Elephant Artists and More!

I've recently come to the realization that EVERYONE has a blog, even Martha Stewart. Not that she really writes it, or evens reads it, but she has one. I've made some observations about these blogs as well. They are written almost like pages of a diary, private, yet yearn for people to read them and pass it on. There are many reasons to start a blog and it definately becomes an addiction once you start. We can see little slices of life through these entries. Some bloggers go all out with videos clips! We read and view parts of strangers lives we might never cross paths with, and yet we read their diaries like they were pages of our own. So where do I fit into this blogging phenomenon? I kind of do it to A. pat myself on the back for new accomplishments and show new works (who else is going to?) B. show off my adorable kids C. selflessly promote my store D. I love to write and so this gives me a most fabulous outlet to write out LOUD! With this being said........ We just finshed our winter break here in Newnan. Yes, winter break. Not like we have tons of snow to ski and play in, but we break for the smidgin' of a hope that it will I guess. Mostly it rained here! The kids and I took advantage of the week, filling it with good friends, jumping places, junk food, movies and more. Thursday night the legislators were given an opportunity to bring their families to the Greatest Show on Earth at Phillips Arena. We arrove early enough to wander onto the floor to the rings way up close and personal. They showed off the silly dogs, the lady in ribbon hanging from the ceiling (how she manages not to slip...I can't even wear satin PJ's without falling out of bed!), clowns, etc. Then came China the enormous smiling elephant that loved to ...get this...PAINT! Yes, she paints. And smiled throughout the whole darn thing! She'd take her brush, dip it in paint and create a masterpiece not unlike my son's at age 3. Not a muddy mess either. Mailey was amazed, and quite frankly, so was I. She just did it too. If only my adult students would dive in with that unafraid enthusiasm!
Here's her masterpiece. They were giving them away in a raffle after the circus. I wish I'd have won one!
Also during camp we held art camp at the Flea. I called it Pj's and Art. The kids came in their jammies, we read some cool books and created art based on the books. It was so fun, for me and them! Here's some of the creative Tuesday group with their duckies. They just kept adding little details like crazy. What an imaginative group of young minds!
These little guys I could just eat up...not literally of course. I don't think I've ever had duck. Well, time to get going and do the bedtime rountine. More to come tomorrow about painting this weekend. Some fun stuff!

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