Making Hearts

I'm not sure when I made the first heart, maybe around this time last year. I made it for myself actually. I like doing that sorta thing....making stuff for myself that is. I especially love making jewelry. So fast forward to the Whatever Camp Create this fall when I was wearing my heart and sweet Honey said "girl can you make me one of those?" Sure Honey. So I went home and made her one and shipped it off. Now I should say before this event I made some for my gallery in Birmingham for the Microlove show and NONE sold. So I didn't think people would want them. I was actually very sad because I loved them.

But turns out, when you send your heart off to sweet Honey and she wears it in her instagram posts and people ask her where she got it and she says Jenni made it people start asking me for one too. So I got off the couch and start making. And making. I've now had 2 Instagram sales and one Etsy sale with the hearts and sold out within the day on each sale. Plus some more added in. It's kinda exciting I have to be honest.
 Each heart is completely hand crafted. I can physically make about 14 in a weekend, then use the week to slowly wire bead the chain. I love each step of the process.
Lawrence hates when I make jewelry because I stand up instead of sitting in my usual chair. He likes to cuddle and be held at all times. And holding him and a torch at the same time is just not a good idea. I totally need a baby wrap for him. He'd love it.
 I personally love the rainbow bead combo....but the cool colored beads seem to sell best.
 I love the way each turns out so different. These are making my studio very happy these days!

The bottom was my favorite heart shape to date. Something about the robustness of it. Anyhoo....I called a company about manufacturing these for me. It's a huge leap of faith that the heart is not just a trend but meant to be something bigger. I do feel thus far the whole experience has been God laid out. From being asked to teach at Camp Create and meeting Honey and her graciously sharing my name on her large followed feed to the present demand for them. There's just something about the whole thing that seems bigger. I follow several artists on Instagram that once they allowed His dreams to grab wings they have truly taken off. Maybe my dreams are just about to be those God sized ones too.
Be sure to follow my Instagram feed for updates on the next heart sale. Mailey and I bought some fabulous beads this week I can't wait to string onto some hearts!


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