Juried Art Show

This summer I participated in the Newnan Coweta Juried Art Show. The show was held in our gorgeous Centre for Performing Arts right here in Coweta County throughout the month of June. It is an amazing space for a show. The reception was last Wednesday, so I packed up the family and we headed up for an evening of art. There was a ton of reception food, fellowship and people. It's the NCAA's 40th Birtdhay, so they did it up good this year! The association made up a really nice program with one piece from each artist featured and a quote from the artist (I said something so stupid, I have no idea where it came from!). On the back of the program they pictured the top ten in the show and I nearly flipped when I saw my "Spring Awakening" painting in the mix, out of 140 pieces. Yipee! I don't know who was judging, but there was some absolutely amazing works of art in this year's show. So I was completely honored to be among the top 10. My friend Martin Pate won best in show, which was very deserving. He is the most gifted portrait painter. Really. His images literally illuminate from the canvas. They mesmerize me. I sooooo want him to paint my little ones one day. This is the second piece I entered entitled, "Summer Horizon". It's a mixed media- joint compound, acrylic paint and oil sticks.
This is me and my mini-Mailey.
This is "Spring Horizon". I let William be in charge of photogaphy that night and did not realize until just now that this picture is so blurry. It looks better when you squint! I have it pictured in a prior blog if you'd like to see it not so fuzzy! Both paintings are for sale. Please contact me for information on them.

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