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Getting your art out there to the online public is a hard thing to do. I have noticed in my small collection of blogs I read, that once an artist is discovered by certain people, many doors open and their work appears on multiple blogs.....it's a total domino affect. I unfortunately have not crossed the path of such fame. Not for lack of trying mind you!

To make a long story a little shorter, about a month ago I contacted a company called wholesalecrafts.com to see about getting into their online catalogue. A very nice lady named Lisa Krause called and we spoke for awhile about the process and how to apply to get accepted (it is juried). She mentioned that I should call Lisa Kaus and speak with her about her success because our work had a similar flair and that I might like how her shop is set up online. Lisa Kaus??? Okay, she is one of my bookmarked favorite artists! So this wholesale crafts in my mind was definately legit if she was doing it. So, I e-mailed Lisa on a Friday afternoon and was busy playing in the store when she called me. Talk about a happy flea chick! You see, Valerie and I both get a little giddy at the site of artists we've admired, usually end up with a photo op, and place it on our website. So her calling was quite cool. We spoke for awhile about wholesale crafts, my website, and our art. She said she really loved my little encaustics and as soon as I got some finished up to e-mail her, she might be interested in buying. So.........I got motivated this past weekend and painted several little fellas and flower fields. I really like the flowers and will show you those later. I emailed her last night and BAM! She bought Corporate Ladder below. Yeah! I guess the circus visit is influencing my art a little now. How those guys walk on stilts I'll never know! So thanks Lisa! Hopefully this will open a door for me......time will tell. To visit her art go to www.lisakaus.com.

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Lisa Kaus said...

Hi Jenni-
Thanks for posting such kind comments- your work is wonderful!

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