Making of a Series

I tend to paint in series. I suppose it's because I like one composition so much I have to repeat it, over and over. Always with a different twist...maybe the colors are tweaked, the flowers placed a little different, but similar always. I am currently working on a series of smaller sized pieces (10"x10") framed in thin salvage wood. They look great all together, or on their own. I can't wait to turn this series into framed tiles. These compositions will be great for my 4" tile in the old barn wood frames.

I have two big upcoming events that these paintings will be available for. The Vintage-Flea is hosting Canvases and Cocktails on Friday, March 27th from 6-9PM. If you are in the Newnan area come by and see me! Also, I'll be at the Wesleyan School Artist Market at the end of April. I know that seems far away, but they need inventory by April 1st. So for now, I've got to get to painting! Hope you have a creative weekend!
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