Trying Something New

A couple years back I really enjoyed adding joint compound to my canvases as a way to achieve texture. Friday while at the mart buying for the store, Valerie and I came across some reproduced canvases that were just beautiful. The texture, colors and subject (birds in cages) really inspired me. I immediately recognized the background texture as being joint compound or medium. Needless to say I was at Lowe's that night buying 2' boards and a bucket of compound! Saturday the kids help me cover the 2 boards with the compound, it was messy fun! After I stepped back from the canvases, I decided that it just might work to carve into the compound with my woodcutting tools similar to the way I do with encaustics. So, here is a picture close up of step one. I've not done a nest in awhile, so thought I'd take a break from little flowers and Mattie birds. After patiently waiting almost 24 hours for the compound to dry, I painted with acrylics. Boy did the compound soak up the paint! I might try watercolor next time around! After this layer dried I filled all the carved lines in with oil sticks. Then rubbed, and wiped away all the excess with paper towels and a ton of canola oil. I still wanted more of the carving to show so I added silver and gold rub and buff to the ridges. This really popped the lines and added a little something extra.
I am really pleased with the end results. Overall the dimensions are 2' x 2' on pine board. It will be available at The Vintage-Flea for $300.

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