Meeting Eric Carle

Living about 1/2 hour from Atlanta has many advantages. One of the best is the High Museum of Art! Last Sunday the museum offered a Family Fun day complete with booksigning by Eric Carle! He is one of my artists/authors. So my sister Molly, Mom, Mailey and I headed up around 11am. If ever you have this opportunity I will say to arrive early, the line was quite long. But very worth the wait. We got 5 books signed, most for teacher gifts, but one Very Hungry Catepillar now has a special place in our home.

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Suzanne said...

Hi Jenni,
I'm working on interview questions, and looking back at some of your older blog posts. I met Eric Carle too! He was in Palm Beach, and for some reason there was no one but me in line. He signed 8 copies of the Seahorse book for all my kids' little cousins.

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