Being Inspired

I have people email me all the time asking how do you stay inspired? How do you know what to paint? Etc...etc.... Well honestly I find inspiration in lots of places. I love Pinterest, instagram, looking out the windows on trips, books, and other artists work. It's kinda like a giant viewfinder wheel in my brain. At.All.Times. It gets annoying honestly because sometimes the ideas come so furiously I can't get them out. But you know what? Really what doesn't allow them out is ME. I am my own biggest road block to my creative process.

I'm reading this awesome book called time to make by Ginger Hendrix. I am so not gonna spoil it for you. Because you have to go out and by it. (run) And highlight and sticky note and read it twice. And help her become really famous for telling us all what we all need to hear. I can summarize for you this though: she says you need to get off your butt and make stuff. Stop making excuses. Some stuff may turn out like a pile a crap or it may be the next big thing. It may be sell worthy, it may not. You may think oh my gosh I am going to sell these like crazy and they end up in your basement the next 20 years and people will be going through it at your estate sale and yelling whoop whoop I found a crafter. The point is, making is important to YOUR life. (If you are reading this anyways. I always just assume everyone likes to make stuff. Your stuff doesn't have to be paintings. It could be photos, or cupcakes, or bread, or decorating, just stuff.)

Being inspired honestly takes very little effort. The trick is allowing the inspiration in. So many of us put up walls of "I can't do that" that you've started believing you can't. And so the inspiration gets shot down before it has a chance to even surface. I say put on your glasses, pour a glass of whatever you need to get the juices flowing and start something. Then hey....let me know whatcha made okay? Because I love being a part of your story too. Being here makes you part of mine. Right?

oh and PS.....if your making includes baking cookies they are my favorite food group in the pyramid. If you need my address let me know. wink...wink...


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Unknown said...

Ai guess im wondering how you paint....is it all black and then colorainted over and do you do tutorials?

thanida said...

Thank you. Its working in my blog:

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