Paint Something: an e-course

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown and exciting is exactly what you need to move forward in the creative journey. For me, this summer is all about stretching my teaching wings (and computer language) to develop an e-course. I have taken probably 10 e-courses over the years. Maybe more. I love them. I love to learn. In all the courses I've taken away a little of this and a little of that. And now it's my turn to share my radiant self with you!

I still have so much to concentrate on to make everything come together. I can't believe the hours I spent already and the class hasn't even started!  Speaking of starting...there is still time to register! Head over to the website: www.paintsomething.guru for all the lovely deets. I hope to see you there.


marie said...

This sounds like great fun! I've never painted pictures...just flat surfaces like walls.
I'm trying to convince myself that maybe this "old dog" (I'm almost 60) can learn some new tricks. I love your whimsical style...I read about your class on Farmgirl Paints.

C Headley said...

Hi there, am taking your ecourse and have been tech challenged...am trying to get Flickr on my mac! Ugh! Have pic of "studio" space. Am playing catch up but will prevail! Thanks, Charlene
PS SO GLAD your hand is ok!

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