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I have a Etsy shop. I love having the Etsy shop. I have neglected this Etsy shop now for about 3 months though, and it shows. No sales. The trick to Etsy I have decided is to constantly add new items so you stay at the top of the lists. If you were to enter bird art for instance, most likely there would be 11 pages or so of items related to that tag. Because my listings are so old, I'd be at the last page. Bad place to be. So, here are a few items I'm going to start listing: The sweet earrings I have left from Norcoss.
Blue Bird resin rings.
Prints. So, this weeks goal is to have a fresh new look to my shop and get back to better sales!

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Kims Art said...

I am so glad you stopped by. I have had a blast making your birds! I am always sculpting or painting, so I like to try some of the things in the magazines. They are for me, not to sell. I have also neglected Etsy, and you are right on about adding things on a regular basis. I stopped by earlier to get your link for the blog, but came by this evening and really spent some time reading your past post. I really enjoyed the visit and you are very talented and I just love all of your work! I am going to add you on my links page!

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