52 Canvases Update

Sunday my Dad and Barbara came to visit and pick up all the work I have ready for the show!!  The opening is so close....I am over the moon excited.  I can not wait to see all the paintings hanging together in one place.  I also can't believe all the friends that are making the trip.  It makes my heart very warm and fuzzy inside.  It's humbling the support for this project.   We've already pre-sold 5 canvases!  That's $200 for the Angel's House.  Amazing.

Again, the show opening is Friday, March 15th 5-9pm and Saturday March 16th 1-6pm.  On Saturday I'll be doing a make and take at certain times.  Be sure to check the Naked Art gallery Facebook page for times on that.  Hope you are having a great week!!


Gentle Reminder

I needed this tonight.....thought some of you out there might too. 

Oh Disney Magic....

Another winter break has come and gone.  I was telling Billy that next year if William makes the high school baseball team that'll be the end of our family vacations during breaks.  He'll be on the field instead.  Which will be super amazing.  I love to watch him play.  But sad to think that his childhood is coming to an end. 

We had a wonderful trip.  This new hotel at Disney is AWESOME!!!  It's called Art of Animation.  We stayed in the Cars section in a suite.  Guys the suite was huge!  We had 2 bathrooms, bedroom, eating area that turned into a Murphy bed, mini kitchen and den area with sleeper sofa.  Needless to say we were comfortable!  The pools are of course over the top.  The above photo of Billy and I is in the Cozy Cone pool cabana...seriously.  How freaking cute is that?  Speaking of pools...we enjoyed them all a little each day since it was so warm.  Such a nice change from here.  Where it won't stop raining!
Outside our hotel is pictured above.  Disney doesn't miss a detail.  All the cars characters were scattered around this section of the hotel.  Life size that is.  The other sections you could stay in were the Lion King and The Little Mermaid.  They were equally over the top. 
We spent 2 days park hopping.  Since we were just here last year, this time we just hit the rides we wanted and moved on.  In Epcot we sat down to the best food ever in Morocco.  Like I still think about how yummy it was.  I love going to the parks at night so both nights we ran around like maniacs in the dark trying to ride our favorites before the parks closed.  (Magic Kingdom was open until 12 midnight Monday!!).  The kids are at such an easy age to drag around and not complain or cry.  Love them.
Around the pool one afternoon they had tons of fun activities for the kids.  Mailey of course hopped right in and played for 2 hours.  She doesn't know a stranger.  William chillaxed with me and hit the game room.  Unfortunately Billy got called away for work.  Booo...hissss.....

So this was probably our last Disney vacation until they are much older.  Or when they have widdle ones of their own that I insist on taking to meet Mickey Mouse.  We've reached that magic age.....kinda makes me sad.  The parks are truly spectacular in so many ways.  As an artist I see the details on top of details.  I feel transported when I'm in each part of the parks.  I don't like leaving the magic behind.   But my reality isn't so bad.  With huge events around the corner there's magic to be made right here at home.  I've got a 41st birthday around the bend.....be looking for exciting news on the 52 Canvases Project later this week. 

I hope you had a lovely break...see you later this week!


Disney Time

Hey guys!  Well, it's winter break time here in our neck of the woods.  I love winter break.....like really love.  Especially now that I am a full-time teacher.  We seem to never get away at Spring Break because it's always during Easter.  And we like being home for that.  Plus William's baseball schedule by April has us on the field every weekend.  So a week off every February is perfect.  Last year we visited the Magic Kingdom for the week, but if you've followed me for awhile you know that my sweet hubby was a Legislator at the time and had to fly back for session.  Leaving me with the kiddos to finish the vacation alone and drive home...alone.  I was fine really (except that the Tomtom lost its signal which I didn't know it could do, so I ended up in neverland)....but he musta felt left out.  Because in December when we started talking about where to go he said, "I want to go back to Disney".  I was like wooohoooo fun!  My two silly children were like, "NO WAY!"  What child says that?  Mine do.  Broke my heart.  But then it turned out 3 other families we know were scheming the same trip.  We aren't all staying in the same place but hope to meet up at the parks.  Fun right?

I've got all my road trip projects ready.  There will be some serious stitching going on for my upcoming 52 Canvases Show.  Can't wait to show the ideas to you.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@artsyorange) because we are sure to post some silly pics throughout the week and of course any projects completed will be shared there too!  See ya next week!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a heart for you on Valentine's Day!  I hope you and your loved ones have a lovely day.  XO  Jenni


You Can Now PURCHASE a 52 Canvas!

The show is just around the corner!!  I am getting so excited.  Especially after a trip to IKEA with my buddy Susan yesterday.  I found the coolest items to add my special touch to for the center of the room artsy treats.  I also have 2 very special projects in the works that are like "Duh..why haven't I made these before!"

But the big news here on the blog is that you can PRE-PURCHASE a canvas!  Yep.  Vero has the online gallery up and ready.  She rocks.  Each canvas is $110.  The shows is running March 15-April 27th.  At that time she'll take all the sold ones down and ship to you.  This is an awesome thing since many of you can not make the opening reception or don't live close enough to see the gallery exhibit. 

Here's the link:  Naked Art Gallery, 52 Canvases

And remember 40% of the sales are going to the Angel House here in Newnan, Georgia.  A  shelter for teen girls. 

I'll be back later in the week with the newest canvas.  It's a favorite.....


Raining in the Willows

Just a sweet painting to start off our Monday on.  Have a great week! 



So this week has flown by.  Seriously.  Sometimes I am so glad when weeks go by fast, other times not.  I've mixed emotions about it this week because I literally didn't have one second to do anything creative.  Zip.  Zero.  Notta.  Not even a minute to make a sketch in my sketchbook.  I like to take small projects to school to work on while kids are working, they enjoy watching me and it helps keep me sane honestly.  But I didn't even have time for that this week! 

But as I type this I realize that sometimes I have to make a choice.  Be a mother....be an art teacher..be a wife...be a friend.....I can't BE all those things at one time and give what I need to.  I have to choose.  I have to balance.  And let go of the iamafailurebecauseican'tdoitall syndrome.  Yep. 

So...I did conspire in my head some new product ideas for my upcoming 52 Canvases in My 40th Year opening.  It's just 4 weeks away!  And while all the paintings are obviously done, Vero likes an assortment of small items to sell in the middle of the room.  I've come up with a pillow design, blankets and favorite idea sketchbook covers (thanks to my sweet friend Cheri who gifted me one at Christmas!).  We'll see how far I get tomorrow.  I turned down a trip to Scott's (local antique market that happens once a month.  it's HUGE) to work in the studio tomorrow morning.  According to my calendar there shouldn't be anything else to stop me.  I'll let you know how it goes!


Spring and Winter Landscapes

Just a few happy paintings I completed for the Trinity show.  I love the gradual transition in the backgrounds of them both.  Just silly little landscapes.  With daubs of bright colors in the foreground there's plenty to keep your eye happy!


Trinity Spotlight on Art

This is just one of a dozen sweet little paintings headed to Trinity Spotlight on Art this afternoon.  If you have a chance to check out the show it is so worth it! 

Hope you have a great weekend.  My Dad is coming back for another race.  Looks like he's got the running bug again.  So cool.  I hope to make it through the 5K myself.  I've not shared this yet, but almost 4 weeks ago at family skate night for our school I was taken down by the PE teacher.  Yep.  It happened so very fast that I didn't have time to catch myself.  First thing to hit the ground?  You guessed it.  My tailbone.  It was ridiculously painful.  But for some reason I was able to keep running that week and then ran the Hot Chocolate run.  From that weekend on though the pain has gotten beyond intense when I run.  The doctor said heat, tylenol and no running for 2 weeks.  I let one week go by....then tried to exercise walk.  And that didn't work either.  Crap.  Running is such a part of my mental day.  Kinda like my 2 cups of coffee.  It's necessary.  For my sanity.  I love it.  I'm beginning to get grumpy.  So wish me luck tomorrow.  I am so ready to get back my running mojo.  Sigh....
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