Who is Mattie?

Hello to all. This is my first post with this little blog. Eventually this will be attached to my way cool website, but for now it is floating in cyberspace hoping for a hit or two while the tedious task of website building takes place. I enjoy writing, and talking, so be prepared for an occasionally long winded blog. Like this one for instance. I simply must explain the title of my blog.

I've researched and read many blogs the past few weeks. I am amazed at the creativity and time some people have obviously placed into their blog sites. I get started in one site and the next thing you know I have 20 places open and wonder why the heck my computer is running so slow! I am not sure if I will ever be able to take my blog to the level of Poppytalk, and secretly dream of being mentioned on her site just for the shear fame of it!

But back to the reason you continue to read my rambling. Mattie's Circle. Simply put she is now my favorite little bird to paint. The perfect color of cerulean blue, a black dot for an eye and a black beak carefully drawn with my new favorite carbon sketch pencil. She has a sassy little tail and a circle of friends. She is my Peter Rabbit. Mattie has evolved from a rash of bird paintings I've been working on for a year now. As I look back on the collection, I truly see a progression to where I am now with her. Mattie will continue to appear in many paintings, a few of her friends as well. So be sure to check back for future postings on where we are headed, she and I.

This is entitled, "Mattie's Social Circle". It is birch wood, decoupaged sewing pattern, carbon sketch pencil, oil pastels and acrylic paints. Quite a collage of elements bring my paintings to life!

This one is "New Love". The story behind this is that Mattie's got a boyfriend and Sally (little miss pink) is jealous! Same technique as the above. Both are for sale in our store, The Vintage-Flea in Historic Downtown Newnan, Georgia!

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