I have a teachers heart, always will. I know my work is getting stronger by the day because those little whatareyoudoing monsters are no longer hanging around the studio. The confidence gained through sharing opens up new opportunities to express myself and hopefully inspire you as well!  The following are a few of the publications I have spread my wings into:

I LOVE the Somerset family, and truly it feels like one.  The publications themselves are so yummy.  Every time I see my work in their publications I feel.....well quite honestly like a superhero.  I mean, being amongst such super powered artists in one place, yep it's a superhero feeling for sure.  So if you have these laying around your own studio take a peek, you know an artist in these:

Another place I've spread my wings is in Crafts'n things.  First, the editor has GOT to be the prettiest little thing I've ever seen!  And nice....yep, she's a southerner at heart I think.  If you've never picked one of these up before, I encourage you to.  Easy instructions and great ideas all rolled into one glossy filled magazine!

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