Ooooo New Stationary!

So I met this way fun girl named Angie at the Serenbe Christmas Market in December. We had booths cross from one another. She eyed one of my paintings, I eyed her great way with stationary. So, by the end of the day we had struck a deal. I'd trade my painting for her creating some stationary for me after Christmas. And here it is! Oh if you could only feel the cards. The thick, white, recycled paper with my little guys on them make me so happy. This picture is a bit fuzzy (it's late), but I think you can get the idea. I think my favorite part is that they are square, just like the artwork was. AND do you see the raspberry envelopes? Love them. I also have what I call the "Celebration" set. This is the "Little Bird" set.

What really caught my eye at the Serenbe market were these scalloped cards. I had to have them. So I made up a bunch of little doodles and she printed them up on the scallop cards, that I just had to have. We used a mix of "Mattie" blue and this great pea green, then put them all with these yellow-green envelopes. Really, these are going to get noticed by the mailman, or mail lady in my case. I can't wait to mail one to myself.

Thanks again Angie at Ink Spott!


Julia said...

I love those little cards! How lovely! I also love all of your little birdies! How adorable they are! Thanks for sharing!

Hope to make it to one of your ladies' night out classes soon!

Julia Lynne

paige said...

just found your precious blog!
one of my dear friends( actually several of my girlfriends) lives in newnan...i've heard much about the artwalk
love your line!
loved those cute colored chicks you posted too!

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