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So now that I am trying to blog again I was searching for some photos. And found some vintage gems!!  Oh gosh...sorry you are gonna have to bear with a walk down memory lane. Look at those baby faces above! Even Lily looks like a baby.
Above is a photo of me in Mood in New York City. Pretty sure I was with Valerie shopping for our store. Why did I get rid of those awesome jeans? Seriously...dangnabit. And my skin look fresh and happy. Maybe I need to see a botox person after-all. My hair is crazy short too. Why?
Above is me at my very first art show at the Wesleyan School. Not sure the year. I was all set up and ready and VERY nervous in this photo. I had already called Valerie crying about the set-up. They had not told me they provided panels. I had packed my van full of everything I needed for a "show" set-up. Everyone else just hung their art on the panels provided and called it a day. I mean what? I even had flowers. So I was freaking out that people would think I was stupid....so I cried. I'll never forget Valerie's kind words to just calm down and do what I had planned. I was gonna blow them away. And I did...sold out I think. I still have those awesome jeans.

Here I am in my old studio painting on canvas. What???  I know! Little did I know about wood panels then. I love this photo because sweet AJ is in it probably making biscuits on that pillow. AJ was our sweet kitty we had way before kids. He loved Billy so much...slept on his head. When AJ passed the bus driver asked me one day, "Where's orange kitty?" I told her he had passed...she said "I have never seen a cat so devoted to his children. Did you know everyday he waits at the top of the drive with them in the morning and the afternoon is at the top of the drive again waiting for them to get off the bus? Sweetest thing I've ever seen." Makes me a tad teary thinking of him and his crumbled up ears from too much fighting.
 I don't have many photos of myself teaching. But here I am in the original Bubble Gum Ice Cream Art Studio. That little cutie in the left corner is now 16 I think. The girls I don't recognize. Again....why did I get rid of those jeans?  (note to self...keep all your jeans) And i'm really glad I let my hair grow out. Geeshhhhh....talk about poofy. Ooo...and I just noticed I'm wearing my Ironman watch. I was trying to explain that to my Will the other day. That it was "the thing".
This one just cracks me up. It was my 1st photography class. I was modeling so my classmates could take an action shot. Why did I get rid of that awesome t-shirt. Dangnabit.
 When I was a full-time artist I made felted bird sculptures like this little guy. I still have a few laying around. I should fix them up and sell them. Mailey was little back then and loved naming them all.
I remember these two being like this all....the...time. So goofy, so silly and so sweet to one another. And lawd at the outfits they would leave the house wearing. Will those shoes and socks, just terrible...and Mailey's Hannah Montana crocs, really? Well, at least she's wearing shoes. His hair though....gosh I loved his surfer dude hair.

This child before the make-up, before the obsessive hair straightening, before the freckles disappeared. BTW she lived in that white coat for about a year. Summer over her bikini even. 

 The house we didn't get....and I still dream about.
 I need to make these again. In fact, I found a ton of my old jewelry in google files and am like dang girl...you need to make JEWELRY!!
 I am posting this just because we look hot. I mean that hair right? Total Farrah dream hair. Pretty sure this was at a Governor's Ball.
Will's first home run ball. The day before was the school festival, so his hair still has the red spray in it. Love that. (actually it stayed for a long time. both my kids hair holds color. it's weird)
OK last one....my birdie in metal. Yeah. I gotta get to making some jewelry. And look into my google files some more. I am really glad they are all in there. In that cyber cloud that gives me the heebie jeebies and makes me all Big Brother watching me like. 

So what have you guys been up to? I have lots of creative stuff to share. For now though.....a walk down memory lane was what I needed. Thanks for joining the journey with me!


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