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I was cleaning out the disc drawer today and found one marked Bubble Gum. I put it in, opened it up and there were the pictures the local paper took for an article they did on my studio about 6 years ago! Funny, I've been through a bunch of hair styles since then, and this picture looks just like I do right now! I have very few photos of me actually teaching. Not sure exactly what I was teaching here, but if I remember correctly, it was a Monet project. The little boy on the left occasionally still takes from me in the summer. I think he's 10 now. Here he is 4 years old. Man, time flies!
As I've stated before, I believe that we all travel along a path opening and closing doors we choose. And the past couple of weeks I've considered starting a separate blog about my adventure as an art teacher. Finding this disc today is just one more sign that perhaps it's time, the door has been opened. So, hopefully by the end of the week I'll have the Bubble Gum Ice Cream Art Studio blog up and running with lots of fun art projects you can do on your own with your children, or in your own classroom!


Joining the Circus

Joining the Circus, 16" x 20"

I thought it would be appropriate to share this latest painting since my family and I attended the "Greatest Show on Earth" last night in Atlanta. I have to say, in the 5 years we've now attended in a row, this was by far the best. Some major changes are what helped make it much more enjoyable. The first thing we all noticed was that there were not 3 rings set up. Isn't it called the "3 ring circus"? It was one big act, you didn't have to choose one ring to watch, or try and watch 3 at a time. And the acts were amazing. Some almost a little Cirque de Solielish actually. The music and costumes definitely echoed that feeling. So our favorites? William loved the motorcycles in the ball, Mailey loved the horses, Nana the loved the skipping elephant, and I loved the boys at the end on these swinging poles. It was quite an evening!


Chalkboard Messages

I guess about 6 years ago my neighbor gave me this awesome chalkboard. She said it had been given to her when her children were small and since they no longer used it, thought I might want it for my children. I had it at the house, then in the studio and now it's back in the house on the wall behind the front door. It cracks me up the things that appear on it. Like below, a little Mailey portrait. I love the blue eyes and super lengthy eyelashes. And of course large bows on the shoes.Sweet message below... although I have a feeling right this second they are erasing it and putting up a new message with less enthusiasm for me. It's day 2 of winter break and they are already bored and fussing with one another. urghhhhh...
My favorite I've found yet was this one. "School is boring". I was such a daydreamer, that my days were not boring in school because they were full of excitement in my head!
I hope to get something creative done this week. It may be just a week of being Mommy though. That's not too bad, I kind of like my job. Off to play horse with William. I kick his cute hiney every time at this old fashioned game. He doesn't think Mommy is very athletic. What he doesn't know is that I played basketball from about age 5-16. Game on boy!


Yes, You are Seeing Double Tonight

I should have posted the flowers first, then you'd get why you are seeing double. Keep reading the next posts to find out why! I wanted to show what my little wrists have been up to the past couple of weeks. I am so happy with the collection and can't wait to see how the paintings do in both Atlanta, and Birmingham. It will be interesting to see which of the two go first. The Pink Bike, 24" x 24"
My Pink Bicycle, 24" x 24"

Rainy Day Fun Twice The Fun

The umbrellas are a new favorite subject. The top one headed to Trinity School, the bottom one to Birmingham, Alabama!

Lots of Little Blooms

I tend to paint in series. And since I had to paint for not just the Trinity School show (about 20 pieces), but also the Naked Art Gallery (8 pieces at least 16 x 20), I was literally painting 2 of everything at the same time. It's cheating a little, but since they are going to two states, I figured while the brain was painting one, it could just as easily paint another. Here are the four "Little Bloom" paintings:


Okay, the Surprise is Out of the Bag!

Well, Jill received her little Valentine from Chad on Thursday. She said she came home and the cone (I made her a cone for her front door that I forgot to photo) was on the door. Hummmm.....And then the nest with pink bow...hummmm...and observant little Kathryn found that the nest had a BAG in it with the actual gift. The two pink pearl eggs represent her two daughters, Kathryn and Caroline. The pearls, well I love the little seed pearls in my jewelry making. They are tough on the eyes and hands, but they really make a nice necklace. All was made with lots of love.

On a side note, I was wearing my own little nesty creation today in Birmingham and had lots of comments on it. So I am thinking of making up some more nests and placing them in my Etsy shop very soon. Be checking my posts for when they'll be available. I can also custom make one for you. Amy, I promise you are first!
Sending you all lots of love on this special day. I know mine has been a lovely one. Lots of yummy goodies here. My children picked out my favorite, a chocolate chip cookie cake! I'm off for another slice now. Nighty night.


My Bubble Gum Bike

Just had to pop a picture in and show my newest bike painting! I have a great pink bike given to me on Mother's Day 2 years ago by my little ones. This is a tribute to that I suppose! Have a wonderful afternoon!


Something Sweet

Oh I can't wait for this to get opened! I had a dear friend's husband call and ask if I could make something special for him to give his wife. Well of course I can. Inside this tiny nest is such a tender gift, I am giddy with anticipation to show you. But alas, she reads this blog and I can't. Which one of you will be receiving this on Valentine's Day?....you soon shall see!

Just Whistle While You Work.....

Here's a fresh batch of incised boards ready to go! As I've posted before, I do love this texture technique. The one drawback is it's time consuming. These are all primed and incised waiting to be painted hopefully today! A Nest, and two simple flower landscapes below. In the window are the two bikes (which are to be pink this time around), more flowers, nest and a birdcage. Oh, I'm whistling now! These all have to be painted, oil sticked and rubbed then framed by Thursday. Phillip is sure to follow through on his end of the deal tomorrow. I'll be sure to post a few finished pieces by Friday!

Just thought you'd get a kick out of this scene. Yep. That's my AJ. He's under the wrong impression that this yellow chair is for his napping. We fight for it, and sometimes, like today I just give in and let him stay. Usually Lily is in my lap as well. It's a wonder I get anything done really.

***After I posted this I saw in the background of this picture my husband's Christmas present. Hehehe.. Do you see what it is? We are saving for a rainy day and want to be safe about it. I am a true Republican by the way. Shocker I am sure...conservative artist?


A Few New Goodies

Out on a Line
" It's time for work, it's time for play a little birdie says. "
These 3 little tricksters are out on the laundry line today, just looking for trouble! I had fun playing around with this composition, lots of patterns, papers, and words. My frame guy made up these two great frames from his burn pile wood to see what I thought. I am thinking I like them! What a perfect edge to these silly little compositions. No more burning for Phillip!
Resting Birds
"The joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you."
I love to paint simple compositions of birds doing the most tender of things. Do they show affection? Do they bring tokens of their love to one another? I'd like to think so.


Little Dreams

Tiny birds on branches of trees they whispered words to me
Silently a breeze in the blue shifted their shadows and my golden hair
If I were a bird I would sail into the sky with the breeze
Eyes shut tight, spring ringing through from tree to tree
My thoughts set free for little dreams
I've always loved writing. I have poetry from the old days tucked away that I've NEVER let anyone read. Mostly I wrote about love and the anguish of lost loves. You know, typical teenagey drama. Some days I feel the need to express more in my art through adding words. I have a technique that I think is unique. So here it is.

First I create the painting. Once the painting is complete, I select an old book and start cruising the words for sentence fragments or words that literally speak to me. I cut the words out and continue to cut until I have a fluid verse of sorts. I am not a poetry expert by any means, but I do like to put words together and create little stories. I really like this piece, and it all started with finding the words "little dreams". I have lots of little dreams these days, and some are coming true. I believe that life is stream of events that people, things, and places can alter along the way but only if you allow them to. Things do not happen by chance, but rather are placed in your path to encounter. How you approach the oncoming obstacles is what defines your fate.

I was in a bookstore today and found that Somerset Studio now has a publication out called Art Journaling. I haven't studied the pages well yet, but I glanced enough to know that other artists enjoy placing words with their art as well. If you have a chance, cruise through this beautiful publication to become more inspired on how to use journaling to enhance your work. I find it refreshing to get these words onto the canvas. So might you.
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