Valerie and I just got back from the New York Gift show. We've only bought since opening our store, at the Atlanta show and thought for sure we were missing something by not coming to New York. We spent Wed. and Thursday playing in the city. Our hotel was right across from Madison Square Garden, great for walking all over the city. We shopped at Forever 21, 2 Anthropologie's, a fabulous bead store, souvenier junk shops, SWATCH, American Girl and more! We went to a comedy show Wed. night called Ha! It was...well, some good and some very badddddd. But a new experience with fabulous margaritas! Thursday night we went to Spring Awakenings, the Tony Award winning musical. Like the woman in front of us said, it must have been a bad year for the Tony's! It was...something.
I love Project Runway. One stop we had to make was to Mood, where the designers do all of their fabric buying. It was a fun thing to see. Overwhelming. I wanted a snip some of it all to bring back! We also saw Parsons where the show takes place.
At the show one of our favorite new finds was Uglydoll. Valerie bought them for all the kids at Christmas, which was such a hit. We think they'll do great in our store. In the display they had this supersized one....he's so ugly he's cute!
Billy's Bakery....you've probably heard of it. We had it as a must see while in NY. Luckily for us they had a kiosk at the show. But I had to have a tee shirt, my husband is Billy! So we headed down to 9th and 21st where we found the bakery. Talk about a wonderful smell. I'll never forget it. We ate dinner at a quaint French restaurant across the street and watched as people piled into the bakery during our entire meal and after....well just look at the line out the door! Man they were good cupcakes though!For more on the trip see the flea blog! http://www.thevintage-flea.blogspot.com/

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