Yipee Skippee Fun New Art!

So I found this new artist I just adore on etsy. Her name is Michelle Maule. She has a great blog called www.how2drawacupofcoffee.blogspot.com where she talks about life as an artist, in design school in Michigan. She and I have a lot in common (more than she knows the more I read). On one of her past blogs I saw this great painting of a blue bike. I just knew I had to have one of my pink bike right away! And she did it! And look on the fender...it says Wonder Mom! I of course custom ordered that part! Anyways, LOVE it. And can't wait to have more of her work. I actually treated myself to another, one of her irons while buying this one. You've just got to check her out......

PS Pics of my Wesleyan School Art Show to be posted soon. It was FABULOUS by the way.

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