Releasing Petals

It's been awhile right? I've missed this part of my creative journey, but in all honesty I haven't had the energy for it. Here in my blog I've always felt free to share my whole world. Throughout my years of blogging I've always been transparent and vulnerable here. But quite honestly....my little world since August has been turned upside down. I wasn't sure how to share or what to share. Because I am embarrassed and tired quite frankly. I was afraid anything I posted would just be "noise". Just know that one day I'll feel comfortable enough to share the deep and wide emotions I didn't even know I owned. I see now that everyone has a story worth sharing. And that if you leave that story folded in like the above rose, it will never ever have time to open, be shared, glorified then finally released. The later part being extremely important in the healing process. Letting the petals go.

As winter approaches and the holidays are peeking out from under the covers I am truly approaching this holiday season with a joy filled heart. I posted on instagram a few weeks ago that this time of year brings out a lot of sorrow in my heart. But for some reason I am calmer and ready for whatever comes my way. We decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving even! And put lights on the bushes...I mean what the what? I am so grateful for the family I have been given and want to celebrate the season with all that I have. Hopefully with a few less petals.

Thanks for being patient and always such a special part of this creative journey with me! I can't wait to start truly blogging again and sharing my experiences as a high school art teacher. What a ride the past few months have been in this classroom!

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