Disney Time

Hey guys!  Well, it's winter break time here in our neck of the woods.  I love winter break.....like really love.  Especially now that I am a full-time teacher.  We seem to never get away at Spring Break because it's always during Easter.  And we like being home for that.  Plus William's baseball schedule by April has us on the field every weekend.  So a week off every February is perfect.  Last year we visited the Magic Kingdom for the week, but if you've followed me for awhile you know that my sweet hubby was a Legislator at the time and had to fly back for session.  Leaving me with the kiddos to finish the vacation alone and drive home...alone.  I was fine really (except that the Tomtom lost its signal which I didn't know it could do, so I ended up in neverland)....but he musta felt left out.  Because in December when we started talking about where to go he said, "I want to go back to Disney".  I was like wooohoooo fun!  My two silly children were like, "NO WAY!"  What child says that?  Mine do.  Broke my heart.  But then it turned out 3 other families we know were scheming the same trip.  We aren't all staying in the same place but hope to meet up at the parks.  Fun right?

I've got all my road trip projects ready.  There will be some serious stitching going on for my upcoming 52 Canvases Show.  Can't wait to show the ideas to you.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@artsyorange) because we are sure to post some silly pics throughout the week and of course any projects completed will be shared there too!  See ya next week!

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