Little One's Take a New Form

Just off the press....a line of my "Little One" birds made into marble tiles, bag tags and porcelain pendants. They all turned out so nicely! I can't wait to pop them into my website template and send them into cyberspace! I have about 8 different little images, each available in a 4" marble tile, 6" marble tile, pendant and large bag tag.

I hope to also have some original art available on the site. I am staring right now my painting "Mattie and her Social Circle", I just can't quite part with her yet! I grow quite attached to my little images. I mentioned in my first blog Beatrix Potter. Have any of you seen the movie "Miss Potter", well that is so me! I loved her and Peter as a child, and now I get to share these characters with my children. Who knows, maybe Mattie will fall into the pages of a book before too long. I tell Valerie all the time that I want to write a book.

I am also looking at some stationary possibilities, so if anyone has a starting point for that, please send the information my way!

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