Another Bike?

That'd be YES. Another bike painting. I know. And they just keep getting better. (Of course that's just my personal biased opinion.)


Bikes and More Bikes

I have a rather large project up my sleeve. On Friday I'll share exactly what....just know that me and last minutes don't get along. Totally my fault for waiting so long to start. Not my shiney best moment. hehehehe.... Let's just say my art studio saw more of me than my family did this weekend. And this little guy didn't like it. He kept coming down and getting in my lap and giving me the Mommy stop working eyeballs. Geesh he's got Billy and I wrapped around his furry finger!
So today I teach, and tonight I paint some more! Stay tuned....


Paint Something E-course..Round 2!

Let me ask you this...have you ever wondered where my inspirations come from? Or how I get the brush on the canvas to do this stroke or that stroke? This summer I launched my first ever e-course called Paint Something. It was a giant leap of faith that once out there people would sign up. Friends did sign up. And they flourished in the class! It was an amazing experience. So, I've decided to run it again. In October.  All the details on the course are on the website here.

For 4 weeks we'll gather 5 days a week together. From how to set up your creative space, to painting on wood panels I take you through my creative process. And the last week I even throw in how to apply to art shows, galleries, business card ideas and more. It's not just a "How to Paint" series. It's how to be an artist.dreamer.doer. Deep inside you, there is definitely more than you dare think there is. Let me help you find it.

Join me October 6th-31st with access the entire month of November.  Cost is $99. Again, check out the website here for all the great details!


On the Art Desk

Well...my first e-course ended last week. I can not believe it! The 4 weeks we spent working online together flew by. Really. It was super awesome guys. Seriously....not trying to be "all that and a bag of chips"....but it truly was a wonderful experience. I want to do it again. So be on the look out for the 2nd launch dates. I'm thinking October. Whatcha think about that? I do hope you'll consider joining me.

In other news, we started school today. To say I have mixed emotions about it would be an understatement. I enjoyed the summer, don't get me wrong. And it always seems too short. But I also really enjoy the routine of working. My school already has a very positive vibe running through it. We are in our 2nd year with a new principal (who rocks) and just got a new assistant principal over the summer (who will equally rock). I personally like changes like this. Keeps teachers on their toes. My son started High School today. I am so excited for him I can hardly stand it! I had to drop him off a little early today because of my work schedule. I think he was a tad nervous. He just kept saying, Mom I don't know where to go. I'm going to get lost! So cute. He'll be fine. And then there's Mailey Grace. Who for 2 days has been making me huts about what to wear today. She has a closet full of cute things, but darn the dress code is strict. I see a shopping spree coming on.
I've been painting again. Finding a little time to finish a big project. Once it's done I'll tell you all about it. Let's just say I've been painting a lot of bikes lately. You know, there are only so many ways to paint a bike so I've gotten adventurous with the backgrounds. I am liking the giant flowers!

Well....off to teach. Yeah! I'll let you know how the day ends on instagram....(artsyorange)


Uncommon Goods...and cuff love

I'm not sure how long ago I fell upon this awesome goods site, but since I can remember I've been peeking at their shop. I know several artists they feature and sell, perhaps that's where I first found them. I love watching my art friends grow wings and get to be a part of something so unique. This site offers artists an amazing opportunity to seen by a global audience. Amazing.
If you aren't familiar with this site I highly recommend you visit it here. Their story is truly one of those American businesses you want to succeed.  Here's a little background: "Uncommon Goods was founded in 1999 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, UncommonGoods is an privately-owned retailer that endeavors to feature unique designs and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people. We run all our operations out of the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal, including our warehouse where the lowest-paid seasonal worker starts at 50% above the minimum wage. We make it our mission to support and provide a platform for artists and designers; in fact, half of what we sell is made by hand. Most of the products we carry are created right here in the USA, and about one-third of our entire collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials. At the core of our company is a great respect for the integrity of the creative individual and the belief that it is our responsibility to use our business to impact the world in a positive way."
I really love cruising their site for unique gifts. You can literally find everything from personalized cutting boards to jewelry like my birch cuff above. There is literally something for all ages of the family from anniversary gifts here to personalized gifts here you can make your next gift giving truly unique. And help support a thriving artist in the process. So....the cuff. Is that dreamy or what?  Reminds me so much of my favorite book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. The sweet artist that crafts the cuffs can personalize for you as well. My friend Valerie received one from her Hubby for Christmas. It says on it V + A right by the heart. Swoooooon right? Wouldn't this be a great gift to give while proposing? Or as an anniversary gift? Best idea ever.
So if you'd be interested in purchasing one of these beautiful cuffs head on over to their site. It comes packaged so lovely with the tiny branch bow. The details...something I am always looking at as an artist and appreciate. So thank you Uncommon Goods for gathering such a lovely collection of wares for us to purchase. Your site inspires me to look at buying different.


Around Here Lately

My Paint Something e-course is now in week 3. It is going better than I ever imagined. The student work is blowing me away! It is very time consuming teaching this way because I keep thinking of things to add, say and video. Thus why I've been very quiet here. Sorry. But I have been painting. Not much. But enough to keep me excited about the medium.
Look at this sweet bike above! Why haven't I thought to do rainbow spokes before? right??

I hope your summer is going smoothly. We are having the best summer in the Horne house. This is our last week at home with next at the beach and the next SCHOOL STARTS. What? I know. It's gone way too quickly.  But I have rested, taught, and played the perfect amount. So I feel ready to go back and embrace the new year. With one entering High School more than ever I am learning to slow down and enjoy these kids of ours. They are pretty cool to be around.

See ya hopefully later in the week with a few more paintings I have in the works!


Summer Time

Oh summer. Summer. Summer. This summer, unlike last year I feel good. In fact thinking about last summer makes me sad. I spent a majority of it feeling so bad I don't remember much about being a mother, a friend, a wife and even less about an ARTIST. It's a bit of a blur. All I remember is feeling out of control from my health to our finances. Out.of.control. This summer we are exploring life around town, our first trip to the lake with teen friends, (whole blog post worth of that experience!!) and my first art e-course. 
Oh geesh look at this photo above. Lawrence is feeling quite left out of porch life. Where I am spending as much time as possible. Lily has completely embraced porch life. Must be a girl thing.
I've spent most of my summer free time writing the e-course material on the porch. It feels SO right and SO good to write this. Like something really big is going to emerge from all this. I feel it to my core. In fact after editing today's video I totally cried. It's that freeing to give myself over to teaching creatively like this.
So...if you did'nt get in on the first e-course, I am already scheming the calendar for the fall course. Yep......be on the look out. For now I've get to back to the video that's uploading. Multi-tasking at its best right? Blogging and e-courseing at the same time!

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