Orange Happy

I'm plowing along with daily painting. Although I'm not really painting everyday. So I really shouldn't call it daily painting I suppose. Although last week I did paint 4 out of 5 lunch times. That made me happy. This week I have a less stressful afternoon/night schedule so hoping to get a custom painting finished and shipped as well as some more works for the upcoming Norcross Arts Festival. It's in 3 weeks ya'll. What was I thinking???

These new paintings are making me very happy. I think because they are just effortless with the brush. That sounds perhaps a bit like I think I am "all that and a bag of chips", but what I mean is they are seriously translating from brush to canvas what I want them to do with ease. I get pretty discouraged about some of my work. Looking too tight, like I am trying too hard. I am not a realistic painter and yet sometimes feel my paintings are stuck in the middle of real and whimsical in a very bad way. I think these crazy flowers are speaking to me because they are literally just whimsical. No real. I'm not looking at any flowers, I'm not tracing anything. Just using my head and heart to draw and paint. Having fun with color and layering a lot.

Well...another week in the classroom teaching. It's all about Halloween right now. Gearing up for the Family Fun Night exhibit. This year is gonna be sooooooo good!! Have a lovely Monday!


ArtWalk Tonight In Newnan

Tonight is the annual Fall ArtWalk in downtown Newnan.  When Valerie and I owned The Vintage-Flea it was one of my favorite events we hosted. Every business on the square hosts an artist in their business from 5-9PM. People come in droves to the square to walk from business to business looking at the art of local artists. Of course there is always yummy food and drinks in each business to entice the buying. Valerie and I always served yummy Sangria. I wonder what she's concocting for tonight? The Newnan square at night is truly magical. It's a great event to attend. I hope you will!
Again, tonight from 5-9PM the annual event takes place. The weather is looking good for an evening out. Not much has changed about the evening's festivities over the years, except the storefronts perhaps. Valerie now owns Gillyweed, an AMAZING boutique on the square. Her store literally I want one of everything. And I really want my house to smell exactly like her store. She has a fabulous eye for style in fashion and for the home. Seriously folks, if you can't make it to Newnan tonight for ArtWalk then you should visit the Newnan and Valerie soon.

So I tell you all about Gillyweed because she is hosting me tonight as one of her featured ArtWalk artists. I am tickled to be in her store. I've got a nice assortment of older and newer work to sell. Like the one above which I finished up yesterday. Love these new flowers.  Although....just my art will be in attendance. William is playing serious baseball this fall. We actually have to check the kids out of school to get to games tonight! Snap.... you think that'll be an excused check out? We had to get a hotel room and book the dogs at camp. Talk about stepping up the game! Not to mention hurting our wallets. So you guys go to Gillyweed and buy lots of my art ok?  hehehehe...  I'll be watching this handsome man play ball. Can't wait!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back next week with more new work up the studio sleeve. Such joy to be shared.


That Time I Found My Painting in a Thrift Store

No. Seriously. I did. So here's what happened. I was in a local thrift store called A Better Way. It's this awesome store that a ministry started to help men who are trying to climb out of an addiction. Actually it's bigger than that....look here if you are interested in learning more about what this amazing ministry is doing in our community of men. The list is lengthy! They are truly changing lives daily. I was looking for a chandelier to put over the table on our screened in porch. The current one was quite ugly.
Anyhoo...I was cruising the aisles when BAM! I saw this:
It's blurry...but at the time I wasn't really focusing on the photo being in focus I was focusing on the fact that MY ART IS IN A FREAKING THRIFT STORE.  I mean seriously? How many of you out there have actually found one of your original works of art in a thrift store? I'll venture to say zero. I am pretty sure upon seeing it on this checkerboard floor I exclaimed something. Something. 

So the painting. When I opened the Vintage-Flea with my friend Valerie she said, "You need to paint some wall art we could sell." You see prior, I was just a teacher. I'd painted lots of murals, but never a canvas. Truth. After college and up until this time I was truly focused on teaching. I was not a painter. This was 2005 (I think). So I painted what I liked, flowers. The above is one of the first paintings I ever painted. I did a ton in this series with different flowers. All in a row. And we sold them all. Then I moved on to pears. Yes, I painted pears. Lots of pears. One time I painted a 4 foot pear. Creepy right? And then I started painting birds. And that's when I became a painter. 
There wasn't a price on the painting yet so I found the manager. She said, "How's $5 sound?" Awesome. So I bought my painting back. For $5. And yes, I told her it was mine. She laughed. I laughed. In addition, I found the above amazing Tiffany lamp for over the porch table. It is SO US and our porch. The embroidery was calling my name too. Of course it's still sitting on the floor, not hung. One day it'll hit me where it needs to hang. You should see the number of french knots in it! I shouldn't tell you this, but it cost more than my painting. OH MY GOODNESS.....I found my painting in a thrift store. Well, it made for a great blog post right? And at least I can laugh about it.


Studio Time

I've been trying to get myself into the studio at least twice a week. I know....you'd think I painted everyday right? Nope. I can't really talk about it without getting a bit defensive/angry about my lack of studio time. Sometimes the paths we walk down lead us to really good things. So I'm not saying I dislike my current journey. It's just not what I expected it to be let's say. My job teaching and then after school being a Wonder Mom is an amazing journey and one I am embracing more everyday. And that's okay. It's really good. I sure love being a Mom of teenagers. I just have to set aside a few hours a week to focus on my art. Since I get off at 2:00 on Monday, Thursday and Friday I am finding these days to be good for getting home and just running on down and starting. Well....except on Fridays. Friday I have what I've dubbed "Friday Flu". Where the week of teaching and interacting with like 700 people in one week come crashing down on me and all I want to do is crawl into a tiny ball in my closet and suck my thumb praying Saturday will reveal a rainbow of goodness and joy. It usually does.  :)
So this week I am working on a custom order. I've 2 more in line and I got a call that a spot opened up in the Norcross Art Festival which I said "YES!" to. (Am I that crazy? Perhaps.) The Norcross show is in like 3 weeks. I can do this....I can do this.....
Actually I find goals such as these very liberating. These goals make me focus on my work and not just come home to veg on the couch drinking deep red wine getting lost in HGTV and Lifetime movies (did you know on-demand has a LMN channel that has movies available anytime?)
So...I am off and running. I've got to get these rainbow spikes done so this baby can get shipped off! I hope you are all staying busy and being creative.
PS....My new favorite app is called Aviary and is how I've made the magic happen in these photos. The button "splash" turns your photos black and white and then with your finger you rub across the screen where you want color revealed. Seriously best app ever to happen to me.


Paint Something: an ecourse TAKE 2!

Alright friends...my Paint Something e-course for the summer was super amazing. I know I'm biased because I was the teacher, but really the students made the course special for all of us! So now it's time to re-open and go again! Again, this is PART 1 of Paint Something: an e-course. During the course of 4 weeks we set up our studio, paint, paint, paint and then talk shop. It's a very thoughtfully planned and carefully executed course I planned just for YOU. My sweet readers and blooming artists. If you've ever wanted to know how I get from point A to point B in a painting, then this is the course for you. I tell silly stories, share my thoughts on being an artist, mother and wife and so much more throughout the 4 weeks. And as a extra, you get an entire 4 weeks after the course ends to absorb it a little more.

Here are just a few of the comments I received about the course from the first group:

"You Rock Jenni! And everyone has been so inspiring" -Jackie

"I can't wait for Part 2!" -lots of students said this. YEAH!!!

"THANK YOU for such an enjoyable and information-filled month, Jenni!  Loved every minute of it!  Please plan to do more...  for the first time in years, I want to do art!"

"By the way, I am LOVING how your class has challenged me to try things that I have not felt comfortable doing (ie drawing and painting...I tend to be more crafty/creative than artsy) and even if I don't like my product I try to still show it to people like the flickr group and my friends and boyfriend. I need to embrace the entire process rather than frustrated when I'm not fantastic right outta the gate! This has been such a humbling experience but I am THRILLED to have a new arena for creating things for my friends and family. Especially since I'm at the age where everyone I know is either getting married or having babies so creating art to hang on their walls as they enter a new season of life is becoming kind of my niche!"

"Thank you thank you thank you! I, too, am a teacher of little ones--kindergarten and first grade multi-age class! Whew! I can tell that you genuinely love to teach--especially art--and you are phenomenal. And I so appreciate the incredible amount of time, giggles, thought, effort, time, energy, and did I mention time? ;) that you put into this class. Honestly, I could go on and on about things I've loved about this entire experience (the blog posts combined with step-by-step video, and feedback on the Flickr group) but I'm on my phone writing this and I really don't like typing long emails on my phone (though you'd never know that judging by how lengthy this email has gotten. Haha) You can bet my name will be in the roster if you decide to do part 2!"

Felicia wrote a whole blog post here about the course.! (she lives in frikin' Ireland!)

After the course you will see the course is more than just making art. It's about being a part of a community of like-minded thinkers. Creative thinkers. Who encourage, support and love you throughout the process. Pinky promise you will end the course feeling excited about art making. And confident moving forward in your creative journey.

Won't you join me? Click over here to the site for all the details and to sign up. We start Monday, October 6th-31st. I can't wait to see you in the class!


Leather Cuffs Headed to Alabama

I have to admit, this batch of leather cuffs is good stuff. I kinda got carried away seeing what I could add to each one to make it super unique! Vero's been selling my cuffs since probably 2011. They are a great seller for her as they are both one-of-a-kind and priced just right for your budget. :) This group will be for sale in her online gallery. My page is here. In the store she'll have like 20 more. Like I said I got carried away this time around with the making.

I also made a few new dainty gentle reminder bracelets using the USA stamp blank and those teensy vehicle charms. Look at that truck. Love....love the way these look on your wrist!

If you are in the Birmingham area you should definitely check out the gallery. Vero was recently named one of the TOP 10 MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN in Birmingham!! Woohoooo Vero. I mean seriously. That is like the coolest honor. I am so glad she took a chance on me all those years ago. Her gallery has been such an inspiration for my art career. I love being a Naked Art Gallery artist!


Candy Beads and Teensy Charms

It's embarrassing the quantity of artsy pieces and parts I have in my studio. Seriously. I've got stuff. Paint, embellishments, jewelery making, felt, stamping, wood burning, leather crafting, clay, you name it I dabble in it. It's like I am a blue hairy art Cookie Monster.  I HAVE to have art stuff all the time and devour all that has to do with art. Every once in awhile I get inspired to just use it. And the past few weeks I've been a monster making fool. The tiny bike and camper charms are a part of an OLD series I did with metal stamping. They were super cute. But I got bored with the making of them so the extras got stored away. Since I tend to buy in bulk for fear of the stuff never ever being made again, I have like 50 of these teensy wheeled charms left. These adorable stretchy beaded bracelets are the end product of such hoarding. It's the beads fault really. I was in Hobby Lobby the other day minding my own business when these pastel candy looking beads with a clearance price tag said "BUY ME!". So I did. And these are the result. YEAH!

These will be available at Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama after this weekend when I get them there. They are $18 each. I am sending 6 total. If ya want one she can do online purchases. cool right?

So off to figure out what needs to be used up next. The jewelry making supplies are overwhelming my artsy brain right now. These stretchy bead bracelets are an excellent way to reduce the bead hoarding. So perhaps I'll stick to this for a spell.
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