Tween Art Camp...Whimsical Houses

Tuesday and Wednesday marked the first 2 days of camp for the summer. We had the best time creating in the new space! Both days the girls in attendance were super sweet and crazy creative. Two traits I love in the studio. Magic tends to happen when they all want to be there and they all have creative brains swirling. I think it helps not having school to distract their brains into thinking too left sided. Summer is a chance for the brain to relax and crack wide open to exciting new ideas. Creative ideas!  So here's what we did Tuesday:

He was in the middle of it all ALL freaking day. And Lily just sat under my feet pouting. That's usually her spot. But as soon as I put him down and said sit Lily she'd run off. Such a woman. In this photo he is totally looking down at her mocking.
Oh my girl...I just love watching her create.

I threw the pillow idea in kinda last minute. I had this stack of pre-made canvas pillows that were screaming "paint on me". I finally had a group small enough to use them (And I knew they wouldn't mess them up. Painting on fabric is not easy.) I love the way everything turned out!

In fact, truth be told I didn't want the group above to leave! And we worked until the very last second. Perfect way to spend a day. I was so motivated that Mailey and I made leather wrap cuffs that night. I never make jewelry anymore so it felt good to just make something new. Make something period. HA.

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