Taking Mattie on the Road

This weekend the Newnan Coweta Art Association is hosting its' annual Christmas Art Show and Sale at the Train Depot in historic Newnan. I did the show last year with Valerie with not much luck. We showed mostly our art art. This year, since I now have my beloved Mattie and all her little friends, I decided it was time to get her out of the garage and let her go public! So this weekend I busted tail getting things organized, painted, painted and more painted! As a store owner, I constantly mull over displays and creating a "mood" for the products we offer. Same thing applies with my art. So I've got the "mood" in my head and have a little slice for you here of the process. This picture is of my art desk in the studio. I laid all the tiles out and decided what needed a frame and what needed to be packaged for quick pick up sales. Eli is the rather robust kitty on the table managing the process. I've not talked about her before, but I rather think of her as my muse. I swear she was a famous artist in a past life because she is always in the garage digging through my art things. She also loves to lounge on the desk. And if I happen to leave a painting resting on the table, she curls up and sleeps on it. Yep, she was definately a former artist!

The Art Assocation provides these white grids to hang your work on I decided to forgo. Instead, I painted these 2 luan doors bright white along with everything else I am using to display. My thinking is that it will make all the little images pop right out at ya when you walk by having the contrast of white and all the blues I use in my paintings. I intend to create a little slice of Mattie's world in my booth!
Here are my quick pick up sale marble tile magnets. I thought it would be most clever to use paint chip cards as my background and price tags for this show. Love Martha and her celedon pottery green cards!

I hope some of you will come down and see me at the depot. The show runs Friday-Sunday. See ya there!

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