A Little Bit of Little Paintings

Amidst my glitter dusted art desk you will find a series of small paintings ready to fly to the Naked Art Gallery Monday. Vero likes to have at Christmas an inventory of smaller, more affordable paintings. More specifically, they have to be under $50. I decided this year to paint on small wooden panels that have a lovely beveled edge. Of course, little collage birds made their way into the compositions. I love the way they look all together. Although I see that my birds always face the left....hum......

This is called, "On the Edge of Something New." Below is, "A Modern Day."
Well, back to the glitter I go. This was a very nice break, getting back to the brush. The other day at the gym a friend said, "Man Jenni you are actually sweating! (I don't sweat you see, weird I know.). But upon a closer look at my brow she laughed and exclaimed,"Jenni, you have a head full of glitter!" Oh what a sparkly Christmas booth I am going to have this weekend at Marist!! Just you wait and see.


Giveaway on PapernStitch!!

The giveaway is Up! Headover to the papernstitch blog to find out how YOU can win little Marmalade.

Hello, My Name is Mr. Shelby

Mr. Shelby, my physics teacher in high school. The hardest class I had in the four years at Homewood High School. And I loved it. Weird, right? I am by no means gifted smart. I had to study smart to make the grades I did. As a senior in his class, it kicked my little brain into shape I tell you! There was something about the formulas, almost like a puzzle....okay, enough on that. Why Shelby? I knew I wanted him to be a boy. After the body and stripey legs were done something was missing. Glasses! And a tie! And then came the name. You see, the paper tie is actually made from a vintage grade book, from physics of course. And according to the grades, not many kids did well in the class. hehehehe....
So, Mr. Shelby, who always called me "Jeannie, not Jenni" this is dedicated to you. Because I really loved your class!


He's All Done!

I gave you a sneaky peaky at him in this post. And now he's all finished up complete with a super cool sparkly top hat. I've yet to come up with a name...... Butterflies adorn the sparkly hat and snow covered base.

I've more to finish up, including 4 tree toppers. This paper clay is a very slow drying material and I was way to chicken to put it in the oven. Hoping to get them done tonight after the kiddos hit the hay. See you later!


Little Seed and Marmalade...Ooo...and a Giveaway

New little birdies have flown into the art studio. And one is going to be given away on Papernstitch this week! So be sure to check by the blog this week to see how to win! This is Little Seed and Marmalade. I just love this color series together. Mustard yellow and orange. Yummy.

Hope you had a creative weekend! I'm working on Christmas ornaments and other goodies for my next show series coming up in November. Oh, and still waiting for the paper mache goodies to dry. So I'm sure to be back with more from the studio this week!


Oh How We Love the Fair

Seriously, we love the fair. The smells, the noises, the crisp air. It's great. I remember going once as a child, although my sister Molly swears we went every year. Since moving to Coweta County we do try and attend our local fair every year. I've just got have my yearly candy apple! This year however, between baseball, football, RAIN, and then a super cold snap, we were not able to attend. Bummer. I did however manage to get my children's art into the competition. That's a big tradition for us. It's amazing what people bring for judging: veggies, cakes, pies, quilts, bread, pickles (I wouldn't mind judging that), goats, pigs, chickens, cows, art and more! What a great community event, I can't help but smile as I walk around at the variety of entries. And who doesn't love a ribbon? So for my little artists I took 3 pieces each. Here are Mailey's pieces: And yes, those are all blue ribbons! She was super excited about that! And here are William's three pieces:
Can you tell where he gets his influence? Nah.......Again, blue ribbons all around. And they are always more excited receiving these than the ribbons:
Yes-sir-ree. You get money for ribbons in our fair! So, what are they going to buy with those checks? Who knows, but it'll be so sweet to watch them spend it.
On a studio note.....I just HAVE to give you a sneak-peaky at the project underway. This project is taking SO much patience and SO much time. Hopefully they will dry soon so I can paint them! I also want to share my influences with you. So check back soon!


Sometimes It's Nice to Go Back To What You Know

Have you ever followed an artist long enough to see transition in their creative process? Take Picasso for instance...the Blue Period, Rose Period, Cubism, those were major transitions in style. I have definitely gone through some periods, or stages in my creative process as well. From fairies, pears, houses, flowers with bold backgrounds, simple landscapes, Mattie birds, campers, texture series, bikes, collages, they are all a part of my journey. And then Friday I went whoaaaaaa. Jenni, seriously. What is it that you enjoy painting, what gives you that man I love the way that turned out so I am not going to sell it feeling? And I went to my den and looked at this:This is entitled Morning Rest. I believe it was painted about 3 years ago, before I smarted up and actually signed and dated my work. There is something in this painting that I love. I remember painting it on my kitchen table one night. And when finished I was like, okay, I am an artist. And have never let it go.
So last night I took what I started in Morning Rest and added my newer techniques of texture and collage. It's much prettier in person.....the lighting on a drab day is hard with larger paintings.

I am in total love with Amy Butler's scrapbook papers. They have the feel I try to evoke in my paintings. It adds such unique dimension when you add paper to your canvas. Just love it.

I also added dimension through the carving into the medium and filling of the lines with encaustic oil sticks. I've got a busy rest of the weekend with baseball tournaments and football games, but Monday I have several compositions ready in the sketchbook to go along with this new phase of my creative journey. It felt so good to be back the the brush.


"Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle...."

"Hey diddle diddle. The cat and the fiddle. The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such a fright and the dish ran away with the spoon." Yep. That's kind of how my past week (okay realistically it's been two) has been. But being a glass half full girl, and one who likes to talk it out publicly, here goes. So this is my cat, the one with the fiddle. Have you met her yet on my blog? Probably not. I tend to talk about the cute sweet ones. This is Saily, my 15 year old lady.....and yes, that is a normal expression for her mean self. This whole mess and spiral to my current funk started 2 weeks ago today when my husband ran her over. Yep. Ran her slap over in the driveway with our black extended cab silverado truck. Oh and I should also mention it was the night before my big Norcross Art Festival. Well, she lived. Yep. It's been quite a two weeks. (It's okay to laugh, because I certainly have!) It's funny how life runs its' course. And today it hit me like a brick that maybe I am not in the best emotional place right now. A HUGE sign was my crying while watching the Hannah Montana movie when she started singing the "It's the climb......." song. Crap. I've gotta pull myself together. So what does an artist do when in a funk......she runs to the drawing board. I grabbed a fresh canvas, got the paints out and then went, well now what? So I pulled out an old, old, old sketchbook. And man, sometimes God works in mysterious ways. Because it was just what I needed. This is my old doodle book. The book I drew cute, sweet, funny little drawings in. They never made it into paintings, or really outside of my home.
The book is full of fairies, farm animals and my son William's sweet drawings. I just smiled throughout the whole thing. I flipped the pages slowly, finding every page filled. Little black line drawings jumping off the page at me tonight reminding me of what I am so VERY thankful I have.

So, I drew vigorously on the 20x20 canvas a fresh idea. So exciting. The molding paste is drying and I am about to get the color palette ready. I can't wait!
Sometimes just recognizing that there is sadness in your heart gives you reason to step back, pause and remember what and why you do what you do. And I am so very glad that I am back to my old self again. Because I really hate being a grumpy bear. Ahhhh.....


Lovely Felt Garden

Oh the inspiration a fresh stack of felted wool can bring! This is my newest collection purchased from a rug hooking wool supplier right around the corner from my home. It's almost too pretty to cut up into little pieces. But I did, and have made the most wonderful collection of felted flower pins out of it all. I want one of each color just for myself! It's amazing what a little pin can do to an outfit, jacket, or hat (my newest little accessory obsession). These little flowers are packed and ready to go to my next art show. Which is only 3 weeks away!


It's A Boy! Cake Topper

My little sister Molly is having a bouncing baby boy in December. This weekend my Mother and I had a little shower for her here in Newnan with some of her Altanta friends and my closest friends. It was just so great to see everyone again, and see Molly pregnant! Wow. Is that a weird thing to see. She looks absolutely adorable, like she swallowed a basketball. And trendy as ever in her dress. I'll show you some day a pic. But for now, I've gotta show off the cake topper I made to top my Mother-In-Laws yummy cake. All the wedding cake toppers I've been making lately inspired me to branch out a little. I mean why not? And now she has a little shelf art for Fielding's room. I am thinking 1st birthday cake toppers....40th b'day cake toppers.....sweet 16....the possibilities are endless!


New Embellishments

So I have some ideas with this new material. Can you tell what it is? Hmmmmm....Such wonderful colors!
Hope you have a great weekend! And creative one!


Norcross Art Fest Wrap-Up

This past weekend was my second time being a part of the Norcross Art Fest. And once again I was not disappointed. I am telling you, these folks know hospitality. From the moment you arrive to unload your car (they are like ants on a picnic when unloading your car!), to the constant coming by with cold water, to making sure that people come to the show, Norcross (with the help of the fabulous Francis) make this a wonderful weekend for the artist and the buyers. I have to give a HUGE shout out to Valerie Dumas who came up with me Friday night, woke in the wee hours Saturday, helped unload, set-up and sell....sell....sell...... Which I did! Yipee!! The hot items of the weekend were.... well, not the original art so much, but definitely the smaller items like these:
My hand stitched felted flowers and custom bag tags were huge sellers this year for me. People loved the bag tags. You can't miss your luggage coming off the belt with a pink camper on it now can you?

Here's a view of the tent. I had a lovely neighbor from Florida who made stained glass pieces on my left. And the lovely Kathryn from Savannah who makes metal jewelry was on my right. So, yes, it was a successful weekend. And yes, I love my JOB!
Here's hoping you folks had a great time this weekend. And if you came by the booth and are just getting to my blog, welcome! And please come back. Gotta go now and check on my dear hubby, who by the way now has my cooties from last week. I feel for him, really, because last week I was really sick. sigh.....


Norcross Art Festival This Weekend!

I'm all packed up and ready to go! Valerie and I are headed up to Historic Norcross for their annual Art Festival this weekend. I am so keeping fingers crossed for nice weather! If you want a fun day of fine art, jewelry, sculptures and more, then come on out! Yeah!
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