A Very Good Day

Hey guys!  I just HAD to pop in tonight to share a few things.   It's been one of those pay it forward happy days.  Seriously.  Where to start....where to start.   Yesterday my Dad called and asked if I was going to be headed to Scott's Flea Market today because he was thinking of driving over for the day.  I blogged about Scott's last month remember?  Last month I spent serious money on some amazing finds.  This month I had a little stash of cash and a mind set to NOT come home with anything that took up floor space.  Nope. (although it was painfully hard not to come home with a few finds!!)  So here are my two favorite finds:

 A pink velvet pillow with tulle fringe and a dainty vintage Girl Scout pin attached (cost:  $5.00).  Mailey Grace LOVED it!! 
And then......last month I found a guy selling hand carved metal jewelry stamp thingys.  Yes, I thought I'd died and gone to jewelry making heaven.  I poured over the trays and trays and bought 4, including a beautiful bird one.  Unfortunately they did not stamp into the metal like I thought they would.  Darn.  I think I can embed the images into PMC clay though, so not a total loss.  Today I found the one above!  LOVE.  Big puffy heart LOVE.  And yes, the PMC clay and I are going to become new friends asap.   Because Jeep and I have a little love relationship.  Like I love it kind of relationship.  (cost:  $30)
After a wonderful day of flea market exploring with my Dad (which was so nice) I came home to find a little box sitting at my doorstep.  Huh.  Who is this from?  I opened it up to find the sweetest little assortment of artsy goodness and note that made me cry happy tears from a BLOG reader!!!  So sweet Alicia...you have helped make my week that was a not so good into a very good one indeed.  Like the icing on a yummy cupcake kind of day!!  Your kind words, lovely bookmarks and pincusion I will treasure forever.  And I can not thank you enough for taking the time to send your kindness to me at a time when I needed it so. 

So right now.... I'm sending all of you a ginormous hug....feel it?  oooooweeee...what a day.  Yep.  Things are looking up in this house and that new horizon I've been painting is finally peeking up from the canvas.  Yep.


Isabel said...

Love all the treasures you find!!! I never have luck in finding such great finds, need to hit different markets. Love the gift that was awaiting you gorgeous book marks:O) have a great weekend

Kerri said...

how fun! how could you resist those things? and i love the bookmarks-

Alicia said...

I'm so glad the package brightened your day. I was very surprised and completely tickled to see the photo on your blog!

Love the jeep, and I hope to see the bird sometime in your beautiful jewelry. I have been curious to try PMC sometime myself.

Thank you all for the bookmark love. It started as a single painting that I realized I could print and divide into bookmarks. So far its my favorite painting that I've ever done.

Felicia said...

That sounds like a lovely day!We don't have craft markets here, i'd spend hours there if we did! the little jeep is fun, I did a painting for my brother recently that had a jeep on - They're cute!
HOw lovely to receive a gift box, after your recent sad news you deserve a lovely day.

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