Art Walk Last Night

Last night was Downtown Newnan's annual Spring Art Walk. Here are some pictures of my little nook in the store for the evening. I had several of my new pieces I'd been hording in my garage for the Artist Market on display as well as plenty of pendants, framed tiles and some oldies but goodies. The night was a packed house for us. Traditionally stores stay open from 5-8PM for this event offering customers finger foods and adult beverage choices. Our beverage of choice on a regular night out basis is a margarita, so this year we rented the mack-daddy machine and kept it flowing all night. And it paid off. People came back to our store after strolling the other shops. Not only for the special drink, but for our great new stuff! We sold and sold and sold some more! By the end of the night I was so pumped up from the thrill of the people mingling and really enjoying being in the store. This is when I love being a store owner. If you'd asked me earlier in the week, I'd might not have been so full of kind words!

I really like placing my art into old frames. They seem more, I can't think of the right word right now, but I guess "loved"? I've found a great local carpenter who makes the frames for the tiles from salvage wood and made several for "odd" sized pieces I plan to use next weekend. It's beginning to all come together now. Just 5 days! I am so excited!

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