Been Awhile!

I just realized it's been awhile since I last posted! The store was busy busy during the holiday season plus, I attempted several small shows with Mattie. I've learned a few valuable lessons during this time. The first being no more school shows at Christmas, only a big one (hopefully Marist) during this time of year. I spent way too many hours setting up and attending the shows for very little return. It was great exposure however, and a very good lesson to learn. I have found in my 35 years that some lessons must be learned by failing.

Good news though, The Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham has accepted my paintings! Vero tried out my pendants during November and December, and decided that she wanted the paintings as well. So I loaded up about 10 and drove them into town on my way to Christmas with my Father. If you are ever in town, please check the place out. It is way cool....very funky and edgy art, jewelry and more. She's located on Clairmont Ave. next to The Silvertron, an old favorite restaurant of my family and across from Marilyn Wilson Art Gallery.

In the meantime, my new goal is to really focus on the etsy store to sell more work. The website is great, but not getting much in the way of hits. Also with etsy I can keep it current with new products and images easier than on the site. So be on the look out for new things on the horizon. My second goal is finding a great outdoor spring show to submit my work, Wish me luck!

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