So this week has flown by.  Seriously.  Sometimes I am so glad when weeks go by fast, other times not.  I've mixed emotions about it this week because I literally didn't have one second to do anything creative.  Zip.  Zero.  Notta.  Not even a minute to make a sketch in my sketchbook.  I like to take small projects to school to work on while kids are working, they enjoy watching me and it helps keep me sane honestly.  But I didn't even have time for that this week! 

But as I type this I realize that sometimes I have to make a choice.  Be a mother....be an art teacher..be a wife...be a friend.....I can't BE all those things at one time and give what I need to.  I have to choose.  I have to balance.  And let go of the iamafailurebecauseican'tdoitall syndrome.  Yep. 

So...I did conspire in my head some new product ideas for my upcoming 52 Canvases in My 40th Year opening.  It's just 4 weeks away!  And while all the paintings are obviously done, Vero likes an assortment of small items to sell in the middle of the room.  I've come up with a pillow design, blankets and favorite idea sketchbook covers (thanks to my sweet friend Cheri who gifted me one at Christmas!).  We'll see how far I get tomorrow.  I turned down a trip to Scott's (local antique market that happens once a month.  it's HUGE) to work in the studio tomorrow morning.  According to my calendar there shouldn't be anything else to stop me.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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Jennifer Jackson Taylor said...

i hate that syndrome, but have learned to slow down every now and then so i don't burn out. can't wait to see what you paint this weekend. i haven't had the energy to create this week, and am looking forward to getting some time in this weekend.

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