Norcross Art Fest

So here are a few shots of my weekend. I'll post a couple more later. The weekend went wonderful! People were very receptive of my work. I had great neighbors too! I couldn't have done the weekend without my Dad, Sister Molly and buddy Ellie. Mom was super help back at the homefront with Billy, which also made the weekend run very smoothly. I've got more credit slips to call in and cash to deposit. Let's just say I will definately be back next year! The people of Norcross were amazing to work with and the customers, well I hope everyone enjoys their gifts to themselves and for others!

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sarah ahearn bellemare said...

your booth is fantastic! hope it all went well... it's soo much work isn't it!? I especially love the rusty bin out front. you pulled it all together so nicely.
really wonderful! congratulations! *s

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