Tweet Pillows Featured in CraftsnThings!

As a stay at home artist and Mommy for a mere 7 months, I found that setting some personal and business goals in January was imperative to my survival in this new role. I can always find something to clean or wash or do outside or volunteer at my children's school, etc. I've seriously had to start making weekly goals to accomplish with my work. Otherwise, I have found myself quite behind with the paintings, jewelry, prints, etsy shop, papernstitch shop, you get the picture I am sure. One major goal set in January was to get my work and projects published in several craft magazines. I am happy to say that so far it's been a good idea. I just popped over to the CraftsnThings website because the editor selected the fun tweety pillows above for the online newsletter. I wasn't exactly sure when they'd appear, and to my excitement they were already there when I checked this morning. So go here to find out how to make your own! You'll be seeing a lot more of my goodies in the June and August issues of CraftsnThings magazine and in Somerset Sew and Somerset Home this summer as well.

For now, my new goal is to work on my first little children's book. Oooooooo....I can't wait to start sharing the illustrations for it. It's a primary book on numbers. So far I have number 2, 3, and four done. I'm off to get 1 done now! Have a great weekend! If you are in downtown Newnan tonight be sure to stop by the Flea and say hello!

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