a GREAT week. I'll be back next week to share some new ideas in the works. The Green Show in Senoia has my head whirling up some great Mattie sculptures. My Father doesn't know it, but I intend to use his amazing workshop when I get over tomorrow to stop the whirling and get to making!


I Caught You Red-Handed!

Or yellow pawed in this case. So after dinner last night I noticed some yellow paint daubs on the kitchen floor. I traced it back to my studio where the real evidence laid. A concentration of prints. See the cute print? So this led me to my palette which was left open (note to self, keep the lid on the paint when I'm not at my desk!). We have 4 cats, so off to check paws we went. We did not have to search hard though, Ellie was looking quite guilty in the den, don't you think? Anyhoo, made for a funny story and a perfect photo op!
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