The Revival of Vintage Marketplace

The Revival of Vintage Marketplace is THIS WEEKEND!!  Yes, I know it's going to be 106', so please do not tell me this.  That's like telling a bride it's gonna rain on her day.  She knows it, but doesn't need to hear it!  Yep.  Nothing is going to stop us from all setting up our amazing wares and selling our hearts out this weekend!  I've got a new fan.  And my battery fan.  I'll share it with ya if you come by. 

Anyhoo, I've got a little sneaky peeky at what I 've been up to in the studio.  You are going to be very surprised at some of the stuff.  Really.  Because it's new.  And I've not told you about it yet.  I know I sound like a freakin' broken record about this, but going back to work has changed our lives in many ways.  Some great, some not so great.  I love working....BUT.....I realized when an artsy friend emailed me a photo of a new product she'd made,  I found myself jealous.  Jealous...is a bad word in my book.  Let me clarify the jealousy though.  It wasn't what she'd made.  I infact intend to buy one of what she made.  It was that she was making new stuff, expanding her horizons and being creative.  And I was painting...and painting...and teaching...and painting.  I am a painter.  BUT, I also love to explore new creative venues.  I have so MANY ideas.  And this year I had zero time to do any of the ideas.  Which quite frankly pisses me off.  And her little bunting put me over the edge.  So, instead of sulking that I have no time to be this insane creative soul, I took the ideas out of my sketchbook and started making.  And in two weeks I have made:

18 Pillows with my art custom printed onto the front.  $40 each.  (I can't sew a straight line to save my life, so they are truly folk artsy!)
 Graham Cracker cuteness.....just saying.
8  Market totes with custom printed art onto fabric fronts.  $14 each.
14 Inspirational mini doorknob hanger wreaths.  I LOVE to hang things on my doorknobs.  I envision these on lots of knobs!  $10 each
 50 Leather Cuffs.  Yes, 50.  I actually made these in the car on the way to the beach earlier in the summer.  They are all priced individually.  I've added some with clay buttons to die for!
And last, I've got a fun assortment of vintage finds.  From large pieces like the glider holding the pillows above, to the tiny dogs lovingly embellished with flowers....I've got something for YOU!  Oh, and of course original paintings, framed tiles, phone cases, jewelry and bag tags!
Luckily being in the new house my kids are loving having their space and time alone.  It's wierd actually.  William is at the beach with a friend this week as well, so I have more time than usual to get work done.  Of course I am taking time to enjoy summer, including lots of POOL time.  Which I gotta go now.  Pool date time!!  Tonight we pack the car and truck and tomorrow is load in day!  I'll try and upload some picks to Facebook.  Be sure to look there!


52 Canvases and Summer

I'm 16 weeks into the 52 Canvases project.  Wow.  Time is flying.  That means I am 15 weeks into the age of 40!!

 As I sit and type I've got a lazy dog to my left, lazy cat at my feet and two children above me doing something that literally sounds like they are going to fall through the ceiling!!  It's an amazing summer day in the south with not a cloud in the sky and temperatures below 90'.  I treasure these days.  We've fallen into a lovely routine of my waking early to a quiet house, a morning run, studio time, afternoon pool or movie.  Yes....it will be hard to see August roll around.  Yes indeed.


Bubby's Truck

Wayyyyyyy back in February while teaching at Art and Soul, Glenny, the director of the workshops asked me if I'd do a custom painting for her.  Ummm...yeah!  I was honored actually.  I mean, she has access to ALL these artists, and asked me to do it!  However, if you've ever asked me to do a custom painting you know my mojo about this.  It's bad.  Yeah.  I am slacker extraordinaire when it comes to custom paintings.  In fact, I think it's best if you want a custom painting to say this, "Jenni I want this done by...." and give me an exact date.  Otherwise, I scramble at the last minute to get it done then pray it arrives on time!  tisk...tisk...

So this is for her Grandson who is graduating.  A lovely gift.  I think anyways!!  So enjoy young man as you adventure into the real world in your beautiful blue Ford truck!  BTW, I have no idea how I did this, a happy accident indeed.....but it totally looks like the truck is pushing rain down the road.  Cool.


On the Studio....Floor

This week I am taking you down a new road with my creative journey.  But before that...I gotta tell you about the way the week started.  Sunday was Father's Day (no duh Jenni).  We went to Sunday school, church, grocery store, cleaned house then had Billy's family over for a late lunch.  While in the middle of all that my Mom came to borrow a vehicle to get her new grill.  Billy and William went to play golf and Mailey drove me nuts wanting attention.  (As if 4 days straight Mommy time wasn't enough at the lake).  I was testy.  Irritable.  Yeah.  Me.  By nightfall I HAD to get my 52 canvas week 14 painting done.  It was the last day of the week.  So I got Mailey contained and started the painting just as I blogged about.  But still I was irritable and restless.  After getting the painting started Billy and William returned so I decided to put on the running shoes and get the head clean the best way I know.  With a run.  An hour later I was back and feeling like I'd been run over at the knees.  Strange.  I don't usually feel this way after a run.  I ran back downstairs, finished the painting then quickly blogged about it.  Whew.  Week 14 done.  Off to bed.

Monday morning I am sitting on the porch enjoying coffee and quiet when it hits me again....the irritable grouchiness.  And then....well.....I am just going to call it this because you will so get the picture, I got the "Mexican Drinking Water Hex".  Lovingly calling it that.  Yep.  24 hours straight being sick.   Followed by 24 hours of coma sleep and Lily cuddles.  Yeah, I decided that she is the only one who loves me unconditionally.  Because during my 48 hex, my family scattered to the four corners of the earth.  Except her.  

Why the heck am I sharing this wicked story with you?  Well, I want you see that I am indeed a real normal facing everyday issues person.  Like you.  However, me being down for that long has its' issues.  Because during ALL THAT frickin' time I couldn't move I could still think.  And think.  I really wish there was a recorder in my head.  My thinking is very full and lively. 

Tuesday night, using every bit of energy I could muster I got down to the basement determined to get the puffy heart out of my head.  (Literally I ran 1 hour Sunday night....straight.  By Tuesday night walking down stairs I nearly needed oxygen.  It was scary.)  Quickly I threw out the supplies I needed onto the floor. 
I love that Lily brought duck down to hang with us.  Duck is her "blankie".  She's had it for 3 years.  She lets Graham play with it too. 
Felted sweaters, favorite fabrics and the sewing machine were quickly gathered.  Also I located the fabric cuffs I'd made several years back.  The elastic popped on too many, so I had to take them off the market.  I knew one day I'd find a new purpose for them though.

I bought this vintage yardage of fabric at Scott's a few years back to make birdies out of.  Never got to it.  Turns out it was needed for this project instead!
So the idea I couldn't get out of my head.....making real "puffy hearts".  I talk about them here on the blog.  But thought how sweet to make real ones for the upcoming Revival of Vintage show!  The larger ones will have the vintage fabric fronts with the cuff placed across the front.  The back is a coordinating fabric.  In my banner logo I state, "scattering joy through...paint.fabric.metal".  I've not made anything out of fabric in a spell.  This just seems a perfect fit for my thread....
The smaller hearts are going to be filled with lavender I've had for years (I buy things with intent, I do).  The fabrics are all going to be my fun Amy Butler scraps with felt backs.  I think I may make some with door loops.  I'm just so excited about doing something different with my hands.  I have to get painting #15 outta the way first.  But my 2 samples are ready which will make the rest fly off the machine!  But don't look too closely at my stitching, although I do love to sew, I am more of an "organic" sewer.  Can't follow a pattern to save my life and the hearts, well I literally just sewed them without drawing the hearts first.  Makes them each very unique.  And yes, the pinking shear edges were on purpose.  :)
So keep checking back.  I also have tote bags, mini door hangers and more hearts on the drawing board.  I guess 48 hours of rest is what I needed to get the energy to create back!


PSW Mantel

To welcome painters, what better way than a fun color wheel mantel!! 

I fell in LOVE with these tissue paper flowers and immediately knew what mantel I'd be doing for the 52 Mantel paper challenge!

Don't they look like yummy color wheel puffs??  My mantel always presents a challenge because it's soooooo deep.  But for this, the deep pocket totally worked in my favor.  The brush is made from a cardboard tube, glitter paper, and black construction paper.  Of course, tipped with a little red paint!  The paint something flash card is a favorite and the springboard for my workshop name.  The little glasses were a give-away for the workshop attendees.  Attendees were encouraged to use the glass to help them, "see clearly". 

Such a fun challenge Emily!!  Thanks for stopping by if you are blog hopping from her 52 Mantels.  And please be sure to check out my Paint Something Workshop tab for upcoming painting workshops!


Notes on Running Away

So, if you are going to run away from home, not like RUN AWAY from home literally.  But like run away from house chores, wife stuff, church stuff, work stuff, email, paintings, etc.....  This is a fabulous place to go.  All ya need are these 2 amazing kids, a Daddy and B who own a lake house with big toys that go with said lake house, a bathing suit and of course....a toothbrush.  (In case you want to know, I am a tooth brushing freako....so that would be the thing I grab perhaps before something like say, underwear.)

Yes, we ran away last week.  And it was so very worth it.  To focus on being silly with these 2, teach Mailey how to play spit, eat lots of yummy food, drink lots of yummy red wine (because it does taste better on a lake porch), take a long run in a new place, ride the tube...shall I go on?  Nah.....

Yes, that's me down below.  Waving and saying, "hey y'all!"  Oh...and in case you want to see a little bit more of this side of me and our time at Logan Martin, check out the 52 canvases blog post today.   See you later guys!!  I've got to get to painting now!!


Artsyorange on Etsy

I always say the only way to succeed at etsy is to be present in your shop.  Easier said than done for some reason for me.   Here's what I've decided on this issue. I love the getting ready and the doing of real art shows.  I just do.  The interactions, the work...it's all a part of my creative soul.  And maybe part of the reason my show sales are so good is because of all the "extra touches" I place on displays and such.  I'd like to think too it's actually meeting me, the artist behind the paintings.  You can't really do that on etsy.  In fact, much like pinterest, I can't spend much time on etsy.  I get overwhelmed.  Not much does that for me visually.  But those two sites do.

But alas,  whining aside about the fact that I can't set up an amazing tent display...etsy sales must go on.  With the year approaching and my show bookings on hold, I MUST find a way to make this work for me.  I did notice there is a new about page on etsy.  Of course I immediately filled mine with photos of my studio space.  That is an awesome new feature to the site where buyers can see where artists work without having to head to a separate site, like a blog, to learn more about the artist.  Thanks Etsy for seeing and filling that need!

I've also found a sweet spot for photographing my original works of art that I feel shows their charming qualities without being seen in person.  And was able to upload 9 this week.  Hoping they find new homes soon!
So, I guess the message to this post is that in order to succeed at etsy...or any type of online business you must find a way to present yourself to the audience as well as you do in person.  I've still got a few ideas up my sleeve, but for now I am just happy that my shop is no longer empty!


The Color Wheel Staircase

Sometimes I get crazy ideas in my head.  And when the Paint Something Workshop was a go....well this idea just HAD to get done.  The stairs leading to the basement were just so very....very icky!!!  In fact, they were driving me nutty.  It was hard to walk to my happy place walking down these.  So what's a girl to do?

Oh geeeeesh....this was so very bad. 

I didn't want to spend much money on the project.  Especially since I already had a few gallons of paint left over from the kitchen project.  I love the blue in the kitchen anyways....although in a closed hallway it ends up much bluer!  This was the hardest paint job I've ever done. It sucked actually.  There was no real safe place to stand.....so my dance experience on the toes was put to use.
Ellie cat on the ladder cracked me up fussing at me.  Funniest part...she meows mute.  Yeah.  Strange.  We think it's all the fat around her vocal chords blocking the sound.  She just kept a fussing though.  I think she didn't like my trapeze act.  And it sure was.  I had my leg on one wall...arm on another, roller going....really should have video taped this.  Yep.   I was like Spider Man Woman. 
Once I got down the stairs it became contagious...the blue paint that was.  I kept going, and going with it.  The basement although unfinished has a lot of sheetrock and white cabinets.  It was a HUGE selling point, all the storage they left behind for us.  So the sheetrock was an easy peasy roll. 

But the stairs....they were very raw.  My original idea was to just paint them gray.  When Mailey and I went to Lowe's to buy the paint she was VERY opinionated about this idea.  In fact, she said, "I won't go down into the basement if you paint the stairs nasty gray. " (hmmm...oh yes I did think about that statement...)  "Who paints art studio stairs gray anyway?"  She was flat out mean.  So I said, "fine, you pick a color".

And then Lowe's had a Valspar display of these: 

And the angel's started singing!!! (seriously with the lighting and all the colors it was quiet magical)  "Mailey, why don't we paint the stairs ALL these colors?"  And the reply......YES!!!!  At just $2.94 each it cost about what a gallon of paint would have cost.
So after sanding the trim, painting it white and two coats later on everything.  I was done!!  Painting the stairs was a challenge.  And yes, there is one kitty print.  But the results are WELL worth it!
At the base of the stairs I decided to make use of the space and create a mini workout area. I love to use weights, which doesn't require much space!  It was fun to use some of my displays in this area too.  Notice the white screen and book shelf?

The project really turned about beautiful.  The other purchase was a light (it was just a bulb in the ceiling before).  So total cost of project was:  $35 paint, $25 light fixture, $40 gray matts for workout area.  $100.  I know, so cool!!

Our little camper painting collection by Mailey and I.  We even covered the switch plates with paper!  I love covered switch plates.  They make me smile.  So the big reveal was this past weekend with the Paint Something Workshop attendees.  It made everyone smile too.  :)

So what's next on the docket?  Hmmm....well the walls in the entranceway are still khaki pants.  And I have my Spider woman skills practiced.  So maybe.....


Paint Something Workshop

Friday finally came...and like magic so did the art students.  From all over they came.....Birmingham, Montgomery, Carrollton, Lagrange, Newnan, Hogansville and Smyrna.  To paint.  In the studio.  With me.  19 contact hours of teaching.  I feel tired, but in an almost surreal way.  It's hard to describe how teaching fulfills my soul.  Watching all the students come alive as they painted was truly humbling.  
I planned this weekend to a tee.  Every little detail was brought together to allow students to feel comfortable, welcomed, nurtured and loved.  From silly imagination glasses to a book created just for them, the weekend fulfilled my dream studio experience.  It's what I've wanted to do for so long and finally have the space to.  And the best part.....it all came together.  Perfectly.  As evident by the ease of conversation.  And most evident by their completed paintings.  Holy cheese cracker....I think a few were amazed at themselves!  It was fabulous!!
And this one....well she just continues to completely amaze me.   (BTW the glasses were supposed to make you see "clearly" throughout the workshop...hehehe)
I'll show photos of their work later in the we week, but here are the groups:
 Above was the Friday day group:  Caryl, Janet, Kelly, Renee, Sydney, Melissa, Cindy, Mailey and me.
Friday night:  Joy, Tiffin, Heidi, Heather, Megan and Me...(Mailey was behind the camera)
 Saturday day:  Melissa, Ashley, Heather, Christina, Heidi, Lily and me (Again, Mailey behind the camera)
19 hours of teaching...the class ran 1.5 hours longer each time than planned.  Hey, this was a great learning experience for me too.  I think the class sizes were perfect for giving individual attention.  And with just a little more time planned for the next class it'll be perfect!  Yes, soon the July dates will be posted!

So today after I push the PUBLISH button, am going to be doing what Lily is doing in the above photo!  I look forward to showing you their amazing paintings, but for now....I am headed to the chillax zone!


All Smiles Here!

All smiles in the Horne house this morning.  We are ready to scatter some joy on eager paint students.  I can't wait to share their talents with you next week!!  Yipppppeeeee!!!!!


Getting Ready!!

Hey ya'll!!  Mailey and I have been working like little bees in the basement getting ready for the 1st Paint Something Workshop!!  She is so excited.....like so cute excited.  I think I've created a little artist in the making.  And how wonderful the exposure she's going to be receiving as we embark on this journey together.  In fact, at this point I feel like she needs her photo in the profile here on the blog the way I gush over her!  I told her she needed to start a blog...she giggled then said, "really?  can I?"  Of course I too am beyond excited.  And having it here makes it easier to set up.  Just perfect. 

Below are some photos of what we've been up to:

 Ok...so no more peeking.  But I did have to show you this finally freaky photo I took.  Holy tamoly you can see right through Mailey!!  ewwww.....scary!
Ok.  If you are interested in coming this weekend I still have room in Friday PM and Saturday am.  Just let me know!
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