Sometimes Love

I believe I put these words on another bike painting recently.....obviously they are fresh on my mind.  With so many changes in our life in just a mere 10 days we are filling our house with this because it is the constant, the one true.  We are really looking forward to seeing the new horizon.  Hopefully very soon.  

As you are reading this I am on a plane to attend the funeral of a dear friend.  Like I said in an earlier post, bad news has traveled in it's traditional 3's for me.  It's hard to imagine leaving this life at such a young age.  And so suddenly.  It's just senseless.  So we are all gathering to love on the family and to help them see the new horizon that awaits them.  Please keep their family and all of us that will forever be touched by Denise's life in your thoughts and prayers.    Thanks peeps.

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Isabel said...

Sending prayers ,be safe.

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