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You guys know I've been working on my second e-course. For some reason this one has been harder. Maybe because I think I used up all my tricks last summer. Maybe it's the constant on the go with Will for baseball. Maybe it's this freaking Georgia heat. Oh and let's not forget the surgery that I was supposed to "bounce right back from" and it's been almost 2 weeks and I still have this insane pain at the incision. Whatever the reasons....the past few days I've been wrangling all the ideas and thoughts and art for the course. And falling in love once again with blogging. Not sure why I step away from it. Blogging is the one place I allow myself to be really seen. I had art camp this week and one of the moms said she loves reading my blog because I say things she's thinking but afraid to say out loud. Talk about WHAM...Jenni get off your little pity horse and jump back into this creative world you LOVE.

I've been reading this book this summer. Highlighting and dog-earing and neon sticky noting it to death. I highly recommend it especially if you are having trouble staying motivated. I literally have boxes of paintings in my basement right now. Which could be most discouraging, in fact make me not want to paint anymore until these go. But I can't not create. It's who I am and it's how I find joy in the everyday living. I love this Ginger says in the book "You don't have to always be wishing that you could squeeze in time for the thing that makes your heart the happiest." In other words the there are things about being a creative type that have to be done to keep your SOUL alive. Without art, I am not really whole. So I vow to continue to connect and continue to allow myself to make art and share that art with you all. Because I wanna live a long long time and have the fairy tale. Don't you?


Angela clark said...

Jenni, I really want to say thank you for sharing your creative journey/life with us! You'll probably never know how much you have helped many of us find peace, joy, and yes art therapy. I often don't comment on blogs etc because of the "fear" of coming across as a goober. But I'm just going to let that go and tell you this. YOU, just who you are, how you think and sharing your thoughts/perspectives has helped me overcome fear/worry/anxiety that was stealing my joy of creating. It seems so weird that something I love to do, NEED to do really, can get so mucked up. I love taht in your teaching style you really do reach out and connect. one of your first class posts really just made me feel so welcome. you said "I'd spend hours upon hours on the computer writing to you all. Like you all are my best friends in the whole world and I just had to tell you everything I knew." I mean wow! yes we do need eachother in this life and the love, fun, insight you share, is a gift. Another great share from you: "Whimsical art....yes.....it has a way of making me really happy. From the subject matter to the colors placed on the panels the whole process is completely stress free. I should make myself paint everyday really. I'd probably be a lot happier and less stressed!" YUP, couldn't have put it into better words.
By sharing yourself, like a friend in the next chair over, painting/teaching, I have once again gotten back to the truth-I simply love to paint and it is what I need to do!! When we first started class, you knew we'd get all kinds of overwhelmed, but you said " You can do this. You. Are. An. Artist. And to truly grow and become who you are meant to be as an artist you must get yourself out there and seen. "You can't find your voice if you don't use it" says Austin Kleon. I couldn't have said it better myself. So get out there and share what you love. Don't get discouraged." Thank you for that. Even though Im not going to sell what I paint, I was still feeling like I couldn't even give it away until I stressed over it and all that nonsense. I look forward to spending time in the next class and know that it will be another much appreciated creative journey with Jenni!

Jill Cooper said...

I absolutely understand what you are saying about having to create for your soul! That is how I feel too. Hugs!

Jackie Jones said...

Love everything you said in this post. You always let us 'SEE" you, Jenni. It is why I also second all that Angela Clarke said. It was a Godsend finding you and Danielle Donaldson's classes. Yours are the only 2 that I have felt safe and supported by the 2 art communities that you 2 have nurtured and created. You are our cheerleaders and give constructive feedback and support. I am happy to support and cheer for others. It is why I have been able to find my art mojo after many years and stay with it even when I feel unmotivated. It is ok to have "blah" days and know that feeling will not last. Because of these 2 communities, I am able to share my work on social media, to the "public" and not be so scared of what others will say or think. I must do ART for me first before I can let it out to others.

Thanks Jenni!
Jackie Jones

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