Lovely Field

 I just wanted to pop in a second and show off the latest custom painting.  This was painted for a sweet friend that lives down in Orlando.  She sent me a photo one day of her desk and computer and said, "What would you do with this wall space?"  hehehehe....I'd buy a giant painting from me of course!  So in less than 2 weeks I had it painted, she flew up, came to school to get it and flew it home (1st class BTW  how lucky is that painting!).  I am just tickled with the final piece.  It looks amazing in the space as well.  Yeah!!
 It's funny too how lately all the painting requests have been for more of my old style, subjects and technique.  All a part of that getting back to the roots.
So....in other news since I did put it out there.  Looks like I'm not even going to get an interview for the art job in the different school.  I had a feeling my applying was going to be a LONG shot.  Not that I'm not qualified teaching wise, but on paper I am not qualified.  So I got passed over.  I let my teaching certificate expire in 2007.  Stupid thing to let happen.  But back in those days I just wasn't thinking about needing it.  So anyhoo....I am working diligently with my current principal to get it up to date.  She has been awesome at helping me write up my learning logs and such.  Hopefully by the end of the school year I'll be close to the 100 hours needed to get the paper renewed.  I am very disappointed.  I won't lie about that.  But know in my heart that there is a reason for being passed over this time around.  And am looking forward to teaching my little ones more about the subject I love.

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Darcy said...

Oh Jenni, that sucks, sorry. Especially since you are such a great teacher!! Everything I can thing to say seems trite and possible annoying but hang in there, thinking good thoughts for you.

And what a gorgeous painting! I'd like her life and art budget, a girl can dream ;-)

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