Happy Weekend!

So, I've been asked by many of you, "How'd it go?" Let's just say it went better than I could ever have imagined! We woke Saturday around 6am, hurried to get ready and were in line to set up by 6:30. It was still dark at that hour! The volunteers were seriously like ants on candy at a picnic helping us unload and set up. I was super glad we did a mock set up in my driveway on Thursday. The way I laid out the booth I was a little worried people would not enter the tent to look around. But I was wrong. They saw my end-caps, and came right in! Inside I had so many little details and vignettes, that people stayed awhile and took it all in. My little felties were on Baby Animals Golden book-book shelves. Everyone loved that idea! The felties were the first items to sell out. The 4 caged, 4 on stands and the Tweet Nest all have new homes. Note to self: make more for Marist!
The other felted items I had were these cuffs, which all have happy wrists to keep warm now! They were displayed on one of my drawing dolls.
This was the left end-cap. The 2 paintings here got lots of attention and eventually found new homes. Tons of people asked if I'd be willing to sell my paper skirts, not this time around, sorry! Over the mannequin's left shoulder is my other cool shelf idea- a roll of blue tickets. Here's me...the prints were on the clothesline and in a great rack I borrowed from the Flea. My larger pieces were on the back grid which I covered in white burlap. Overall the feel was soft and inviting. Several others vendors said they could totally tell that it was; a. my first show, b. that I used to be in retail, c. that I would sell my items because of the variety. So, lessons were learned and new ideas found. I am now gearing up for the Marist show on Saturday, November 1st. If you couldn't make it to Norcross, maybe you can make it there!


bridgette said...

I'm so glad to heat that it went so well! Congrats!

The idea of using the Golden books as shelving is fantastic. You are one clever chickadee. :)

Erika Lee Sears said...

I love your work! and you have such a beautiful family :)

tangled sky studio said...

these little birds are delightful! (i've spent many hours needle felting hedgehogs and gnomes this week). nice to meet you....


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