Memorial Day

Today we honor those that have served.  Both Billy and I have father's that have served.  I couldn't be more proud to say that aloud.  There's something about serving our country in that capacity that seems so selfless.  The sacrifices they make are ones most of us can not fathom.    So we honor the memory of those that are gone and give thanks to those that are with us still.


Decatur Arts Festival

I know it probably seems like I've been in a lot of art shows over the past 3 years.  And I suppose I have....but they've been ones in my comfort zone.  Does this make sense?  Like Dunwoody and Norcross for instance....they are both run by these 2 amazing women who invite the artists to participate.  And then  there are the holiday shows, and that's a whole other blog post.  It's a different show attitude and application process.  This year I decided to branch out a tad and apply to some new shows that were Juried.  Like Sweetwater for instance.  And then the BIG one, Decatur Arts Festival.  Which is THIS WEEKEND!!
Yes.  This weekend.  I am so excited to be showing at this festival.  It was a different application process which was a bit scary.   They even called me after I submitted everything and said, "Make a decision, painter or jewelry artist."  Obviously I chose painter.  It has been a wonderful few weeks focusing just on painting.  I've been pushing my creative bones to the limit and loving every single composition.  This was the last one painted, and by far my favorite.  The colors, the papers, the texture...it all came together in a huge way.  The painting is about 40"x40" in this unbelievable powder blue 6" wide vintage bead board frame.  It'll take a special spot, and a special buyer to want such a giant happy camper painting.  But this being such a reputable show in its' 23rd year....I think there just may be the right buyer!

So if you are in the Decatur, GA area this weekend, come on by and say hello.  My tent is going to be on Clairmont Ave.  booth #4.


So How Did We Get From Point A to B?

This morning I needed to put a new logo on a disc to have a banner made for the Decatur Art Show this weekend.  I don't disc much.  I usually email files and the back up drive holds everything important.  So I had to search for a disc.  I eventually found one, put it in my computer and up pops all these files already on the disc.  Dang.  But wait, what are these files....labeled fun kid spring pics.  Oh....my......goodness.  Seriously?  How did we get from this cute round pudgy face that was ALWAYS dirty?

 To this?????
And how did this adorable kid who ALWAYS had a ball and bat in his hand (he would say "ball in the eye Mom, ball in the eye"....instead of "eye on the ball")......
 Turn into this young man with a home run ball in hand?
Yes, getting from point A to point B has been an unbelieveable journey. Billy and I began the journey as parents when William was born 11 years ago.  And this year, we are hitting a milestone with his entering Middle School.  As a family we have evolved into more than I ever imagined we would.  This week,  I've been holding the threads of our tightly woven nest tighter than ever.  Fighting for what is best for my family and thanking God for allowing me the opportunity to raise such wonderful children.  They are so different.....yet I can not imagine them being any other way than how they are.  Which in my eyes is completely amazing.

When you see the work I've been doing this week I think you'll understand how I've been feeling about these two lately.  As I photographed all the work today I stood back and grinned.......their spirits were definitely with me, guiding me through many of the compositions.  I suppose in a way it's my therapy.   I'll channel their creative spirits any day.....yep, sure will.


Sitting and Observing

Nurturing by definition is this, "Care for and encourage the growth or development of".    I LOVE summer.  Puffy heart love it.  I love the no schedule, endless hours at the pool, constant yummy eating, and the long hours with my children.  Yes, I do.  Not telling a fib here.  I can hardly wait for school to end so we can just be.
One reason I am super ready for school to end is this simple urge inside my heart to be more than nurturing to my children.  I'm not so sure how to word this right, but let's just say the Momma bird up top, she's kind of doing what I feel I am doing right this very second with my family.  Giving them room.  There are no eggs in the nest, no wings to teach to fly.  There's just sitting and observing.  Absorbing this stage of mothering.  I watch, breath in, and quietly nurture.  Allowing them more freedom to become who they are supposed to be.  There is plenty of caring going on, and certainly we are encouraging healthy grow not only of their physical body but their spiritual bodies as well.  It's like the nest ring above.....we are weaving this beautiful nest for our family to call home, a ring which will never end, a home they will want to return to, and love to call home.  We have an amazing responsibility to do just as she is and sit still, as well as replace the loose limbs.  And once the summer comes to a close I hope to find my two hanging with me in the circle in a comfortable place ready to move into the next school year.


Road Trip!

Hey guys! Writing this from the road...an impulsive girls trip to Nashville to see Taylor Swift! Woohoo! We are hoping to hit some antique sweet spots on the way up. Having the extra hour means an extra hour of antiquing, right?

I would insert an image of recent works this week, but I can not figure out how. Funny,right? Head over to facebook to see what has been on the studio table the past few days. Because I have mastered that skill. Well, hoping you all have an amazing weekend. I'm not sure who is the most excited about this concert....it may just be me!! She's on my iPod all the time when I paint! And from what I here she puts on the most amazing concert story. See ya next week with lots of details about the Decatur Arts Festival.


New Bike Fun

Here's a sneak peek at one of the new works for Decatur Arts Festival.  Super big....super fun.  And a whole new palette of colors.  Reminds me of sherbet ice cream.  Yummy, right?  I even used a purplish color, like black raspberry sherbet.  I am not the biggest fan of purple, but paired just right with Naples yellow, it may sneak its' way into more compositions soon! 
I may have to go buy some sherbet now that I've talked about it.  My favorite flavor....give you one guess.  Yes, it's orange.  :)  I'm so predictable.  My favorite ice cream flavor at the moment, because that does change often, is graham central station at Bruster's.  It's vanilla chopped full of delightful graham cracker crumbs.  They email me when they make it I love it that much.  Ooooo...I should also mention that MY husband makes vanilla ice cream that'll make you slap yo' momma.  Yes, I did just say that.  I am from Alabama you know. 
Well, I've gotta go get my pink bike all cleaned up and ready for a photo session tomorrow.  You'll be seeing the pictures very soon I hope!!


Time To Listen

Looking at this composition I can't help but smile at it's meaning.  There she is, on top of a beautiful fluffy flower, pure and white.  She's gone as far away from the voices, the nay sayers, the stress, the life she was in the middle of living to be alone.  To sit and listen.  To find her own voice.  To enjoy the calm. 

We all need this type of escape to allow ourselves the opportunity to recharge our creative energy.  I've found running to be this time for me.  It's a wonderful way to really listen and find that creative voice.  So how do you find your center?  How do you channel your creative energy? 


This May be a Dangerous New Toy

So yes, I've gone crazy with the new ipad, figured out how to video and here is #1. Cracking myself up. I've always wanted my own Do It Yourself show. Or be a stand up comedian. Yep. (Betcha didn't know that about me!) Anyhoo, this is a bare bones video of me printing tiles. So hang on for a mere 3:29. It's time you can not get back remember that. I am thinking you will be totally amazing at my video talent. HAHAHA....

Okwell darn, it's just spinning round and round....no playing?  HUh.  What to do what to do....I

I am now a youtube expert.  Well, not really.  It just started working.  Yipeee!!  Anyhoo.  It's really a boring silly little video.  Next week I'll do something more glamorous like paint or something for you!


Taking Your Heart

I think I've mentioned before that I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Yep.  So I am thinking this composition must have come out of something going on in my little world.  Because I just caged it right up and took it along.  Less likely to get damaged?  Probably not, but it's got a ring of guards around it.  I like to think of those rings as my peeps.  And one special blog reading peep sent me an email today that really made me think.  What we put out into the world by way of body language, smiles, gestures, you name it, sometimes gets read more than what we physically say.  Am I right?   Sit on that thought for a spell.  I personally am working really hard on what I put out into the world.....trying to live an authentic life.  I'm diggin deep and opening up about my imperfections.  And man does that take some serious courage.  But you know what, it feels good.  Because finally some light is coming in through the cracks I've been patching for 39 years.


Dunwoody Art Festival 2011

Another weekend, another great festival.  Dunwoody didn't disappoint this year.....oh no.  Fabulous weather, perfect amount of goodies, adorable peeps around me, yummy food (fried pickle on a stick....omg...seriously?).  Yep.  One of those kind of weekends.  Sigh......  It was super great to see many blog reader friends, friends from Newnan (shout out to Ellie and family, Valerie and family, and of course my family), my art show peeps, and all my new buyers!  I just can't thank you enough for the love and support throughout the entire weekend.  And those of you reading my blog who are too far to attend, seriously I felt your good mojo being sent my way all weekend!!

You know I can never do the tent the same way twice, so here is a shot of this weekend's set-up.  I opted for one table since I had way more paintings to share this weekend than Sweetwater.  And the little green table had a "tasting" of what was inside the booth.   I sold way more jewelry than paintings this go around.  But hey, I think the jewelry is like mini paintings and love how well they were received this show!  In fact, I gotta get to working on some new pieces asap! 
I did have one really bad moment in the show which seriously could have put a funk in the weekend, but I somehow was able to let it go.  Someone came by the front table where I had a t-bar of all my bird cage necklaces and swiped 4.  YES....STOLE from me.  Geesh.  I felt like I'd been invaded in my own home.  You see, I put my heart into my work.  So when I realized it had happened I had the strangest feeling swoosh over me.  Like someone had taken a piece of my heart without even asking.  It was horrible I tell ya!!  So I moved the T-bar, taped down the ones on necks and moved on.  And I hope those jerks who stole the necklaces enjoy wearing them.  Because karma baby is coming your way!

Ok....don't want to end the blog on a bad note.  So here's some happy.  It was a long weekend, yes.   But you know, it felt like I blinked and it was over.  I suppose doing something you love that much with your life and being able to truly share it with so many people makes it feel like a stream of tiny happy moments instead of dreadful long moments.  If you are out there right now sitting in the middle of dreadful long moments, perhaps you should sit with yourself and think about how to make those moments tiny happy ones instead.  How can you at least inject some of the joy you deserve into your life daily?  Because you do.....we all do.  JOY is not for some, but for all.  And that includes you.  ;)

Hey....more pics from the weekend are here.


RIght Where I Planted It

It's Mother's Day today.  Of course you already knew that.  I'm at the show today, enjoying a day of happy sales........... unfortunately without my family.  :(  Anyhoo, I've been doing a lot of reading, thinking, and talking about happiness lately.   When I think about joy in regards to my family it can literally whoosh my body with excitement.  I am a very lucky gal when it comes to this department.  Kids are normal and pretty darn cute and sweet.  Husband seems to be going through a luv my wife so much phase= he's way lovey dovie and attentive.  My parents are just skippy and my sister is finally balancing new motherhood.  Whew.   I guess joy/happiness can be found right where you plant it.  Sometimes though, you've got to remember where you put it and may have to dig a little.  But you know, that's OK.  Because the digging is what makes the joy deeper and last a lot longer.


Why Are You There?

When you should be here....in Dunwoody....with ME!!

Seriously peeps, come on out and say hello.  It's going to be a fabulous show!!  I'm already here, setting up shop with so many goodies I am literally about to explode with joyousness!!  WOooHOooo!!  Come on now!!  See ya later!


Upcoming Show and BIG News!!

This weekend I'll be in tent city up in Dunwoody, Georgia. for the Dunwoody Arts Festival.  It's going to be a wonderful weekend for a show!  Lots of new paintings to share and of course jewelry, bird sculptures, framed tiles and more.  Here's a glimpse from the last show of what I'll have to offer:And then......for the BIG news.  Well, I have totally stepped out of my box and done something big.  Yep.  BIG.  Today I received word that my application for the COUNTRY LIVING FAIR was accepted!!!!  Wooohoooo!!!  I can hardly stand it.  hardly.  My head is already spinning for what to make new!! 
This picture above is of Valerie and I with the original Junk Market girls at the FIRST Country Living Fair in New York City's Central Park.  That year it was a tiny show, in fact it only took a few hours and then we were off flea market shopping.  This past year I attended the Atlanta show here and the entire time thought to myself I've got to try.  It was spectacular.  I am pinching myself that I'll be there this year.  The entrance fee is a bit steep, but in the end I know it'll be all good!!  So, if you need a girly weekend away, this just may be the weekend!  I am so excited!!!  Yeah!!!!!


"I am an Artist"

Last night Billy and I attended the Governor's Inaugural Ball.  Yes, it's a bit late for that but his 1st amazing event was canceled January 10th because of the wicked storm that came through Atlanta!  Everyone got their money back and all thought he'd never get his party.  Then whatdaya know?  The governor had the event last night after all!  And this time it was free.....pretty cool thing to do right?  There was a live band, lots of yummy food, cash bars and PEOPLE.  Geesh at the people.  It was super fun for me who loves to people watch and mingle.  Oh, and getting all gussied up, well that's just like icing on a cake for this southern belle!

Ok, to the point of the post you say.  Well, in the sea of people we did run into many people we knew; friends, lobbyists, fellow house members, etc.....One fella in particular was very chatty asking about this and that of me.  The typical questions like how many kids, ages, do they play sports, yaddy, yaddy, yadda.  And then came the loaded question:
"So do you work outside the home?"

Yes, "I am an artist".  And that's when I really, really wish I had a hidden camera in my hair.  Because it's the looks I really wish I could capture and share.  It's almost like deer in headlights.  Yep.  That's a good way to describe it.  Always the response to my answer is classic.  His was, "How's that working out for you?"  Well, let me just tell you buddy it's amazing!  And I went on and on.  Describing my work and the genre I paint and this and that.  Yep.  Hey, he opened the can.  So I was asked the question at least 3 times last night.   His response was the best though.   I suppose most people he encounters in his line of work have wives who stay at home or do other "normal" jobs so to say.  I am not sure why it is that being an "artist" gets people almost nervous.  I've had someone tell me one time that I didn't look like an artist.  What?  What do artists look like?  And seriously, what would the world look like if there were NO artists?  Think about that.

Anyhoo, I got a kick out of it last night.  And thought you might too.  I guess in his little bubble artists look like van Gogh, missing an ear maybe?  If it hadn't been so dark in the room he'd have seen the paint all up and down my arms that seriously soap is not getting off.  And the fingernails, well I know you feel my pain on that!  

Well, I am off to run and cleanse my head.  I've got the punch list for the week before the Dunwoody Show!  Hope to see many of you there this weekend with all the other thriving ARTISTS!  Woohoo!!


Make New Friends

Do you remember the sweet little song, "Make new friends but keep the old...one is silver and the other gold"?  Well today, I got to see my dearest golden friend and made a silver one along the way!!  Mailey and I met my dear friend Carrie and her husband Todd at the Inman Park Art Festival up in Atlanta.  Mailey and I got there before Carrie and Todd so we started walking the show.  MAN, was this a HUGE show.  I've never done one with that many vendors.  It was a tad bit overwhelming.  But fun.  There were several booths I had to peek closer at, this one was being at the very top of the list!

In fact, I kind of got all giggly excited when I saw this booth.  I was smitten at first sight.  Dragging Mailey over saying, "Mailey Mommy HAS to stop here a second!!"  Truly I wanted to buy every painting hanging up.  Then after hearing their story, well it made me want to buy one from each of the 3 bees.  Let me introduce you to the one below, Christy of bee good design.   Together they filled their booth with the most joyous art.  Something about their style spoke to me.  Obviously because I bought 2 and immediately went home to check their site and think I may have to have one more!
I choose this sweet orange house painted by Christy.  Mailey chose one by Kate called Sunny Day (so perfect for my little sunshine).  I actually met Kate earlier in the day when she peeked her head through the tent and said howdy to me, and said she reads my blog!  Which made me smile from ear to ear the rest of the day!  We didn't have the opportunity to meet Becky, but her art was pretty sweet too!!  I love how the simplicity of their work speaks volumes to my heart.  Yes folks, it is a big puffy heart thing. 

Onto the golden friend part of the day.  Well, I really don't have enough blog space to talk about this chick below with Mailey and I.  But I can give you a glimpse.  Carrie and I met at age 18........21 years ago.  It was move in day at Randolph Macon Women's College.  Her Mom was helping her set her room up which happened to be right at the top of the steps on the second floor, mine room was on the 3rd.  So we passed her room about 50 times unloading my stuff into the dorm.  Let's just say it was a golden friendship at first sight.  Her roomie got homesick and went home, and mine didn't work out too well so we were able to talk the Dean into letting us finish the year off as roomies.  Boy what a year we had.  Simply put, it was magical.  The late nights, road trips, VMI military balls, trips to Dickinson college, learning to ski (me that is), and all the other amazing stuff that goes along with being away from home your first year of college, it happened with her by my side and me at hers.  We joke that she is a northern Jenni and I am a southern Carrie.  Cut from the same mold.  Yes, it can be dizzying being around us at the very same time.  We have the same over the top personality with the confidence in ourselves to be and do just about anything.  Certainly don't tell us we can't......because that just sets us into a frenzied oh yes we can mode!! 
She and her adorable family live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  We've not seen each other in 6 years.....by far the longest stretch we've ever gone without seeing one another since 1991.  She transferred after her freshman year to Dickinson, and I to Auburn.  You'd think we'd had long since lost touch.  But on the contrary.  Seeing her today it was like we'd seen each other just yesterday.  Dang....now that's a golden friendship.  Oh and her name is Carrie Ann Mailey.......yep.  Mailey.  In case you ever wondered where that beautiful name came from.  Funny thing is, my Mailey has some of Carrie's amazing quirks.  I'd forgotten until today seeing them together.  I suppose we all came from the same mold. 
So, it was quite a weekend here in the Horne house.  William hit a fabulous home run Saturday, I got to see Carrie Sunday and I think I may have some new art peeps to have a yummy cup of coffee with soon and talk shop.  Man, I am so smiley my face is hurting.  Well, hope you guys had a wonderful weekend as well.  I'll be back soon to share upcoming show news!!
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