My 4-Legged Artists

We love our animals in this household.....a ton. Here are the 3 (we have 5 total) that love to hang with Mommy at all times, especially in the art studio! Now that the studio is in the sun room I have to fight them for my chair and table. This is Ellie keeping my laptop warm for me. She's about 5 years old and weighs in at about 20 pounds. She's my biggest muse. Always sleeping on the paint palette, canvases, and newest creation in the works.
This is Lily. Lily is a year now, and definitely a sappy, sweet little lap dog. As I write this post she is draped across my lap with her head resting on the edge of my lap top, which is also in my lap! Needless to say I am constantly having to wipe the white hairs off the keys.
This is old lady Sailey. I mean old. I got her while attending Auburn University. I'd take her to my studio space and have her hang out with me while I printed. So she's about 15 years old now. Mean as ever. Can't you tell it in her eyes? She loves to lay on my little Mattie pillows. One day I intend to make more of those to sell!

The 2 other 4-legged ones are boys, and not as interested in my work or my little creative space. Just thought I'd share a little slice of those around me. They do inspire me...to take naps that is!

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