Big Sis's Room

After I finished the Oo...La...La.... room I headed upstairs to Kayla's room. Rebecca (the Mommy) said Kayla wanted to travel and see the world. She is also a teenager and needed a more "grown-up" look for her mural. So I took the names of some of the places Kayla said she wanted to see and created this collage of countries and places. She too has the most fabulous custom bedding and window treatment. Her room is a nice pink with black trim, yes black. And it is sooooo cool. Very big girl looking. Rebecca also had me paint an inspirational quote over the doors so that when she laid in bed she'd see it as soon as she woke up. Never underestimate the power of words!
Off to her bathroom she had a coordinating shower curtain with these bubbles on it. Rebecca wanted this fun inspirational quote, but it needed a little extra, so I added the bubbles and tada! We have instant art and motivation!

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