about the artist

This is me....given the name Jennifer Ruth Adkins at birth by my parents.  Now I go by Jenni, rather Jenni Adkins Horne.  I love my name.  Everyone should love their name as much as I love mine.  (puffy heart inserted here)
My favorite quote is, “Sometimes on a way to a dream you get lost and find a better one.”  Because that is my life in a nutshell.

Growing up I never thought about being an artist.   I dreamed my entire life of becoming architect. Yep, just like Mr. Brady on the Brady bunch. I was not accepted into University of Virginia’s program my first year however, so I attended Randolph Macon Women’s College. My thinking was to get one year under my belt at a prestigious Virgina school so that UVA would want to woo me on over to enter their Historic Preservation Program. They would not say no a second time. However, I took an art class as an elective and about mid-year called home and said, “Um… Mom and Dad, I think I’m going to come home and become an art major.” WHAT? You see, I had absolutely no art from grades k-12. Nope, Notta one. So this was a little out of the blue. Mom took me down to Auburn University upon my return in May 1991. She sat with me in the Dean of Liberal Arts office as I explained what I wanted to do for the next four years at Auburn. He said I was a little behind and had no portfolio for placement. I guess my big blue eyes were just a little too eager with anticipation and creative fire because he said ok. I was the best student…working my creative spirit in all the classes. It took 4 years to graduate, but I did so Magna Cum Laude and Phi Kappa Phi. Since I was the only art major in my group to receive these honors I really don’t mind tooting the horn about it! My concentration was in printmaking, which is quite funny now since I’ve not touched a press in like 17 years! In fact, I never took an acrylic painting class, just two watercolor and one oil painting. I focused in the clay and printmaking studios. And now I am mostly a painter. Who’d a thought!

The important stuff that builds a resume:
-graduated from Auburn University in 1995 with a Fine Arts Degree Magna Cum Laude and Phi Kappa Phi
-hummmm...what to do with that?  get a job selling printing services.  hated it.  seriously.
-went back to school and got certified to teach art education K-12
-taught grades 6-8 art until 2002
-worked as the Crayola art demonstrator for the state...basically I did workshops for non-art teachers with only Crayola products to promote getting the products on their bid lists (best job ever!)
-opened the Bubble Gum Ice Cream Art Studio in September of 2003 where I did art parties, Ladies workshops, art classes after school, homeschool, preschool...you name it I did it with teaching art lessons
-joined forces with Valerie in 2004 to start The Vintage-Flea/ kept the art studio running inside this business until August 2008
-began life as full-time artist in August 2008
-took a full-time job teaching ART to grades K-5 in Newnan, GA in 2011....such a fun decision!! 

The stuff you really want to know:
-I married Billy in January 1996.  Best decision of my life (1st best decision that is)
-have two children:  Mailey and William  (they are the cutest kids ever and wayyyy artsy talented!)
-also running around in our house:  2 cats (Ellie and Graham Cracker) and 2 silly adorable dogs named Lily and Lawrence
-moved from our home of 16 years the Summer of 2011 to a dreamy house with amazing basement studio space!
-grew up in Birmingham, Alabama
-still talk to my best friend from grade school and think I love her more the older we get
-want to see Niagara Falls so bad I can taste the spray now
-my favorite food are cookies...chocolate chip #1 all others are #2
-my favorite color is orange
-I think the best way to spend an afternoon is on my screened in porch
-I am quite aware of my sensitive side and can cry at the drop of a hat
-really, really need time alone everyday
-love to cook
-seek to simplify my life and yet continue to collect things, I just can't help it
-thank God everyday for giving me these talents that I keep unearthing.  and helping me to find friends who continue to nurture these talents and encourage the journey.

So that's it.  That's me.  All on one little page.  But if you'd like to know more, I am ALWAYS up for coffee and conversation.  My orange van and I like to road trip together.  So give me a ring.  K?
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