Mattie Swinging

I tend to work on several paintings at once in different styles, mediums and subjects. I don't know how not to really. I get anxious, so while one is drying I start another one, and so the cycle continues. I am working on some sweet images to hopefully one day incorporate into a children's book. You will see Mattie doing all sorts of fun things over the next few months as I develop her character. It was recommended to me by a wonderful mentor that I should get my audience to fall in love with her, let the character develop and then write the book. So this is my plan. Here she is doing one of my children's favorite things....swinging! Of course there is no Mommy bird behind her. My very observant little Mailey noticed that right away. You see, my two still want me to push them, and since they are now 6 and 8, it does seem a bit silly, but I love it. It is another memory they will have of us together. I may still be pushing them at age 21 at this rate though! Have a lovely weekend!

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